• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/10/2023

South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society

Open Show 23rd September 2023

My thanks to the Club for its invitation to judge the Open Show held in conjunction with the Ch show I thoroughly enjoyed my day amongst a good quality entry of Tibbies and the sportsmanship of the exhibitors in accepting my decisions.The floor surface at this venue is superb and allows exhibits to really step out to demonstrate positive action. A general observation of the breed is that pigment was excellent as was temperament.There were a few exhibits where teeth could been seen when the mouth was closed. My biggest disappointment was the lack of harefeet far too many round on display When judging you need to take the dog as a whole and forgive certain deficiencies.

Vintage D (3,0)

What a class to start my day and a super advert for the breed

1 Bevis’ Ch MALIA THE NEXT VERSE BY STARLANCE JW,ShCM ,VW, dark red with black overlay.he has a most appealing masculine head, nicely cushioned muzzle, bright expressive eyes. Strong neck and a very well ribbed body with level topline.Well muscled quarters. Well presented coat. Going away he moves soundly with a very positive action, coming on he is a tad wide in front but at nearly 14 is something that can be forgiven. The exhibitor should be so proud of him ,a real showman.

2 Cooper’s CH /NED CH DEDICATED TO DON’T WASTE TIME SUSU JW,JW’14W'17 (Imp NLD), cream, again he has a most appealing head and expression, good eyes. Good legs with correct slight bow in front, feet ok.Nicely ribbed body, level topline, highset tail. Moved out with a smart brisk gait.Well presented coat.


Vet D (4,0)

1 & BVIS Osborn’s QUAILMOOR THE WIZARD’S SPELL JW, cream with black overlay, very good balance. Like his head proportions,good eyes and earset.Nice legs,feet ok. Fair rib, good topline and highset tail.Nicely muscled quarters. Moved soundly both ways with a brisk action. Well presented.

2 Bevis’ CH SOUSKA EMPTY ROOM AT STARLANCE JW, ShCM,VW, a little heavier all through than 1, pleasing masculine head, strong neck, well ribbed body, good topline. Strong quarters, allowing him to move with a brisk accurate gait.Well presented coat.


PD (3,1)

2 nice pups

1 & BPD & BPIS Morton’s LINSDOWN GIBRAN ,cream of good balance. Pleasing head, good eyes. Fair rib and body for age.Good topline. Moved well in front, ok behind and provided a pleasing profile.Unfortunately couldn't be found post-judging for photos and goodies.

2 Thornely-Taylor’s SAXSTEAD MOONLIGHT SHADOW ,This lad has a gorgeous head with a super dark muzzle.Good neck,deep body,moved a little better in front than behind.

JD (3,0)

The first 2 in this class were litter mates and very typy.

1 Colletts' VELROK RINGING GOLD, cream with black overlay, loved his overall shape.Lovely head shape with dark expressive eyes, lovely dark muzzle. Moderately strong neck, Nice legs, feet ok. Nicely ribbed and good topline.Moderate rear angulation. Moved out with a smart brisk action.Well presented furnishings coming along well. One I’m sure, as he matures ,will do well.

2 Close’s VELROK ROYAL GOLD WITH ARIKARA .Many of the same characteristics of 1.Dark cream.Liked his good width of muzzle. Another who provided smart brisk movement and was very accurate.


Sp Y. D (4,1)

 1 Velrok Ringing Gold

2 Brown’s SAXSTEAD NORBU, Pleasing overall balance,good head and nice expressive eyes. Nice legs, fair rib, good topline.A little untidy on the move.

3 Oldcharm Peaky Love For Alandobel

PGD (3,1)

1 Brandrick’s LILINCA MILKY WAY, a very outgoing lad.Pleasing masculine head,Nice neck.Good legs, tidy feet showing gloves and displays some forechest.Good rib and topline Tailset could be a tad higher. Strong quarters and moved with a free flowing gait.

2 Leak’s TUYET EVER NOBLE BODHI AMONG MADIRE, black of fair balance, Neck ok, fair rib.Nicely presented coat.Could be a little more together on the move.

LD (7,2)

1 Brandrick’s YLLASTEL HAS IT ALL AT LILLINCA ,red/white parti.Pleasing balance.Good head balance, dark expressive eyes, good earset. Strong neck, deep well ribbed body,level topline highset tail.Moderate rear angulation

2 Hall’s BALGAY SHAB TRA, Well balanced.Good head with dark mask.Good reach of neck, fair rib and body,correct topline.Moderate rear angulation.Moved out with purpose and presented a good profile.


OD (3,0)

Quality class

1 & BD & BIS Bevis’ CH SKYVANA EMPTY DREAMS OF STARLANCE ShCEx ,cream who was in his best of coats today and so well presented.He stacks up so well displaying his excellent balance.He has a lovely expressive head,good earset and the best of eyes giving the best of expressions.A good breadth to skull,nice legs, good hare-feet.Strong neck,Well ribbed body, correct topline,Modate rear angulation.Moved out with very sound positive free action

2 & RBD Thompson’s SUSU PRINCE CHARMING ShCEx ,This lad pleases on the eye for his lovely balance, Lovely head proportions with good expression,nice reach of neck,moderate rib good topline and highset tail.Well presented coat with good furnishings.Moved well was accurate and flowed with freedom.


