• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ron James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/09/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Gundog Group


The presentation and handling of the exhibits sent forward was generally of a high standard although there were a number that lacked the maturity, and in some cases the quality, to compete successfully at this level. Having gone over all those present I selected a strongly competitive shortlist of eight, comprising the Irish Red & White Setter (ShCh Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty), Irish Setter (ShCh Gwendariff Hot Ticket), Labrador Retriever (Globe Trotter Lab’s Valley at Brigburn), and American Cocker Spaniel (Sh Ch Zarcrest Panda Monium) together with the four placed exhibits. After putting the eight finalists through their paces one more time the placings were as follows: -

Group 1 – ShCh Feldkirk Dior of Kazval (Flat Coated Retriever), medium sized, powerful and racy in build with no hint of lumber, and has a long and well moulded head of correct length and proportions, open nostrils and strong jaw, expressive eye, pleasing ear size and placement, clean flow and set of neck into shoulders, ample depth and breadth of chest, well boned limbs, pleasing tail set and carriage, coat of correct texture and density with ample feathering of legs and tail, and uses herself to great advantage on the move.

Group 2 – ShCh Sandylands Send The Roses (English Springer Spaniel), excellent proportions and silhouette, well feathered and set ears of correct length, strong neck with the desired tapering towards the head, pleasing slope and lay of shoulder, elbows set well under her body, clean limbed with flexible pasterns, deep-chested with well sprung ribs, well coupled with a slightly arched loin, well-muscled thighs, good hock placement, well rounded feet, very impressive on the move with a long forward and low to ground stride and impressive drive from her hocks.

Group 3 – ShCh Oktumi Opalescence (Cocker Spaniel), so very typey and feminine in appearance, beautiful head, appealing expression, excellent eye shape and placement, thick and powerful neck, strong, and well-sloped shoulders, deep fore-chest, well sprung ribcage of ample length, shapely and well-muscled rear quarters, superbly handled and presented.

Group 4 – ShCh Layways Van Winkle (Hungarian Vizsla), masculine in appearance with pleasing conformation and distinguished appearance, has a well-muscled level back with a moderately broad chest and a prominent breastbone, well sprung ribs with slight tuck-up beneath loin, well developed thighs. moderate angulation and well-let down hocks, graceful and elegant on the move.

Ronald W James (Judge)