• Show Date: 02/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Japanese Spitz


I thank the committee for the opportunity to award my first set of CC s in this breed, having been passed for a cancelled ’19 appointment, and the exhibitors for their support and a quality entry. Firstly, a couple of observations, rear movement is still an issue within the breed, a couple of exhibits who at first glance might have placed higher were penalised when movement was taken into account. One positive was I didn’t find so many light eyes which had been an issue when last I judged them. On this occasion coats were not at their best as quite a few were changing , possibly being affected by the recent hot weather.

SBD/B (1,0)

1 Smith’s KESSAKU BONBON, Well proportioned boy. Pleasing head, eyes could be a little darker and teeth need a little attention. Nice legs, feet ok. Moderate rear angulation. Moved particularly well fore and aft.Nicely presented jacket and well set tail.

VD/B (6,0)

 A real pleasure to assess this class with quality all down the line.

1 & RBCC Church’s Int Ch Ir Ch Ch SANYINKO SILVER SPIRIT. 7 year old. One I’ve seen ringside previously and she is so satisfying to go over. Well balanced, with a delightful feminine head, good oval eyes and neat ears. Nice legs and neat feet .Nicely ribbed with level topline, good tailset. Moderately angulated rear, scores on the move with light brisk gait which is true. Congratulations on Veteran Group 3.

2 Astons & Bowen’s CH CHARNEY PRECIOUS GIFT FOR KUMIKO JW,nearly 9 years old. One I have judged a couple of times.He is a well balanced male, masculine in outlook, good earset. Good legs with bone in proportion,tidy feet.Well ribbed,level topline,easy flowing action and presented a lovely profile going around. Presented in a well prepared jacket.


PD (1,0)

1 Bliss’ CHARNEY DYNAMIC DEVOTION,7 months old,has a well balanced outline. A decent head with lovely dark eyes.Ears well set.Straight front and tidy feet. Strong ,slightly arched neck to a well ribbed body for age.Moderate rear angulation. His rear movement was not the best and I hope this will firm up as he develops as he presents a good outline.

JD (1,0)

1 Turners’ MAYUMI’S PERFECT TOUCH, just out of puppy and another presenting a well balanced outline.Pleasing head, masculine but not coarse.Good, dark, oval eyes, correct bite.Nice legs,feet ok,nicely ribbed body with level topline.On the move he was a little untidy going away.I hope this will improve as he matures.Coat of nice texture. He was a little unco-operative with his handler at times.

PGD (3,0)

1 Church’s SANYINKO WINTER STAR ,Ideal size,liked his head and expression, bite ok.Nice legs and good feet.Strong, slightly arched neck to a well ribbed body with good topline. Sound steady mover but I would have liked more enthusiasm.

2 Turners’ MAYUMI’S PERFECT PRINCE, Very alert but I would like a little more of him. He has excellent eyes and a good bite.Nice legs and good feet. Neck ok. Adequate rib with good topline.Light steady action and provided a nice profile.

3 Kessaku Bonbon

LD (1,0)

1 Turners’ MAYUMI’S THE ONE AND ONLY, 5 year old who stacks up well, pleasing masculine head, the darkest of eyes, bite ok. Straight front, feet ok. He has a good, strong ,slightly arched neck. He has a good breadth and depth to his chest and was well ribbed. Loses out on rear movement, but presents a lovely profile on the move.

OD (5,1)

Good class

1 CC & BOB Pittock’s CHEECHAKO AURELIUS JW, Ideal make & shape,lovely head, darkest of eyes, good bite.Nice legs and best of feet. Moderate neck, nicely ribbed body, level topline. Sound steady movement.His profile going around really filled my eye. Delighted to hear that his CC today gave him his title.

2 & RCC Bliss’ CHARNEY TAMOTSU ,another quality exhibit, so well balanced. A good head, ears well set.Good legs and feet, high set tail. Profuse coat of correct texture. Sound,steady, accurate movement.


PB (8,1)

Class with promise

1 & BP Prout’s DECLAMARO MONA LISA FOR KESSAKU naf,taf. Very pretty girl at just 6 months She has a beautiful head,good eyes and neat ears.Straight front with good feet and nice body for age.She scores highly with her accurate movement and this was the main factor she took best puppy.I could quite happily have taken her home. She must have a bright future. One I will certainly keep an eye on.

2 Smiths’ SNOWSHOES OPHELIA liked this well shaped girl, she has a delightful head piece.She was a little apprehensive moving between the in/out ring but once settled she moved very soundly.


JB (4,0)

1 Smith’s SNOWSHOES IRIS,She presents a squarish outline and has a lovely feminine head with the best of eyes.Straight front with correct cat feet. Moderately arched neck, a nicely ribbed body.Good tailset.Moderate rear angulation, moved out well with some drive and also had a tidy front action.In the challenge she just lost out with lack of maturity,but her day will come.

2 Astons’ & Bowen’s GLAMGLOW’S COTTON CANDY ,another of good balance, pretty head, neat ears.Nice legs and tidy feet.Nice rib and level topline.A little untidy moving away, ok in front.Her coat was starting to change but another that should do well.


PGB (5,0)

Mixed class

1 Eden’s SNOWSHOES HEX GIRL AT DALENS JW, well balanced and has good head proportions.Nice ear set.Nice depth of chest.Good legs and tidy feet.Was well presented in a good jacket.Moved quite soundly with light brisk action.

2 Bliss’ CHARNEY SANTA’S CUPID,At first sight this girl was my winner.She has lots of quality and an excellent profile.Nice legs and feet ok.Well ribbedwith level topline. Lost out on her rear movement.


LB (5,1)

Nice class

1 Dickson’s CHEECHAKO MISS MOUSE IN BERNAVIA, Nicely balanced body and she has a pleasing feminine head, nice eyes and highset ears.Good front, feet ok.Nicely ribbed body and level topline, and good tailset.Her movement was very true and precise.Her jacket was just starting to change.

2 Smiths’ SNOWSHOES ALL THAT GLITTERS, another quality exhibit, well balanced.Alert expressiion ,good mouth.Nicely ribbed , good tailset. Sound on the move, just preferred 1’s more accurate gait.

3 Astons’ & Bowen’s GLAMGLOW’S BLESSED ONE

OB (8,0)

Another super class to finish my day

1 & CC Ferrys’ FERRYBELLE’S TAKE COVER JW, I had judged this excellent exhibit in an AV class as a puppy where she really impressed me. Today, it was good to see her development and she is maturing into a super example of the breed. She stacks up so well. A pleasing feminine head with lovely expression.Dark oval eyes, good bite. Good legs and tidy feet. Nicely ribbed body, highset tail.Moderately angulated rear, carried a nicely presented jacket. She really comes into her own on the move where her light brisk action is so true and moving around the ring presents a good profile.So pleased to hear that the CC made her up.There must be many more to follow.

2 Bambridge’s CH CHARNEY FINE DESIGN AT TARTIKO, Very well proportioned girl, very pretty head, eyes could be a tad darker, highset tail.Well presented jacket. Another whose movement was light and accurate.


Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)