• Show Date: 29/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Petula Humphrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Kooikerhondje

Veteran Dog 4:0

1ST– Chriskoois Octavius at Genetika - Ms Suiter

7 year old shown in excellent condition. Lovely head and skull with correct proportions. Dark almond shaped eyes with correct pigmentation. Ears correctly set, well feathered with wonderful black tips. Wonderful forequarters, good length of body, strong well muscled hindquarters, hocks well let down. Flowing springy gait with good extension and rear drive RBD

2nd Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi of Gladsheim - Miss S E Williams

Another 7 year old shown in excellent condition. Had so many attributes of the 1st with regards to standard. Ears were good but a little less black tip than 1st Hindquarters were very good but just lacked a little extension and drive on the day

Junior Dog 2:0

1st Twybrook Charming Prince – Mrs A Purser

12 months . Very pleasing head and a wonderful coat for a young dog. Lovely pendant ears with good black tips. Displayed the most wonderful profile. Very good proportions. Not quite fully furnished in coat but is coming through. Moved out well. BPIB

2ND Twybrook Noble Prince at Kogarahs – Mrs V A Roberts

Another 12 month old. Very heavily marked. Had a pleasing profile. Lovely pendant ears with good black tips. Very good proportions, good fore and hindquarters. Needs time to settle to achieve potential

Post Graduate Dog 2:0

1ST Benitin Trojan – Mr W & Mrs S Gutteridge

4 year old with blanket coat on white. Lovely head with pendant ears with lovely black tips. Good forquarters, hindquarters are okay but hocks not as let down as others. Settled well on the move but slightly lacking in extension and drive

2nd Twybrook Noble Prince at Kogarahs – Mrs V A Robets

Open Dog 6:1

1st Millhanger Kemboy – Mr I & Mrs C Davies

4 year old who for me was the outstanding exhibit of the day. So much to like about him. Wonderfully marked, most wonderful of heads with the greatest of expressions. Had the happiest of temperaments. So well proportioned. Moved with extension and drive. BD, BOB

2nd Genetika Rumpelstiltskin – Ms Suiter

5 year old very well presented. Wonderful dark eyes with correct pigmentation, pendant ears with fantastic lack tips. Well constructed allowing him to move with a light springy gait, just not as good as 1st

Veteran Bitch 4:0

1st Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T at Genetika – Ms Suiter

11 year old who showed no signs of age. Shown in excellent condition with a wonderful coat. Wonderful profile with excellent proportions. Lovely pendant ears with black tips. Dark eyes and correct pigmentation. Very well constructed. Moved freely with extension and drive. Had that wow factor for a veteran BVIB, BB, BOS

2ND Daniella om Thyrowberg to Gladhsiem (Imp Deu) ShCM VW – Miss S E Willaims

Another 11 year old shown in fine fettle. Very good profile and has been a prolific winner. Coat in very good condition. Pendant ears with good black tips. Well proportioned with good fore and hindquarters. Moved well but the humidity on the day may have affected her as she didn’t move as well as she can

Junior Bitch 2:1

1ST Valkira Whispering Hope – Miss A Mar-Gerrison

15 month not settled on the move. Very feminine, which is what I like in a female. Will fill out with maturity. Lovely pendant ears with good black tips. Would like a little more rear angulation to allow for extension and drive

Post Graduate Bitch 3:1

1ST Gladsheim Savanna – Mr D Jones

23 months very feminine. Loved the markings. Very pleasing head, dark eyes with correct pigmentation. Good fore and hindquarters. Well let down hocks. Very good rear angulations. Moved effortlessly with extension and drive

2nd Gladsheim Willow at Valkira – Miss A Mar-Gerrison

4 years old, well marked. Well proportioned with very good forequarters. Lovely head with correct proportions. Rear angulation not as good as 1st. Moved very wide in front coming

Open Bitch 5:1

1ST Genetika Wake Up Aurora – Ms Suiter

5 year old with the most melting expression. So alert and well handled. Wonderful profile and well proportioned. Excellent forequarters and good rear angulations. Moved out freely and without having to make an effort. RBB

2nd Gladsheim Arunika – Miss S E Williams

Another 5 year old who was very feminine. Very well presented. Very well proportioned with lovely fore and hindquarters. Coat in very good condition but not as good as 1st. Another who moved with extension and drive without too much effort

Judge: Petula Humphrey