• Show Date: 20/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob Wheeler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound

This was not my appointment, I was a stand in for Anne MacDonald, who was sadly not well enough to carry out the appointment, I hear that she is feeling much better now though. Good conditions for Italians, inside and a lovely large ring away from the hustle and bustle of the main hall, which can be noisy. I had very little quality in males, but had some good choices in bitches.


Puppy Dog (1, 1 absent)


Junior Dog - 2

 – Amsel & Lee’s Artmeis Jokers Wild. 11 month old fawn dog, quite mature in body, masculine head, nice long neck, feet turned out slightly, well bodied with plenty of shape stood, rear didn’t really match the front assembly. On the move, had enough lift and was pretty sound up and back for a baby. RCC.


2nd Fryett’s Laborghini Tarot at Sillhouettig – Nice Cream boy, was very nervous, so was more difficult to assess. Lovely for size, good overall shape, with the required curves, which I preferred to 1. A little erratic on the move, but he was happier moving than on the table.


Post Graduate Dog – 2 (1 absent) 


1st Satchell’s Littelbritton Bombers Moon – 2 year old black boy, liked his lean head, correct ears, good neck, nice to go over, nice legs and feet, had some nice lift in profile and good going away, a little untidy coming towards. Flattened on the move at times.


Limit Dog – 1


1st Henshall’s Gemoli Midnight Magic – Striking blue boy, nicest head of the male entry here, long/strong neck, but a bit heavy over the shoulder and through the body, which made him lose the elegance. Straight front. On the move he was untidy both coming towards and away, but did have some lift in profile. Super temperament!


Open Dog – 2


1st Chau & Steele’s Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute at Stizimio (imp USA) – By quite some distance, the best male here today. He just stood, four square for his owner and looked a real picture. Balanced all through, lovely straight front, with enough curves, his rear matched his front. On the move, he was the soundest dog up and back, with good profile movement to match. He can be fond of his tail at times, which can ruin the outline, but mostly kept that down today. Pleased to award him the DCC and Best of Breed.


2nd Henshall’s Ch Gemoli The Magician – A worthy Ch dog with a lot to like, completely different to 1. Super lean but masc head, good eye, super long neck, straight front, good through the body if a little long which made him look a bit extreme. Sound enough on the move up and back, but a little extravagant in profile for me.


Special Beginners Dog – 2


1st Satchell’s Littlebritton Bombers Moon

2nd Fryett’s Laborghini Tarot at Silhoutettig.


Puppy Bitch 3 (2 absent) 


1st Fryett’s Laborghini Miss Chevious for Silhouettig – She did well for a 6 month old baby, not so typical in many respects, would have preferred more length to head and muzzle, turned her front feet out on the table, not bad through the body, did have some curves. On the move, she untidy on the up and back, but did possess some of the lift in profile.


Junior Bitch 7 (1 absent) – Difficult Class, very mixed but liked the first 2.


1st Browne’s Chrisford Golden Moments with Skilaki – Ultra feminine little bitch, with good proportions, excellent head and eye shape, one of the best coats of the day. Nice straight front, personally would prefer more chest, super curves stood and moving. Today, she was a bit erratic on the move, making life difficult for her owner, super in profile though, which won her the class.


2nd Amsel & Rishworth’s Artmeis Three Card Trick – Another very nice bitch, slightly stronger than 1. Straight front, good feet, nicely proportioned all though, as was the winner, a bit erratic on the move today, particularly the up and back.


Post Graduate Bitch – 8 (1 absent) 


1st Amsel & Rishworth’s Artmeis Raise the Stakes – Easy winner of this class. She appealed to me for size, overall balance and proportions, together with femininity. Lovely lean head, good neck, straight front, good top and underline, on the move she was accurate with enough lift in profile. She was my find of the day and I was so disappointed in the challenge, that despite getting her to move again, she seemed to lose some of her sparkle, and on the go around, just didn’t put all in. Super though and the RCC, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2.


2nd Mellis’s Miwell Mary Quant by Lamoye – This was a very nice typey feminine bitch, a bit taller than 1, but good proportions, nice straight front, good feet, curves in the right places and quietly accurate on the up and back, just would prefer more lift in profile.


Limit Bitch – 5 (1 absent) 


1st Browne’s Chrsford Rumour has it with Skilaki. Very feminine blue/white trim bitch of an ideal size. Would like her carrying a little less weight. Super lean head with full expressive eyes, ok for neck, straight front, super top and underline, well-muscled rear. On the move, she was very accurate up back, in profile she was pulling her owner a bit which spoilt the flow, in the challenge however, she absolutely got everything together and moved the soundest and with propulsion and couldn’t be denied the Bitch CC.


2nd Lister’s Revillo Campanella – Lovely typey bitch! Super lean head, good neck, turned her front legs out on the table, which I couldn’t correct. Stacked up, she has all the curves in the right places, lost this a little on the move, was not bad at all coming towards but very untidy going away. Some lift in profile, but wasn’t really using her rear.


Open Bitch – 6 (3 absent)


1st Doherty’s Littlebriton Ch Littlebriton Kissed by Fire – This was my biggest disappointment of the day in many respects. I had judged this bitch as a puppy and gave her top honours, she of course has all of the attributes I loved then, the best of heads, lovely eye, straight front, great top and underline and a super mover, but today, she had lost her condition and was just carrying far too much weight which consequently meant, she lost all the elegance I was looking for. Such a shame, but beneath the extra pounds, I could see the quality bitch from yesteryear.


2nd Hayden-Smith’s Artmeis Summer Breeze at Birchwind. I liked this one, absolutely spot on for size for a bitch, lovely lean/feminine head, straight front, good in body, a bit weaker behind, which meant that she moved with ease but unfortunately very untidy behind.


Veteran Bitch – 1


1st Henshall’s Ch Gemolli Joie De Vivre JW Sh.cm – This really is a super little bitch, great for size and the best of temperaments. Sweetest head and expression, all her teeth! Straight front, curvy body, on the move, has gone weaker behind now and could have more lift, but what a great little bitch for her age, a worthy Champion.


Special Beginners Bitch – 3


1st Fryett’s Silhouteettig’s Marmite – Nice black bitch, soundest of the class by some way, very feminine and totally Italian, lean narrow skull, not the straightest of fronts, plenty of curves and sound from all directions on the move.


2nd Thorne’s Miniwolf Sama – Smart little Blue bitch, super for size and was my winner when stood, nice to go over, a tad long in body and although moved with purpose, a bit untidy.


Rob Wheeler