• Show Date: 14/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Leonard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Many thanks to Bournemouth Canine Association for my invitation to judge at their show. Also thanks to my two ring stewards. I had a lovely entry, full of quality & I certainly needed more red cards. MINOR PUPPY DOG 3 (2) 1. ANGELLS LINIRGOR SEVEN UP AT MILLANZA Stood alone but a worthy winner. A substantial young man, well off for bone & just right for his age. Stood 4 square showing a level topline. Well balanced throughout, lovely head & pigment, good reach of neck. Moved well for such a baby. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed PUPPY DOG 5 (2) 1. ANGELLS LINIRGOR SEVEN UP AT MILLANZA 2. MCDONALDS LAMANCHA TIME TRAVELLER A larger framed, dark gold young man. Shown in gleaming coat. Good lay of shoulder, well bent stifles, forelegs straight & into neat feet. Moved with a good action. 3. TODDS VAN GOGH OF SUNSHINE’S VALLEY WITH TODDROSA (IMP) JUNIOR DOG 6 1. HENSONS CINDERBANK MOVE IT JW Very attractive mid gold boy. Masculine head with lovely expression & good pigment. Shown in super coat & condition. Good reach neck flowing into a well placed shoulders, well angled front, good bend of stifle & tail set. Moved with purpose. 2. HARVEY & ANDERSONS ALIBREN ROCK LEGEND FOR ASHIQUA Really liked this young dog. Very attractive, masculine head, well balanced throughout. Moved well with a level topline. Today every time I looked at him he decided to rock back & spoil the lovely picture he could’ve made, 3. HARRIS & BALLS WEMCREST OUT OF THIS WORLD YEARLING DOG 2 1. WAINWRIGHTS GOLDENMAJKO MAKE BELIEVE (FCI) TAF (IMP POL) Attractive mid gold dog in good coat. Masculine head, good pigment. Level topline held on the move. Nicely balanced front & rear. Would prefer to see a little more enthusiasm on the move. 2. GREENS STRADCOT BOOGIE WOOGIE Good head with a nice expression. Shown in good coat. Moved with a level topline NOVICE DOG 6 (1a 1w/d) 1. ANGELLS LINIRGOR SEVEN UP AT MILLANZER 2. HARVEY & ANDERSONS ALIBREN ROCK LEGEND FOR ASHIQUA 3. WAINWRIGHTS GOLDENMAJKO MAKE BELIEVE (FCI) TAF (IMP POL) UNDERGRADUATE DOG 2 1. WILLIAMS’ BERRYMEADE KILTERNAN OF BUSHEYHALL Mid gold dog in lovely coat & condition. Shown free standing with a wagging tail. Good angles front & rear, nice spring of rib. Moved out well around the ring 2. WAINWRIGHTS GOLDENMAJKO MAKE BELIEVE (FCI) TAF (IMP POL) GRADUATE DOG 5 (1) 1. BROWNS IPCRESS ORACLE Very glamorous good size dog. Super masculine head, good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs & well bent stifles.Moved with drive. 2. GULLIVERS TONARA MOON WALK A more compact mid gold dog. Lovely head & expression. Balanced throughout. 3. TAYLORS PANDREFT ROCK STEADY POST GRADUATE DOG 7 1. JACKSON-HAINES LEIGHSHAM TULLAMORE JW One I have admired from the ring side & he didn’t disappoint me. Beautifully presented & a glamorous coat. Super head, masculine but kind expression. Lovely angles front & rear & a fabulous mover. 2. WILLIAMS EVENINGHILL DETROIT RED Another super example of our breed. Similar comments as to the winner but today I preferred the movement of 1st. 3. FOREMANS AMBERSUN HEART AND SOUL MID LIMIT DOG 4 (1) 1. NORRIS’ FENPINQUE MAGNUM OPUS AT MOLESTREAM Good size, substantial dog, looking at his best today . Beautiful head & expression, excellent pigment. good front with straight front legs down into neat feet. topline held on the move & he moved with drive & purpose. Considered him for top honours 2. LAYLANDS APPLECOTE HEARTS DESIRE Very attractive mid gold dog. Well balanced front & rear, deep through the rib cage. Moved with purpose & drive. Just preferred the head of 1st 3. FOREMANS AMBERSUN ALIVE AND KICKING LIMIT DOG 6 1. KINCHELLAS HONEYMILL ELDER WARRIOR What’s not to love about this dog? The most gorgeous head & expression, not exaggerated in any way, carrying the right amount of weight, coat gleaming & in super condition. Excellent front assembly & strong quarters which enabled him to fly around the ring. Delighted to award him the DCC 2. SILLENCES AMIRENE FINLANDIA FOR CANINA Glamorous mid gold dog, slightly longer cast than 1st. Lovely front end, straight front legs into neat feet. Well bent stifles, good spring of rib. Moved well. 3. CLARKSONS DRUMKILTY QUEST FOR STARDOM (RE IMP) OPEN DOG 3 1. KELLY & KELLY’S SH CH /IR SH CH RAMCHAINE YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND IN ZENEVIEVA (IKC) JW A gorgeous rich gold dog so beautifully presented & handled. He has fabulous movement, driven by strong hind quarters. Super head, neck flows into well placed shoulders. He is balanced front & rear. Pleased to award him the DRCC 2. PASTUSIAKS SH CH PRINCE CHARMING QDORE OF LABGOLD Free standing, 4 square with a wagging tail. Very attentive to handler. Similar comments to 1st but I preferred the movement of 1 today. 3. CLARKE-GEARS OUSEVALE TOBERMORY JW VETERAN DOG 1 1. ANGELLS SH CH MILLANZA TOY STORY JW Such a lovely dog, one who I have always admired. Shown in glorious full cream coat, which can make him look a little heavy but cannot take away from him his great construction. He has a super head, great front angulation & good strong quarters. Tail set on correctly & carried level on the move. SPECIAL BEGINNERS DOG OR BITCH 8 (1) 1. HARDINGS EVENINGHILL MAD AS A HATTER Such a pretty girl, gleaming, mid gold coat in lovely condition. She moved out so well from strong quarters. good angles front & rear, level topline deep through the rib. Best Special Beginner 2. BROWNS SANSUE LOVE NOTE AT LOUELLABROOK Young pale cream bitch who was giving her handler a hard time today. Pretty head & expression, nicely angled front & rear, level topline. Moved with enthusiasm 3. HARRIS AND BALLS WEMCREST OUT OF THIS WORLD