• Show Date: 26/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rhonda Rowley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/10/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I would like to thank society for the opportunity to judge at this well run show, huge thanks to my ring stewards Annette and Bruce who made things so easy for me. It is some time since I last judged this delightful breed so all the dogs were new to me which is nice. On the upside I think the quality of the good ones has much improved since last I judged and I was able to find what I was looking for in all but one class. There is some very promising youngsters coming through which gives hope to the breed. On the downside it is a beauty show and there is no excuse in my mind for unclean exhibits, dirty teeth and long nails. I was surprised at the number of bad mouths I found. In lots of cases toplines and croups really need looking at. Overall I think the breed is in a better place than it was last time I judged but has some way to go to be back to its best.

MPD (7,1) 1. Lovel’s Juzandia Keverne at Lovetrac Well broken Bl built on smaller lines but all male a true toy spaniel in the making full of quality, most appealing head with large round dark eyes giving the correct gentle expression. Everything about him is moderate and fits the standard in every way. Moved soundly and steadily. One for the future was so unlucky to meet the puppy bitch on such top form.

2. Smith’s Beaudale Rumors Ruby Another quality baby of good rich colour well proportioned head with good sized dark eyes giving the correct expression, nice size with level topline and good tailset carried correctly, Moved well in all directions.

3. Firth’s Keycav Solo Sydney

PD (4, 1) 1. Hughes’ Loranka’s He’s The One. Bl of quality, Head coming along nicely with lovely dark eyes and correct muzzle, on the move presented a nice outline and moved soundly and free as I would have expected from his shape. Another one to watch for the future

2. Kynaston’s Granasil Ovaltine Ruby of good rich colour, nice make and shape with a pretty head and large round dark eyes, good overall shape with correctly set and carried tail could do to carry a little more weight to advantage.

3. Hamill & Hughes’ Keycav Rocking Robin

JD (8, 0) 1. Inglis’ Verheyen Reacher at Craigowl DCC & BOB didn’t expect to find my star of the day so early on but here he was. Took my eye as he entered the ring, moderate is definitely a word to describe this boy from his masculine attractive head with his large round dark eyes which made you feel like you could see to his soul, well arched neck flowing into a spirit level topline with correctly carried tail. He is a good rich colour and so reminded me of the homerbrent champions of yesteryear. Moved totally as to be expected, soundly with plenty of reach and drive. Not surprised to hear this is his 2nd CC, hopefully his 3rd will not be long. A real pleasure to see him take 3rd in a very strong toy group.

2. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam's Sir Prize B/T in absolutely full flowing coat presented to perfection, lots to like about this boy, nice head and eye, well balanced throughout moved confidently and well was unlucky to meet 1 and sure we will see more of him in the future.

3. Koster-Tindall’s Harana Pinball Wizard

YD (2,1) Very disappointing class 1. WITHHELD 2. WITHHELD 3. Hawkins’ Lexody Pandemonium

GD (4,0) 1. Gibson’s Toraylac Harvard Another bl who caught my eye as he entered the ring, not a flashy boy but a really good shape with excellent lay of shoulder he is totally unexaggerated with a lovely head and dark round eyes moves really well in all directions, another one who’s career I will watch with interest.

2. Taylor’s Luvtayls Newsflash Really richly coloured Bl, nice proportions with level topline and good tailset, very mature head with round dark eyes, nice side action on the move but not just as tidy coming and going as the winner.

3. Mattock’s Pamedna Pacco at Leybourne

PGD (4,0) 1. Hughes’ Loranka’s Encanto RCC B/T in full coat well cushioned head with fabulous eyes, well arched neck with good shoulder lay, level topline with good tailset which wagged continually, moved with excellent reach and drive a mature dog not overdone in anyway and with luck should gain his title.

2. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam's Heavenly Scent A very pleasing Ruby in full glamorous coat, pleasing head with good eyes, all angles good felt he could have put a little more in on the move.

3. Smith’s Beaudale Return to Sender

LD (7,1) 1. Walker’s Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay JW Bl Not a dog that immediately caught my eye but the more I looked the more he stood out, a very happy showboy with a well broken full silky coat on handling everything is correct and not overdone, a pleasing head with large round dark eye, good topline and tailset, move with reach and drive, the best in the class.

2. Rees’ Embeth Rock The Boat Bl very well made dog my notes say elegant throughout, smaller than the winner, well proportioned head with dark round eyes today just not the movement of 1.

3. Lovel’s Lovetrac Brandon

OD (7,3) I don’t propose to make individual comments about the first 3 in this class as they are all so well know and everything that can be said has been said, for me each one of them are worthy champions but all with one thing (different) that I would like to change. Absolutely splitting hairs making my decision so difficult. Thank you for the opportunity to judge them

 1. Levy & Sedgwick’s Forestcreek I'm The Man at Pascavale

2. Chapman & Ireland’s Ch Ellemich American Express

3. Kilcoyne’s Ch Granasil Bourbon

VD (4,0) 1. Whitman & Tarabad’s Ch Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx VW BV glamorous B/T not giving away his age except for a little greying around the muzzle, balanced and well made body with excellent angulation, showing some of the youngsters how to do it another worthy CH.

2. Taylor’s Lorankas Moonlight Shadow built on larger lines than 1 nice head and eyes shown in good condition enjoying his day.

3. Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget ShCEx VW

SBD (2,0) 1. Taylor’s Luvtayl Rave About Bl bigger type shown in good condition moved soundly in all directions.

2. Hawkins’ Lexody Pandemonium

MPB (8,1) 1. Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Secret Love BP very showy Bl girl with that look at me attitude, sweetest head with eyes straight to the soul large round and dark, well broken coat, arched neck with well laid shoulder, level topline and excellent tailset which wagged so hard looked like it might fall off, another puppy who fitted the standard so very well, nothing about her overdone and just right for her age. In the challenge for BP just moved up another gear and could not be denied. A future star?

 2. Kilcoyne’s Granasil Tea Leaf B/T sweet baby not as together as 1 but very pretty and showing promise handled very sympathetically to get the best from her.

3. Rogerson & Williamson’s Rabymar Secret Letter

PB (7,1) 1. Mynott’s Honeybet Mabel Louise sweet Bl with pretty head and correct eye well bodied and good angulation moved okay for her age just needs time to firm up and mature. All correct for her age.

 2. Ireland’s Charnell Songbird another pretty Bl showing lots of promise, moved and shown to perfection.

3. Liverton-Ovey’s Chantismere Conchetta for Halosey (IKC)

JB (9,2) 1. Robb & Robb & Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Good Trouble with Gleniren BCC, my notes just say exquisite, she came, she saw, she said move over I’m here. Small neat Bl with head and eyes that would melt the hardest heart. A true toy spaniel moderate in all departments, well arched neck giving way to excellent shoulders and level topline, tail set perfectly and never stopped, so at one even with a change of handlers in mid class. Excellent coat for her age and in perfect condition. She is so feminine and in the challenge she seemed to know she had a chance and just upped a gear and went better and better moving effortlessly around the ring. Just gave way to maturity for BOB was not surprised to later hear another youngster winning her 2nd CC hope the 3rd is just around the corner.

2. Williams’ Granasil Tea House Moon On Sancana Neat B/T cobby body with pretty head and round dark eyes, shown and moved well around the ring just needs time which she has on her side.

3. Lee’s Kelrick Diamond Girl

YB (8,2) 1. Claydon’s Brymarden Miss Sophie Bl with well broken coat, well cushioned head with large dark eyes arched necked and well laid shoulders good shape throughout and moved out positively and soundly wagging her tail continually a very nice honest bitch presented in tip top condition.

2. Bubb’s Sweetbriar Heirs and Graces with Wandris Bl bitch another nice quality who will continue to improve with time, pleasing head with good eyes level topline with good tailset, moved true in both directions.

3. Williams’ Granasil Tea House Moon On Sancana

GB (15,0) 1 Gibson’s Toraylac Honolulu I see she is litter sister to my Grad dog winner and much the same remarks apply, a lovely size with everything in the right place, pretty head with attractive large dark eyes her beauty spot does not detract from her overall expression, presented in good condition and moved straight and true in all directions.

2. Cox’s Amiryck Beatrice Fujairah very nice Bl but needs to mature, very pretty lovely expression with good neck and shoulders. Moved well when viewed from all angles

3. Tarabad & Whitman’s Khatibi Chewed A Rose

PGB (7,3) 1. Bubb’s Julchrisgor Marjory Tri who seemed to want to throw the class away, well cushioned head with large dark eyes, medium boned throughout with level topline and good tailset, once got her mind on the job moved around the ring with ease.

2. Mann’s Lyndabelle Angelsong Ultra pretty Bl who just needs a little more fill below the eyes which are dark, round and large nice shaped body and moving with reach and drive.

3. Mynott’s Honeybet Irma La Douce

LB (9,2) 1. Claydon’s Brymarden May Blossom really liked this Bl girl who I considered for the RCC before she decided there was something much more interesting to concentrate on outside the ring, well broken coat of fabulous quality and texture, presented in immaculate condition, short level topline good spring of ribs well cushioned muzzle and excellent eyes.

2. Walker’s Stavonga Skylark Kayceekay bl built on bigger lines than my 1st, good head but suffering from winter pigment today which just detracts a little from the overall look once that is back sure she will be about. Presented in lovely condition and moved and show well.

3. Sharp-Dixon & Reyes’ Mitapip Mystical Spirit

OB (8,2) 1. Hughes’ Loranka's Secret Potion BRCC B/T Raven black silky coat with rich tan in all the correct places, prettiest of heads with large dark round eyes well arched neck with good shoulder placement, level topline correct tailset, moved confidently with reach and drive in all directions. Had to settle for the RCC today but her day will surely come.

2. Lovel’s Ch Lovetrac Theodora very smart Bl built on similar lines to my 1st well cushioned head with dark eyes, correct make and shape was not giving her all on the move today, I’m sure these two will swap places on another day

3. Cunningham’s Amiryck Aubree at Verheyen

VB (1,0) 1. Bragg’s Cavalicious Ruby's Sweet Girl 8yr old heavily marked Tri enjoying her day out moving confidently around the ring.

SBB (7,0) 1. Riis-White’s Tamyse Pretty in Pink at Cerneyleaze was unplaced in the biggest class of the day, Bl with typical head, moved and shown well

2. Taylor’s Peakdowns Rosa at Luvtayl heavily marked bl, nice head and eye moved confidently 3. Martins’ Babette of An Excellent Choice to Clemartill JW (Imp Ned)

Judge: Rhonda Rowley