• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachael Stirzaker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Havanese

The Scottish Kennel Club 30th September 2023

May I start by thanking the SKC for offering me this wonderful appointment and allowing me the opportunity to further my interest in the breed. Thanks must go to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs and take placings in a decent sportsmanship manner of support for one another. Thanks must also go to my 2 stewards of the day Joy and Dianna who despite being fairly new to stewarding did wonderful job of keeping everything in a timely manner.


Puppy Dog or Bitch (0/0)

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (6/2)

1st FENWICK, Miss Jayne Adorele Dreamed A Dream JW

Beautifully presented female of 2 years old. Very pretty and feminine. Small in stature with a look at me attitude of friendly and out going temperament. Coat of soft, silky hair. Lovely headpiece of equal lengths to skull, slightly rounded. Ears slightly raised and dropped. Large dark eyes with a soft gentle look. Regular scissor bite. Neck of medium length fitting into well laid shoulders. Body of good length, in proportion. Level in topline with a true slight rise over loin area, Well sprung in ribs. Tail set high carried over her back with profuse coat of long silky hair. On the move, she flowed with a true spring in her step, moderately angulated behind pushing off from small, hare footed feet. In front legs straight of medium bone, free moving and parallel. Delighted to award her Best Bitch, then Best Of Breed.

2nd: GUNN, Mrs Lorraine Newtonwood Crazy For Love To Harvahope

Very masculine handsome 2 and ½ year old male. Red and white in colour, fully coated of soft silky hair. Very sturdy boy with an intelligent, friendly temperment. Masculine in head piece with brand skull, slightly rounded. Ears well placed set just above eye level. Dark eyes of a gentle expression. Correct in muzzle Housing a scissor bite. Neck of medium length flowing down to a level back with a slight rise over the loin. Good in body length being very slightly longer. Well sprung in ribs. High set tail carried over back with long silky hair. Muscular in rear of moderate angulation. Straight in front with good depth of forechest. Moving he showed good confidence, freely stepping parallel, straight with a springy step. Awarded him Best Dog and Reserve Best Of Breed.

3rd: LEE-FINGLAS, Mrs W E Disneyland's Perfect Match With Richeath

Res: MCKELLAR, Miss Carole Elisabeth Janabear Stac Polaidh

Open Dog or Bitch (3/0)

1st GUNN, Mrs Lorraine Dianaia’s Beautiful Day

6 year old female beautifully outlined, gold sable and well coated. Feminine in head, slightly rounded between moderately pointed and dropped ears. Large dark eyes of almond shape, soft gentle expression. Strong under jaw with a scissor bite. Neck of medium length flowing down to well laid shoulder. Level in back with a true slight rise over loin area. Well sprung in ribs with just enough length to body. Tail set high carried up and over back covered with long silky hair. Straight in legs of medium bone, tight feet, hare footed. On the move, she pushed off from behind with true springy free step, reaching well in front remaining balanced. Pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd GUNN, Mrs Lorraine Janabear Dance O’ The Knights

5 years old masculine male. Cream in colour,Profusely coated with long, silky coat. Lovely in outline, sturdy in build. Broad in skull with a gentle expression. Ears set just above eye level, covered with long silky hair. Eyes almond shaped, light pigment. Strong jaws with regular scissor bite. Moderate in stop with cheeks fairly flat. Good in body length being slightly longer. True rise over loin area, Well sprung in ribs with good tuck up. High set tail carried over back. Muscular behind with moderate angulation. Straight in front just enough bone. On the move he had a true spring in his step moving freely along line if travel. Pleased to awrd him Reserve Best Dog.

3rd RUSSELL, Mrs C Dyffrynsands Destinys Day To Claravi

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (2/1)

1st MCKELLAR, Miss Carole Elisabeth Wizzizz Efenity’N Beyond

14 months old male, white and sable in colour. Nicely outlined, small in stature, Profusely coated. Lovely in head, broad in skull, moderate in stop with muzzle slightly tapering. Scissor bite. Eyes sparkling and of almond shape. Ears set just level above eyes. Enough neck flowing down to a level back with a rise over the loin. Tail set nigh feathered with long silky hair. Straight in legs of medium bone and moderate angulation behind. Small, tight hare footed pushing off from behind. Although stood alone, I was pleased to award him Best Special Beginner.

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