• Show Date: 19/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pete Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers. Scottish Kennel Club, May 19th 2023

It was an honour to receive the offer from the Scottish Kennel Club to judge Miniature Schnauzers at their May Championship Show. I started my journey with the Schnauzer family when I got my two Miniature Schnauzers in 1995. Miller, a pepper and salt and Murphy a black.

However, my biggest thanks is given to each and every one of you for the incredible entry. I am well aware of the time, effort and cost you all put into getting your dogs ready and to go to the shows. Thank you all. And of course thanks and appreciation for the excellent job the steward did for us all.

I was impressed with the overall quality of today’s entry and from what I observed I think the breed is in good shape. I was presented with various sizes but none overly large or small, most possessing good conformation, expression and being alert. I was very happy with my major award winners but there were some obvious quality exhibits that for whatever reason failed to move as well as I expected – perhaps a lack of concentration, tiredness or distracted by the surroundings.

PD. (4,1)

1: Mrs E Dorado Descare. Tyras Akvamarinas (imp LTU).

A joy to see this 10 month old black youngster entering the ring. Excellent in profile with a strong enough head and muzzle, good eye and dentition. Harsh coat, well built, good angulation. Held good topline on move which was good all round. I’m sure he will do well. RDCC and BPIB. Delighted to see him win the Puppy Group. 2: Mrs EJ Longdin & Miss KR Davidson. Wellingley Whisky Business 11 month p/s. Very well turned out and presented in harsh coat. Good head shape, correct dark eye and dentition. Good in profile, good neck to shoulder and nice sloping topline. Movement not quite as good as 1 today

JD (2,0)

1: Mrs EHC Hammerton. Slain's Squeak's Lucky Charm. 14 month p/s. Good banded coat, Correct eye and dentition. Could do with more substance. Moved well. 2: Miss WJ Bell. Glockens Let It Be. Very nice 15 month p/s. Good substance, dark eye, strong good proportion head. Well presented in good coat. Unfortunately, his movement let him down today

PGD (4,0)

1: Miss K & Miss E Partner. Soletrader Mad Max At Onfleek. 3 year old P/S. Good in profile and moved well all round. Good head, eye, teeth and carried ears well. Good angles, nice topline on move, powerful rear action. 2. Mrs B & Miss A Black. Rynuan Sea The Stars With Zaandam. 3 year old P/S. Slightly longer in body than 1. Correct dark eyes, strong head. Excellent harsh coat, well ribbed. Movement not as good as 1 today

LD (9,1)

1. Miss K Sanders & Mrs Jean Thomas. ZRules Fisticuffs (import USA). 18 month old P/S. A definite presence in the ring! Strong head, correct eye, dentition with wonderful schnauzer expression. Good arched neck on to shoulders, well ribbed. Excellent in profile. Sloping topline and good tail set held well on move. Moved well all round with confidence and strength in rear. Harsh coat. Happy to award DCC 2. Mrs A Turner. Engalah Wild Runner. 19 month old B/S. Pleasing head, good eye and dentition. Good conformation, good topline and very confident on move, tail held high. A very happy boy!

OD (6,3)

1. Miss K & E Partner. Onfleek Twinkie Dink. 2 year old P/S. Stood well with square profile, angles OK. Good eyes and teeth, well proportioned head . Enough chest and rib. Moved well around the ring maintaining a strong topline. 2. Misses R & L Woods. Ch Penbro Man About Town. 3 year old P/S. A difficult one. A very well put together coby boy. Good in profile, good angles all around. Lovely head and expression. Presented in the harshest of coats. However, I could not ignore his poor movement today, he was obviously having an off day.

SBD (3,0)

1. Mrs EH Hammerton. Slain's Squeak's Lucky Charm. 4 year old P/S. 2. Mrs J Richards & Mrs D Scott. Charzenus Albus Dumbledog for Sanserit. A slightly larger boy. Good head and eye. Well ribbed, enough chest. Moved well with good reach but a little narrow out and back.

