• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Although a numerically small breed, I was very pleased with my entry today both in terms of the number and, more importantly, the quality of exhibits. It was a pleasure to officiate at this show and my thanks to both the Association, exhibitors and handlers alike.

JD (1) 1. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Charmed One. Pleasing 12 ½ month old brown who I judged very recently as a puppy. Entering his junior phase now he was still reasonably well balanced although giving a little away in depth of body which should improve with maturity. His head was in proportion to body and well shaped with strong, slightly tapering muzzle and good frontal bones. Excellent topline, rib and very good coupling enhanced his outline. Good depth of loin with moderate tuck up and strong, angulated hindquarters completed the picture. On the move he was sound and positive holding outline well. Reserve Best Dog & Best Junior

OD (1) 1. Williams & Newton’s Ch, Can GrCh, Can & Am Ch Macduff’s Critical Acclaim (Imp Can).  Smart, showy dog of 4 ½ years who demanded my attention with his well-balanced, robust outline and defiant yet mischievous expression. Presented in immaculate condition and coat he was a joy to go over with excellent musculature throughout. He excelled in head which was strong yet well defined. Neck was just the right length into a super front of width and depth. Textbook, topline and underline leading into first rate hindquarters, I liked everything about him. He did not disappoint me on the move with an athletically light action, true from all angles with great tail carriage. Whilst his American style coat undoubtedly exudes glamour, laying hands on him confirmed there was no doubt as to his fitness for function. I was very pleased to see him give such a great account of himself at the end of a very hot day competing in the Working Group where he was shortlisted. Best Dog & Best of Breed.

PB (4 2) Two lovely puppies at different stages of development. 1. Kirk’s Belleville Crazy in Love. Charming puppy of almost 11 months with sunny disposition and good coat. She appealed in head with correct occiput, muzzle and expression. Short and strong neck which was well set into wither and correctly laid shoulders. I liked her length of back being slightly longer than she is tall and she held her topline well. Already had a good depth of body and was well off for bone. There was plenty of strength to hindquarters but I would have liked more hind angulation; although this did not detract too much and at this age I anticipated that this may improve with time given her age. Carried herself well on the move maintaining her outline, with easy light trot which was particularly good coming towards me. Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy in Breed 2. Williams, Newton & Carter’s Rarjo Bad Moon Rising. I very much liked the overall make and shape of this 6 month old baby who although slightly longer in body than the winner made up for it with her correct angles fore and aft supported by a strong topline. Attractive headpiece with good ratio of skull to muzzle and excellent expression. Understandably she did not have the depth of chest or body of the winner, but the essentials were all there and she was well muscled. She used her correctly angulated quarters to advantage on the move with particularly good action when going away from me, but didn’t carry her tail as well as the winner. Plenty of time for this girl to hone her showmanship and fulfil her obvious potential.

JB (1) 1. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Miss Marple. Very honest litter sister to the winner of JD and shared many of his virtues. She was workmanlike and robust as opposed to flashy which pleased me and I particularly liked her head which was of good shape and proportions with prominent frontal bones, pleasing occiput and excellent bite contained within a strong tapering muzzle of correct breadth. This was all enhanced by lovely eyes giving a penetrating expression. I thought she could perhaps be a touch shorter in neck when compared to her good length of body to leg. Pleasing angulation at shoulder and stifle with particularly good hocks on the move although I would have preferred more positive tail carriage when gaiting.

LB (3) 1. Williams, Newton & Carter’s Rarjo Calm The Storm Macduff. Smart girl I have admired from the ringside. Although not yet 2 years old she was so well developed with lovely quarters, substance and body which felt good under my hands. Lovely head which was of good shape and penetrating stare. Correctly angulated at shoulder with strong topline corresponding well to underline with lovely loin. Not yet being fully mature I would have preferred more hind angulation but she had the best of croups in this class. Carried herself well on the move with excellent movement behind. In the challenge I just felt she was not giving the best of herself - the heat perhaps. 2. Samuelson’s Boa Felicidade Kristal Amarela. Another girl who was pleasingly mature in body, substance and musculature despite being only 2 years old. Lay of shoulder and depth of chest was very good so as to facilitate breed function and she retained her topline throughout. She did not have the head of winner in terms of overall proportions but pleasing eye and good dentition. Neck was of good length and set well. Very robust and workmanlike l loved going over her good ribbing and firm loin which was of good depth yet moderate tuck up. I would have preferred greater hind angulation but thighs were well muscled and she gave an excellent account of herself on the move with good use of her hocks. 3. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Candy Floss.

OB (2) 1. Samuleson’s Aquafortis Semper Fidelis at Nazare. A 5 year old brown and white bitch in fine fettle and just as one would expect of a fully mature example of the breed; noble, confident outlook, well developed quarters, correct coupling and all of a piece hence throwing a pleasing and honest outline with nothing out of place. A strong head, but in proportion to body and able to fulfil her function with excellent expression. Pleasing angulation fore and aft, with strong topline and good height to length of body ratio. Excellent condition and well muscled with good width of thigh. Easy and lithe mover, carrying herself well around the ring. I was very pleased to award her Best Bitch. 2. Woodcock’s Belleville Olhos De Anjo. A 7 ½ years veteran lady who pressed hard in this class. She was certainly robust and workmanlike in outlook and conformation being in great condition with well developed quarters and depth throughout. Height to length ratio was very good as was coat and she presented a very good outline for overall balance. I felt she did not have the head of the winner and perhaps due to age was a touch over angulated. That said, her showmanship and natural carriage was second to none and she used it to advantage. I liked going over her very much and loved her firm, strong loin; so essential for good coupling. She did not disappoint me on the move.

Ric Beall (Eppwood).