• Show Date: 10/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Lawless Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Estrela Mountain Dog

Crufts 2023 Estrela Mountain Dogs

Many thanks to the Crufts Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge this lovely breed at Crufts. Many thanks to the sporting exhibitors for the lovely atmosphere at ring side. Today for me, I found the quality in the bitches but totally enjoyed all your dogs.

Veteran Dog (1)

1. Dean’s, Asterel Deeago, this grand old man is coming up twelve years of age and was still enjoying his day out. He has a strong masculine head, excellent mask, nice eye and expression, a little loose on his lips. Good reach of neck, good bone and feet, stands a little weak behind, but moved well for his age. Best Veteran Dog.

Junior Dog (2)

1. Cooper & Ralph’s, Milagre Skyforce, 17 months old smooth brindle of good size, still quite raw and lots of developing to do. He has a good masculine head, excellent rose ears, good topline, tail set a little high and no hook at tip. Good bone and feet and balanced angulations. Movement was ok when settled.

2. Willicombe & Mackenzies’s, Milagre Revolution, litter brother to 1, and very similar comments apply, this boy is even more raw at the moment. His head is medium strength, once again the tail set is high and he is a little proud of it on the move. Forechest needs to develop and he needs to settle and get balanced on the move.

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1. Tychowski’s, Cossus D’Domus Stella, 21 months old, he has a balanced head, correct rose ears, nice eye and expression, good reach of neck and topline is ok. He appears a little too deep in chest. Good bone and feet, he could have been a little more fluent on the move. Well handled and presented. Best Male.

Open Dog (4)

1. Hall’s, Estjak Riddouro at Kayarrach, there is a lot to like about this 4 year old. I felt he was a very good size, he had the most typical head with excellent ears. He has good bone and feet, good body proportions and good topline. Angulations are good front and rear and he was steady on the move, however, I would have liked to have seen him a little stronger in temperament for his age and I would have preferred less white markings on his chest and feet. Reserve Best Male.

2. Godderidge’s, Essanelle D’Artagnan, 5 years old, pleasing male, he has a masculine head with a good mask, nice eye, prefer better ears. Good neck and topline, but rather deep in chest proportions. Balanced in his side gait, I would like him better moving away.

3. Goddridge’s, Essanelle The Red Muskateer, 5 years old strong headed male. Nice eye and expression, good neck and topline was ok, but he was deep in chest proportions. Tail set was correct but no hook at tip. He has good bone and feet, would like to have seen him better on the move.

Veteran Bitch (3)

1. Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s, Nl Ch Raina Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt, 7 years old and lovely size. Beautifully presented and handled. Pleasing head with a lovely eye and expression, good neck, topline was ok. Good bone and feet and excellent angulation, in super condition for her age, moved freely. Best Veteran in Breed.

2. Roberts’, Asterel Belle Starr at Garregddu, 8 ½ years old in lovely condition, dark brindle with a pleasing head and a nice eye. Good strong neck, topline was ok. Good bone and feet, good tailset and correct hook, a little deep in chest and today she was a little sluggish on the move

3. Boeren’s, Int Ch Alca Da Quinta Da Liria, almost 9 years old, this girl has an attractive feminine head with a nice eye and expression. Good string neck and topline, good bone and feet. A little deep in chest proportions and unfortunately not sound in her front action today.

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1. Sawyer’s, Tarsneyisle Maude, 19 months old, very pleasing type, good length of head, eye is ok, excellent rose ears, good strong neck and excellent topline. Good body and chest proportions, balanced angulation, moved really well in all directions. Pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Tychowski’s, Thailla, 6 years old, pleasing head, excellent ears, good neck, prefer better topline. Good bone and feet, good angulation in the rear, a little straighter in front, could have been a little more fluent on the move.

Open Bitch (7,1)

1. Haslett’s, Ir Ch J’ursa Da Acinomagricultura, almost 4 years old and a beautiful female. She has excellent body shape with a typical outline and good body proportions. Balanced head of good strength, yet feminine. Lovely eye and expression, excellent rose ears. Good strong neck and a lovely topline, good bone and feet, balanced angulations front and rear, moved soundly with a balanced side gait and to top it all off she has a wonderful steady temperament. Pleased to award her Best Bitch & Best of Breed.

2. Boeren’s, Lux Ch Braga San Saludis, 2 years old with a strong head, eye is ok, good strong neck, topline is ok, excellent chest proportions, good bone and feet, but she could stand better in the front. She has excellent temperament and she moved well.

3. Roberts’, Garregddu Agua, 4 year old substantial female, beautifully presented and handled. She has a lovely eye and expression, ears are ok, good neck and an excellent topline. Excellent bone and feet, a little too deep in chest which spoiled proportions, she moved out really well.

Good Citizen Bitch (1)

1. Bermingham & Kendrick’s, Bamcwt First Edition, 6 years old pleasing type, nicely handled. Would prefer a little more mask, eye ok, excellent rose ears, good neck, topline a shade soft today. Good body proportions, good bone and feet, turns out right foot coming towards, balanced in side gait.

Judge ; Paul Lawless