GCD (2,0)

1. Mrs EHC Hammerton. Slain's Squeak's Lucky Charm. 2. Mrs EHC Hammerton. Slains Heide's Bumblebee. Smaller than 1. Stood well in profile. Nice head, good eye, alert expression. In good coat. Moved well.

PB (8,4)

1.Mrs KMF Flynn. Rynuan Whoops A Daisy. 7 month old P/S. Lovely feminine head, correct dark eye, expressive ears. Stood well in profile, nice neck to shoulder and slightly sloping topline. Moved well for a baby. 2. Mr R & Mrs P McKechnie. Wlanimu's Braveheart Of Ukraine at Estrellamar NAF. 9 month old B/S. Again good in profile. Good topline and tail set, lovely head, eyes and ears. Well presented in harsh coat. Lost out on movement today as she was crabbing around the ring which put her off balance.

JB (3,0)

1. Misses R & L Woods. Penbro Talk Of The Town JW. Excellent well-proportioned head, correct eye, dentition. Alert expression, used ears well. Well presented and stood well in profile. Harsh coat, good rib. Moved well all round with confidence, strong rear action 2. Mrs S Graham. Nikisan Taters Gonna Tate. Another 15 month P/S. Excellent presentation and in good harsh coat. Good in profile, good arch of neck to shoulder. Strong body, well ribbed. Good head, eye, dentition and ear. Lovely expression. Moved well all round, just felt 1 moved with a bit more confidence and power today.

PGB (4,0)

1. Mrs H Gavin. Violaceous Meredith Grey. 2 year old P/S. Well made girl. Good in profile, sloping topline and good tail set. Would prefer more chest. Moved well, held good topline and had good forward reach. 2. Mrs C Davis Kristec One In A Million. 27 month old P/S. Stood square in profile. Good angulation. Well bodied with good topline. Nice feminine head, expressive eyes and ears. Coat could be better and for me too much rear leg furnishings. Moved well.

LB (5,0)

1. Mrs EJ Longdin. Wellingley Won For Mimi. 20 month old P/S. Excellent in profile, straight front, very balanced with good angles all round. Nice neckline to shoulder. Good harsh coat. Lovely head and expression. Moved happily around the ring with power and grace. In the Challenge she stepped it up a gear and so was delighted to give her the BCC and then BOB. 2. Miss K & Mrs V Sanders. Zakmayo Put The Kettle On. 2 year old P/S. Good in profile, coby with good chest and rib. Typical head and slope of neck to well placed shoulder. Excellent harsh coat. Moved well all round with good reach.

OB (9,3)

1. Mr T Braithwaite & Mrs C Neill. Ch Soletrader Penny Lane. 3 year old P/S. An obvious class act. A very solid, coby girl presenting a balanced profile. Good head dimensions and nice expression. Good front with enough chest. Good lay of shoulder, slightly sloping topline and good tail set. Moved well enough. However, in my opinion seemed she was a bit ‘do I have to do this Dad’ but in the challenge she did enough and was happy to give her the RBCC. 2. Miss K Davidson. Wellingley Way Ahead. 2 year old P/S. Square profile, coby, straight front and good shoulder. Correct eye, good ear set and expression. Moved well in all directions carrying good topline on move. Just preferred head and overall balance of 1 today.

VB (1,0)

1. Mrs A Turner. Kristal Twister V D Blessewich of Engalah (IMP NLD). 7 year old B/S. A very fit and well-muscled girl. Presented nearly square profile. Pleasing head, good dark eye. Solid in body, well sprung rib. Silver furnishings. Moved soundly around with confidence that her age gives her. BVIB

SBB (2,0)

1. Mrs T Hainey. Rynuan I Got Style For Lundzing. 2.5 year old P/S. Nearly square in profile, good head and expression. Enough chest and rib. Harsh jacket. Moved well, good reach and rear power. 2. Mrs H Gavin. Violaceous Meredith Grey

Pete Bradshaw (Kaiteriteri)