• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Phil Davies Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: puppy groups

I would like to thank the committee of SKC for such wonderful hospitality and the opportunity to judge all of the puppy groups and Best puppy in show. I am so grateful to be able to have judges at this level and look forward observing the future of these up-and-coming stars.

Pastoral puppy group

1st : 778 KIRKWOOD, Mrs Andrea & JEBSON, Mrs Amanda & JEBSON Lovely Snow Diamonds Karma To Vandreem (IMP HUN) - SAMOYED – Bitch

Striking in profile. Such a keen expression when stood. So well made and nice to go over. Moved well both ways and in profile. Disappointed that she couldn’t make Best puppy in show

2nd : 538 MAY, mr Nick & MAY, Mrs Angela Sengalas Indiana Charm - BEARDED COLLIE – Bitch

Such a tight decision beautiful head neck and shoulders. Correct topline which was kept on the move. True both ways in beautiful condition.


One I have admired from afar which did not disappoint on the day. So in sink with his handler, just lost out on performance as I thought was a little tired on the day.

4th : 885 IRVING, Miss T J & IRVING, Mrs K M Twinan sign your name - WELSH CORGI (PEMBROKE) – Dog

Masculine head but in no way coarse. Well placed ears, neck, and shoulders. Good topline, set on and deep chested. Moved well.

Hound puppy group

1st : 3258 JONES, Mr T N & JEPSON, Mr S A Eardley Smartypants - BEAGLE – Bitch

Ultra feminine in head, good expression, good neck, and shoulders, well spring of rib, plenty of substance. In tip top condition, well handled, moved well both ways and in profile.

2nd : 3659 MATTHEWS, Mrs Alison Sonham Twice as Nice - AV HOUND NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED – Bitch

Just coming up to a 12-month, stunning youngster with real ring presence. Well-made throughout, good topline, moved well all ways.

3rd : 3210 BARTLEY, Mr Tim & BARTLEY, MRS Deborah Erylan Poseidon De La Mer - BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN (PETIT) – Dog

Eye catching male with real ring presence, moved with drive and purpose, in good coat, handled to advantage.


Huge ring presence, beautiful head and expression, deep chested. A little unsure on the move but once he got into his stride he showed glimpses of what he will achieve with time. In real good condition, showed his true movement in profile.

Terrier puppy group

1st : 4081 BURNS, Miss M Burneze Mad about the girl - WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER – Bitch

Such a pretty picture, beautiful head, and expression. Well placed shoulders, short backed with a great set on. Plenty behind the tail for one so young. Moved well both ways, kept her topline and tail bang on both up and down and in profile. This bitch went on to be my Reserve best pup in show.

2nd : 3898 GEE, Mrs R Watercroft Moon Dust - NORFOLK TERRIER – Dog

Pleasing head with keen expression, well placed ears. Good spring of rib, well coupled, good set on. If being ultra critical would prefer a size bigger, but time is on his side.

3rd : 3905 INETT, Miss D H & HARRISON, Miss R A Carradine Primo Donald - NORWICH TERRIER – Dog

Keen head and expression, ears erect at all times. Well placed shoulders into level top line. Good set on. In great coat and condition, lovely colour just a little bit naughty on the move but what is expected from a puppy. Will follow this puppies progress.

4th : 3759 MALCOLM, Miss L & KNOWLES, Mrs S & KNOWLES, Miss S Liatch Tenacious - BORDER TERRIER – Bitch

Pleasing head neck and shoulder, in great coat and condition. Moved well both ways although a little stubborn at times for his handler.

Utility puppy group

1st : 1470 HOWARD, Miss H L Tameron Miss I Want Choo - SHIH TZU – Bitch

My eventual BPIS winner. This bitch has a beautiful head and expression. Well placed shoulders into a level topline with great set on. A real credit to the handler, in tip top condition. Powered around the ring, a real show girl. Pleased to have been able to award her Best puppy in show.

