• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/05/2024

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Gordon Setter

Class 1037 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2311 HARRISON-STREET, Mrs B Ronaldsbill Trail Blazer At Bridgemere

BP, full of promise, pleasing outlook and pattern, balanced head properties, typical eye and expression, well balanced front and rear assemblies, strong, and well-made hindquarters, moved with a free and easy fluid gait.

2nd: 2334 TIMMERMANN, Mrs Silvia & CORNUM, mrs Rhonda & WELL Munroc Castle Stalker at Shaker Hill

Similar pattern and style to winner, typical head properties, pleasing forehand and ribbing, just preferred tail set and hind action of the winner.

3rd: 2301 DONALD, Mrs Fiona Lourdace Last Hurrah to Lochansvue

Class 1038 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2330 TAIT, Miss Liz Forester's Northern Light of Darkmoor (Imp Deu)

Well grown and constructed, pleasing bone and feet, pleasing flow of head, neck and top-line, just a shade long in couplings, fluid and easy mover.

2nd: 2324 PALLINI, Miss Julie Krisada Not In Kansas

Pleasing head properties, ample bone, a little light in condition and not giving of his best and a bit unsettled on the move.

Class 1039 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2310 HARRISON-STREET, Mrs B Paradise Picking Parsley

Well-constructed, with pleasing balance of front and rear assemblies, moves on a balanced stride, typical proportions, and flow of outline, a little foreign in head, eye, and expression.

2nd: 2300 DONALD, Mrs Fiona Clos Erasmus Black Business of Lochansvue (Imp Rus)

Masculine build and appearance, typical head, eye and expression, pleasing rib and coupling, balance of front and rear assemblies not quite ideal, consequently moved with a somewhat short and high-stepping front action.

3rd: 2312 HOGG, Mrs Faye & HOGG, Mr Andrew Gailiech Ngalyod

Class 1040 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2292 BUTLER, Mr and Mrs KD and CE Red Admiral by Rubymoon JW

Res CC, very pleasing for type and quality, typical head with correct balance of muzzle and back skull, well placed eyes of good shape and colour giving the required gentle expression, symmetrical outline, good length to height ratio, ample rib, well coupled, strong quarters, powerful ground covering gait.

2nd: 2318 MILLAR, Miss L & MILLAR, Mrs M & MILLAR, Mr N & SC Yennadon Calvay JW

Pleasing symmetry of outline with typical body proportions, workmanlike demeanour and appearance, ample bone, and substance, well-constructed and moving with a free and easy ground covering gait, just preferred the head properties of winner.

3rd: 2297 DANKS, Mrs M W Colquhally Major Tom

Res: 2289 BELL, Mrs N & MILLAR, Mrs A & BELL, Miss S Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles


Class 1041 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2332 TIMMERMANN, Mrs Silvia AKC Bel DT World Munroc Beretta

CC, excellent construction, strong body of ample depth and strength, ample bone and substance, excellent rib cage and coupling, good balance of front and rear assemblies, well-made and powerful hindquarters, pleasing flow of outline, well set, and carried tail, impressive style, and carriage on the move.

2nd: 2309 HALLIDAY, Ms M J Yennadon Barra JW

Very workmanlike with a look of style and quality, typical head, eye and expression, pleasing size, ample bone and substance, good height to length ratio, pleasing rib, strong loin, neat couplings, well sloped croup with correct tail set and carriage, positive and powerful gait, not quite the overall flow and symmetry of the winner.

Res: 2335 TIMMERMANN, Mrs Silvia & WHITING, Keith Am Locksheath Back in Black JH SH MH

VHC: 2321 MUNRO, Mr Leslie & MUNRO, Mrs Evelyn Hernwood Northern Adonis of Dulmaur

Class 1042 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 2304 FORD, Mr. & Mrs. Ian & Connie Sh Ch Liric Fusilier With Shillay JW Sh.CM ShCEx

Quality exhibit of pleasing type and quality, well-proportioned and balanced head, pleasing eye and expression, good strength, and depth of body, with expansive rib cage and powerful loin, well set and carried tail, not giving of his best on the move today.


Workmanlike exhibit, free and easy profile action, not quite as pleasing in head properties as winner and would have preferred a little more strength and power in rear quarters.

Class 1043 SBD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Northern Light of D (Imp Deu)

2nd: 2312 HOGG, Mrs Faye & HOGG, Mr Andrew Gailiech Ngalyod

Typical head, eye and expression, pleasing flow of neck, and topline, not quite the depth and finish of body of the winner and needs to strengthen in hind action.

