• Show Date: 02/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob McLeod Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Schipperke


It was my pleasure to be with this charming breed, and its dedicated owners, once again.My compliments to all. Those who were unable to support their breed here missed a good day.

V D/B (1,0)

1 & BV Massey’s RISTINE TWEEDLEDEE, 7 year old providing a pleasing outline. Nicely balanced head with alert expression. Bright sparkling eyes, ears correctly set. Strong neck. Well ribbed body, level topline, in fair coat. Moved ok, a little untidy in front.

PD (1,0)

1, RCC & BP Donaldson’s ZORBALOO DON JULIO, What a little cracker this 9 month old lad is.He has a super cobby body with a delightful head giving that alert outlook of the breed. Darkest of oval eyes. Strong erect ears. He has an excellent bite. Nice legs and tidy feet. Nicely ribbed for age and has a good topline and good tailset. In quite a profuse coat, texture still to develop. Smart brisk sound movement, true bothways .He must have a bright future.

LD (2,0)

Two nice examples

1 Donaldson’s MAZAL TOV BESTSELLER (Rus Imp), ideal size and shape. Good head proportions.Good legs,well ribbed body. Moderate rear angulation.Moved ok behind.Presented good profile on the move.Nicely presented jacket.

2 Massey’s RISTINE MAGICAL SPICE, Cream who caught my eye on entering the ring. He is very typy with a lovely expressive head, good eyes and used his ears well on the floor.Nice legs and tidy feet, nicely ribbed, level topline. Moderate rear angulation. Ok coming but his rear movement was the deciding factor in the class. He holds himself well in profile.

OD (2,0)

1 & CC Cheatham’s CH SCHIPDALE A KIND OF MAGIC, One I have had my hands on previously and he didn’t disappoint. He’s an ideal size, compact and cobby, looks a picture stacked.He has a lovely head well proportioned, with dark oval eyes,ears well set. Nice legs and good feet.Well ribbed body,good topline and good tailset .He was carrying a thick and dense jacket which was well presented. Moved well with a smart brisk action. In the challenge for BOB I preferred the bitch’s precision,but never the less he is a very fine specimen of the breed.

2 Rollinson & Manners’ IR CH & IR JUN CH SUMMERHAZE SHAFRAN AMONG CHADBOWER (Rus Imp), great shape with lovely alert expressive head, good eye and bite.Nice legs and feet. Well ribbed with good topline.Moderate rear angulation, moved nicely in front and OK behind, Presented in a good jacket Lost out to the maturity of 1.

JB (1,0)

1 & RCC ROLLINSON’S CHADBOWER FELL FROM HEAVEN, just out of puppy and rather out of coat but she has a lovely profile and a lovely sweet feminine head of good proportions She has bone in proportion to her build and has tidy feet. She uses her neck well on the move. Fair rib for age and level topline, would prefer a slightly higher tailset. She moves with a light brisk sound action.

OB (1,0)

1 & CC & BOB Manners’ CHADBOWER NEVAEH LAHETT,I One I have had the pleasure to go over about 5 years ago and she is now a lovely exhibit. She is very feminine, compact and displaying some elegance on the move. She has a lovely expressive head, good ears, correct bite. Straight front with good feet. Nicely ribbed body and level topline, moderate rear angulation. Scores on the move with accurate movement both fore and aft .Like a few exhibits was not in her best coat today.It’s a problem showing the breed at this time of the year but leaves nothing to hide.

Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)