2nd : 1560 DAVIES, Mr G Waterley Heart Breaker - TIBETAN TERRIER – Dog

I have admired this dog from the first time I saw him. Up to size with a beautiful masculine head but in no way coarse. Another dog in great condition, presentation to the minute and moved well.

3rd : 1417 GIVAN, Miss Leah Afterglow Seems Like Heaven With Sudeo - POODLE (TOY) – Bitch

Quality puppy from which you would expect out of this famous kennel. Very sound both ways and in profile. Unlucky to be in such strong quality today.

4th : 1258 DUNHILL-HALL, Miss M Vormund Turn Back Time - JAPANESE SHIBA INU – Bitch

Pretty headed bitch, pleasing neck shoulders and topline. Another good mover, what you would expect from another famous kennel. Another tight decision.

Working puppy group

1st : 173 MERRETT, Mr Patrick & MERRETT, Mrs Deborah Korifey Sweet Child Of Mine JW - DOBERMANN – Bitch

Feminine head into well laid-back shoulders. Correct top line and set on, deep chested. Good firm body and muscle tone, moved with ease both ways and in profile.

2nd : 273 DAVIS, Ms N Sasquatch Dream your dreams - NEWFOUNDLAND – Bitch

Feminine throughout, in fantastic coat and condition. Very sound both ways and a real showgirl.

3rd : 393 PATRICK, Mr Michael Siberiadrift white winter - SIBERIAN HUSKY – Bitch

Pleasing in head, neck, and shoulder, correct topline. Racy in appearance, in good condition and showed well.

4th : 189 MCGURK, Miss Sarah & WILLIAMS, Mrs Yvonne & WILLIA Xardox Fire and Ice - DOGUE DE BORDEAUX – Bitch

Strong headed bitch, correct proportions. Very good muscle tone for a puppy, moved well.

Gundog puppy group

1st : 2282 O'BRIEN, Miss Katherine Caldewriver Storm N' Teacup for Katillien - GERMAN WIREHAIRED POINTER – Bitch

Beautiful headed bitch, expression telling me “Here I am”. Well placed shoulders, deep chested, good bone, and substance. Correct set on, well angulated behind. Moved with such ease in real harsh coat, such an appealing puppy.

2nd : 2427 NEILL, Miss C & ELLRICH, Miss R Ferasheen Perfekt In Pink Gwendariff - IRISH SETTER – Bitch

Another quality bitch, pretty head, well placed shoulders, good topline, deep chested. Fantastic coat, in great form just looked a little tired towards the end. Very close decision.

3rd : 2933 RAHMAN, Mr MD & TODD, Mr DC Zheridons Blanche - SPANIEL (COCKER) – Bitch

Pleasing head, neck, and shoulders. True on the move, unlucky to be in such strong company.

4th : 2871 NELSON, Mrs L & MOSS, Mrs L Nasailleen Ella vaday - SPANIEL (AMERICAN COCKER) – Bitch

Youngest puppy in the group but everything in the right place. Such great showmanship for one so young, time on her side.

Toy puppy group

1st : 2066 CAWTHERA-PURDY, Mrs A Lireva's Wild To Fly The Bear - POMERANIAN – Dog

Lovely headed male, eyes glued on handler at all times. Lovely outline, moved so true. Never going to give in. in great coat and condition.

2nd : 1823 FOTHERGILL, Mrs D Diamonchi Miss Sparkle - CHIHUAHUA (SMOOTH COAT) – Bitch

Big character in such a small package, very close decision. Typical head, so well made to go over, good mover.

3rd : 1947 FLANNIGAN, Miss S & DORNAN, Mrs Amy Snowkai's Proclaimer - MALTESE – Dog

One of the youngest in the group with so much potential. Beautiful head, sound mover up, down and in profile. Just needs time and coat to finish the overall picture.

4th : 1870 IMRIE, Mrs W Norris Amalric Butch Cassidy - ENGLISH TOY TERRIER (BLACK & TAN) – Dog

Alert expression, correct ear carriage. Clean through the should, good topline, moved well both ways.