Class 1044 GCD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Y Calvay JW

Class 1045 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

Unfortunately, I was only able to make an adequate assessment of the first placed exhibit in this class. The other exhibits appeared to be unaccustomed to having their dentition examined and to being stacked and gaited to a standard that would allow me to form a valid assessment of their respective qualities. I therefore concluded that only the first placed exhibit should be given an award on the day.

1st: 2296 CUTHBERTSON, Ms J Lainnireach A Star is Born

Promising pup with a pretty head of balanced proportions, gentle expression, well-made body, nicely balanced construction, strong quarters, and pleasing movement.




Class 1046 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2329 SMITH, Mrs Barbara & SMITH, Mr William Myreside Niamh with Clacorick

Pleases for type and quality with typical head, eye and expression, pleasing symmetry of outline and balance of body proportions, light footed gait with good length of stride, tail set ok but carried low on the move, would have preferred a shade more bone and substance.

2nd: 2291 BURKE, ms Jill Pipruda Jubilee

Athletic and workmanlike build, typical head properties, fair mover, not quite the overall symmetry and balance of the winner.

3rd: 2307 GRAY, Ms Pat Kattandale Blac Hawke's Bay at Birniehill (A.I.)

Class 1047 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 2339 WHITING, Mr Keith Locksheath Fallen Acorn

Stood out in this class for her balance of outline and symmetry of proportions, has a well-proportioned head, with good muzzle, and tidy finish of lip, typical eye and expression, firm quarters, ample bone and substance, tidy mover.

2nd: 2290 BROWN, Mrs Janice King & BROWN, Mr Gordon Mosscript Port Ellen

Not quite the presence of winner, typical head properties, clean neck, firm top-line, would have preferred a little more depth of body and substance, clean limbed, rear movement a little erratic at times.

3rd: 2286 ALLAN, Miss Alison Moonglade Scottish Quine at Swanley

Res: 2299 DONALD, Mrs Fiona Clos Erasmus Arabian Night of Lochansvue (Imp Rus)

Class 1048 LB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2305 FORD, Mr. & Mrs. Ian & Connie Liric Just Remember Me

Well deserving of this placing, well built with deep and powerful body, pleasing head proportions, good eye and expression, correct symmetry of outline and body proportions, well set and carried tail, positive and efficient gait.

2nd: 2322 MUNRO, Mr Leslie & MUNRO, Mrs Evelyn Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur (IMP POL)

Pleases on the stack with her correct head, symmetry of outline and height to length ratio, pleasing rib and coupling, rear movement not quite as positive as winner.

3rd: 2308 GREEN, Mr Anthony & GREEN, Mrs Sharon Balnakeil Creag Na Caillich

Class 1049 OB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2293 COLLINS-PITMAN, Mrs Jean Ch & Int Ch Ger VDH Ch Amscot Love Is In The Air

CC & BOB, the star of the entry, straight out of the top draw for type and quality, full bodied with ample bone and substance yet totally feminine in outlook and appearance, true head, eye and expression, super bone and feet, superbly balanced front and rear assemblies, super neck and top-line, symmetry delightful of outline and correct body proportions, moved effortlessly on a well-balanced and tireless stride with super carriage and use of tail.

2nd: 2327 REID, Mr I & Mrs K Diersett Irridium JW

Res CC, totally honest example of the breed with many positive qualities, typical symmetry of outline and body proportions, nicely balanced head with pleasing length and depth of muzzle, well set eye of correct shape and colour giving a kind expression, well placed, and carried ears, positive and active mover but not quite the style and carriage of the winner.

3rd: 2337 WHITING, Mr Keith Locksheath Princess Tiana JW

Res: 2294 CUTHBERTSON, Ms J Lainnireach Angels Share

VHC: 2333 TIMMERMANN, Mrs Silvia & CORNUM, Mrs Rhonda Am AmCh Munroc Edessa

Class 1050 VB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2338 WHITING, Mr Keith Locksheath True Baloo

BV, Typical in many respects with a pleasing symmetry of outline and a deep and strong body with good ribbing, strong loin and firm top-line, active mover but just going a shade close at the rear.

2nd: 2336 VASSIE, Mrs C A Florcott Sherilyn Bonnie

Cast in a smaller mould than winner, nicely proportioned frame, feminine head with delightful expression, good rib, and coupling, not quite the verve and stamina of the winner on the move.

Class 1051 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

None present.

Class 1052 GCB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

None present.