SBD (4,1)

1 Velrok Royal Gold With Arikara

2 Saxstead Norbu

3 Velroc Zephyr

Sp Vint B (5,3)

1 Cooper’s & BSpV CH DEDICATED TO SENSATIONAL WHITE SUSU (Imp Nld) ,One I have had the pleasure to judge in the past and done her well.White of excellent type.She is very feminine and has a well balanced body.Darkest of eyes, good front and harefeet and displayed the ideal gloves.Nice neck,well ribbed body, level topline,in lovely coat. Really comes into her own on the move ,steps out with great freedom and presents a good profile.

2 Short's CH MALIA YUAN ZHI JW ,Gold/Cream again of ideal make and shape,Nice head, darkest of oval eyes.Nice reach of neck, nice spring of rib,level topline highset tail.Moved out soundly but lacked a little animation.

Vet B (6,3)

1 Brandrick’s MATSURI SPECIALLY MAID FOR LILLINCA ,cream/white trim.stacks up well,lovely feminine head,good legs.Moderate neck,well ribbed,level topline with highset tail.Moderate rear angulation.Very smart on the move and provided a lovely profile.

2 Short’s MALIA ECLIPSE JW ,another who stacked well and has lovely proud head carriage on the move,Good furnishings,Nice feminine head,well ribbed body correct topline and highset tail.Moved out soundly with purpose.


MPB (2,0)

1 & BOSP Borrett’s CROCKERNE MOON BEAM AT TIBAMA, dark fawn with black overlay excellent make and shape.She has a pretty expressive head,good earset.Medium bone,adequate neck.Nice rib, level topline.Moderate rear angulation.Sound brisk action.

2 Wallis Baga’s KAVARNAGH STAR OF JABIR, dark cream who had much appeal with beautiful head. Unfortuneatly she disappointed with her rear movement which put her out of contention.

PB (2,1)

1 Stevens & McKnight MULLAGH MY IRISH IVY AT TIBBYGOLD (IKC) ,Alert ,well balanced with lovely dark muzzle,good earset.Nice legs,feet ok.Moderate neck.Nicely ribbed body,level topline.Moves quite well but a little untidy coming on .

JB (4,1)

1 Smith’s TIBBIESTARS TUTTI FRUTTI, fawn, she has the most lovely head good width of jaw and has a nice chin,nice eyes,neat ears.Nice neck.Good rib and topline.Moderate rear angulation.She really scores on the move being very positive.Her furnishings are just starting to develop.

2 Short’s MALIA MISS DIOR, A very pretty girl.Good head proprtions,nice width of skull.Dark expressive eyes.Moderate neck.Front ok, feet a little round.Would prefer a little more rib,level topline.Moves out very smartly with sound action.


Sp Y B (5,1)

1 Tibbiestars Tutti Fruiti

2 Abercrombie’s TIBWOOD SHE TELLS OUR STORY JW, very elegant youngster who has a lovely head shape.Would prefer a little wider jaw.Nice legs, feet a little round.Moderate neck would prefer a little more rib, good topline, presented in a lovely coat.Liked her sound accurate movement and her proud head carriage.


PGB (8,3)

1 Minto’s ANACAN SUMMER BREEZE,very pretty light red with light trim,so well balanced.Very alert,Good head proportions,good earset, dark oval eyes, nice dark muzzle.Good front and decent feet.Moderate neck, nice rib, level topline.Moderate rear angulation. Moved well with precise gait.As her coat develops she could do well as she has all parts in the right place.

2 Thornely-Taylor’s SAXSTEAD TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS Gold/ white trim a little larger and longer than 1.Very attractive head, moderate neck, well ribbed , good tailset.Moderate rear angulation.Moves out well with precise and animated movement.


LB (6,3)

1 & RBB Beveridge’s GIANNI IT’S POSH TOTTY , Gold/white trim who stacks up well,lovely expressive head,adequate width of jaw.Very well ribbed,level topline, highset tail.Presented in good coat with nice furnishings.Moved out very soundly covering the ground well.

2 Cooper’s LINSDOWN SOCIALITE AMONG SUSU, elegant Gold/white who stacks up well with pleasing profile.Good head proportions with alert expression.Nice legs, feet ok.Nice rib, fair neck, nice rib, good topline and tail set.Nicely prented coat.She was a little uncooperative with her handler but when she got it together moved soundly.


OB (10,3)

1 & BB,BOS & RBIS Cooper’s CH MALIA PUMPKIN PIE BY SUSU JW, white/cream who is very typy.Correct smallish head with good expression.Moderate neck.Good front and tidy feet. Nice rib and level topline.Flowed around the ring at pace.Not in her best coat today which counted against her in the challenge but so close up.

2 Dolphin’s CH CASTAFIORE REBECCA,Cream who provided a very good profile.Very feminine head.Nice front,feet ok.Nice neck and rib,level topline, highset tail. Moderate rear angulation. Sound steady movement. Very well presented coat.


SpBB (3,0)

1 Tibwood She Tells Our Story JW

2 Tsarong Nyima

3 Chenrezi Never Enough

Rob McLeod (Dunline) (Judge)