• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Philippa Cotterell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Italian Spinone

[Last Name] 1

Leeds championship show 2023

Italian spinone

Judge Mrs Philippa Cotterell


Italian Spinone

A very enjoyable day,a nice entry for a weekday with a reassuring depth of quality.Many exhibits nicely stripped out so one could see the finer breed features ,heads ,feet,but some had little or no removal of dead coat, therefore not presenting to their best.On the whole temperaments good and found only one bad mouth.several exhibits carrying far to much weight with little or no muscle definition, hare feet present in some exhibits the front foot should be almost cat like ,but due to nails left to long the feet are splaying feet should should be covered in short thick hair not long .Mpd 0 Dcc PD10Mrs J ClarkMrMrs LC Sharpe Affiliato you can bank on it.11 month w/o.well grown ,super angulation nice tight feet ,correct tail set ,good mouth ,well grown super angulation ,beautiful head and expression, free relaxed movement well deserving of Cc,going on to be winner of puppy stakes on gun dog day but taking ultimate accolade to win puppy stake classes overall at Leeds.J10 Meg Fordham Miss C Fordham Locuro blow a fuse at cloud nine W/o nice tail action on the move, correct neck ,top line,would prefer rounder feet in front moved well.Yearling dog10 Mrs S Duncan Diggmere Tiger swallowtail jw, another nice orange roan good feet cat like sufficient angulation moving away slightly close behind ,but good active movement on profile.Postgraduate 10 1 Rcc Mrs.g Robinson Gradevole Strufolli Brown roan dog of substance nice angulation good feet ,mouth correct , would like to see sternum more forward.LD30 1Miss T Davies Montecani your my only hope.Brown roan dog,pleasing to the eye. Good angulation ,sternum coming well forward,mouth correct , nice head , moved well.2Mrs L Hodgson Olives Daydream believer heavier in chest than 1 feet correct, nice head, good angulation would benefit from more coat work.3mrs J Baldwin Diggmere Tarelli OD 3.0 1 Miss c little more sh ch inostricani bell regazza via krismoor jaw would like to have seen more for chest on this boy, head planes correct , mouth good nice top line ,coat and feet correct .2 MrMrs jr and va Thompson Sh ch Testaverde back for good at paradeco B/r excellent top line feet again as 1 more for chest than 1top line good ,movement free.3 MrM sandy Sh ch Milisimo mulinello Vd0 SB/D 10 MrsS Diggmore Struffolli at Larhuly W/o bitch handled well .2 year old bitch correct angulation moved well for handler nice feminine head good feet, a lighter boned finer girl.PB 2 0 1 Bcc Bp Bb Mr Mrs LC Sharp Affilato it had to you .A lovely bitch fills all criteria from breed standard maturing nicely O/r , excellent angulation, superb coat and presentation the sweetest of heads and melting expression lovely driving movement forward return and in profile, correct feet and good mouth.was pleased to see her go on to be shortlisted to last 8 in Gundog group and group 2 for puppy group destined for great things 2 Mr mrs E P Lawton Quebaikei heather n honey for oaklaw 9 math old o/r puppy ,nice head good angulation , correct neck ,movement slightly close behind bite good ,finer bitch.Jb 3.0 1 Mrs K Bovio Ilsolo river island o/r deep colour ,correct head and angulation excellent top line and movement .2MrMrs BM Davies,Montecani Riva’s Memories at cartrefyspin an altogether rangier bitch with nice head ,good angulation ,feet correct.3 MrM Sandy Inostricani sky’the limit at Milisimo.YB 20 1 Mrs S Leamy Diggmere Edith’s copper, B/r nice colour ,correct neck ,correct head planes good eye colour angulation mouth good.2 MrMrs AD Kay w/oLight coloured bitch ,bit unsettled ,nice feminine head good angular ion and correct mouth .PGB 40 1 Rcc Mrs LRossiter Inostricani viola B/r harsh coat ,good neck super angulation lovely correct feet, excellent driving ,appearing slightly long in loin.2 Mrs J Anderson and Miss l Mayne O/r bitch not the drive of 1 , but a quality bitch correct head planes god angular ion correct mouth and feet,3 Mrs PE Lawton Quebaikei Acosta for oaklaw . LB 3 0 1 Ms K James InostricaniFianna beautiful head, correct feet mouth good .nice angulation and good feet 2 MrMrs M&B Davies Valeska Bd turfhoeve an catreyfyspin imp nd nice bitch good close coat ,lovely correct head ,super angulation good feet appearing slightly long in loin.3 Mrs M Mundy and Spalding Montecani my precious OB 4 1 1 MrMrs LC Sharp ShCh Affiliato all about me jaw .o/w strong colour, well presented beautiful head excellent coat moved with drive.good top line ,correct neck , feet excellent. 2 Mrs J Anderson Miss L Mayne Sosteli songbird del Michiamo nice bitch orange paler in colour to 1,again very feminine head ,good top line nice angulation lost out to 1 on movement 3. Mr Mrs D Wagh larlila Pechora for dewdhala VB 1 0 Miss C Littlemore ShCh Aurelia the explorer of Krismoor jw 7 ½ year old orange roan,heavier than I would like ,nice head movement lacking in drive ,angulation ,feet, mouth good. good.