• Show Date: 13/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Richard Gunn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

Standard Poodle.

Puppy 5 entries 3 absentees.

1st Somanic Insane Affair avec Funkypp (Miss Ks Allegretti)

Beautiful bitch presented in excellent coat and muscle condition. Correct in her head planes with a strong foreface and a well-defined chin. Darak almond shape to her eyes giving that fiery expression all carried proudly by her long neck. To her front she has well laid shoulders with good length of upper arm and nice tight oval feet. Well sprung rounded ribcage to her body with a short back and a broad loin. High set tail carried up on the move to her rear with stifles well bent and well-muscled. On the move she demonstrated great drive from her rear and covered the ground soundly. Best Puppy In Breed.

2nd Celmareva Born with Fire (Miss C Nicholas)

Handsome white dog of correct proportions and presented in good harsh coat. Masculine head with good chin and dark almond eyes giving good expression. Ample length to his strong neck which he used to carry his head proudly on the move. Well made in his front and rear all with excellent muscle. On the move he moved soundly with great drive from his rear. Reserve Best Dog.

Junior 2 entries 1 absentee.

1st Celmareva Born with Fire (Miss C Nicholas)

Open Dog 3 entries 2 absentees.

1st Ch/nu Ch Smart Connection Sign of Catwalk (Imp Rus) (Miss S & Mrs W O’higgins & Knudtzen)

Immaculately presented boy full of quality throughout his elegant outline. Loved his masculine head with strong foreface, good chin and chiselling to sides. Wicked expression from his dark almond shaped eyes and low set ears of good length. Good length of neck leading down to his well-made front with correct angulation and straight legs. His body is deep with ribs well sprung leading to his muscular loin and correct high set tail. Muscular rear with complimenting angles to his front all of which he uses so well with good reach and drive to cover the ground soundly. Best Dog.

Open Bitch 5 entries 1 absentee.

A really super class to judge which was full of quality and all the dogs were presented in such fabulous condition that I am sure placings between the winners could easily change around under different judges.

1st Ch Atastar and Just Like That (Mr P Langdon)

I loved this stunning white bitch with super pigmentation and presented in excellent condition throughout her well balanced outline. From head to toe she is full of quality and breed type. Feminine head of correct proportions with the darkest of eyes giving a real fiery expression and beautiful chiselling to the sides all carried proudly by her muscular neck of ample length. Well laid shoulders to her front with legs set straight under her ample depth of chest and nice tight oval feet. Muscular broad loin with a high set tail carried clear of her back when moving. Her rear compliments her front perfectly with stifles well bent and strong well let down hocks. On the move she covered the ground soundly driving well from behind and with ample reach to her front. Best Bitch and Best Of Breed.

2nd Ch. Dandy-Lion's Expensive Taste at Malibu (Imp Swe) (Mrs K & Mr C J Sillito-Beale & Beale)

Another stunning bitch and again so full of quality and breed type, presented in first class condition throughout. Loved her head with a well defined chin, moderate stop, exquisite chiselling to sides and well pigmented almond shaped eye giving an intelligent expression. Well laid back shoulders to her front with excellent muscle and good return of upper arm. Broad, deep chest with well sprung ribs leading nicely to her well made rear which has a high set tail, well bent stifles and muscular thighs. On the move she covered the ground with a sound, light and free action and carrying her head proudly. Reserve Best Bitch

3rd Ch Montravia Enchanted Code by Ryneco JW ShCEx OSW (Miss C Gleave)

4th Tafari Touch of Pink (Mrs T Davies)