• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Lawless Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/09/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

Richmond 2023

Chinese Cresteds

Thank you to the Chinese Crested Exhibitors for a lovely entry and a very nice atmosphere at ringside. I was very pleased with my winners, felt the quality was a lot better overall in the Males today and the temperaments were excellent.

Veteran Dog (1)

1. Bartlett’s, Michadaine Crazy For You, 9 years old powder puff, top size, in excellent condition for his age. Strong head but good proportions, good ear set, nice eye. Excellent reach of neck, good topline and he carries an excellent veil of long hair. Movement could have been a shade more positive in the rear. Best Veteran.

Puppy Dog (4,1)

1. Larina-Sekreta’s, Nocturne Gambitas by Lavieest, 11 months old, very pleasing type and very well presented. Lovely balanced head with a nice dark almond eye. Excellent ear size and carriage, good neck and body shape. Handler just needs to be careful with how he stands in front at time. Excellent tailset and carriage, moved well in all directions. Best Puppy in Breed and pleased to award him the Reserve Dog CC today.

2.Bridgwater’s, Scherzando Rock N’Roll, 7 months old, very nicely headed boy with a nice eye. Good reach of neck and lovely topline. Just needs to stand better in front and today he could have moved better coming and going.

3. Panayiotis’, Ynchreenoo Masquerade.

Junior Dog (3)

1. Crow’s, Kojiki’s The Look of Love at Casacavallo, 13 months old, very striking youngster of wonderful type. He is a lovely size and shape, nicely chiselled head with a dark almond eye. Good reach of neck and an excellent crest. Topine is ok, excellent skin, excellent croup. He has balanced angulations and was super on the move. Pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2. Minton’s, Calabrinda Apollo, 12 months old, nice youngster with a pleasing head and a good reach of neck. Excellent topline, good bone and correct hare feet. Could stand a little better in front and be more balanced in side gait on the move.

3. Peppett’s, Way To Go Heybett.

Yearling Dog (1)

1. Dunlop’s, Habiba Dress You Up, 16 months old powder puff, a pleasing type and he is a nice size. Nicely balanced head and his topline is ok. Coat appeared a little heavy, I would have liked him a shade more confident today which would have also helped him on the move.

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1. Parker’s, Doonbeg Carbon Copy at Khatira, 2 years old, very eye catching dog of excellent type, size and shape. Beautifully presented, but a little reserved today in his temperament. Balanced head with a nice dark eye, excellent reach of neck, super topline and croup. Well angulated behind, a little straighter in front. Could stand a little better in front at times, he has a beautifully balanced sidegait on the move.

2. Sanders’, Zerachiel Soul Survivor at Keskaridawn, almost 3 years old powder puff. I would prefer a lightly better muzzle line, he has a nice eye and a good topline. Good reach of neck, good bone and correct feet, though he can stand better in front. He excels on the move with a lovely side gait.

3. Eames’, Dollonoak Ezuoju Zhe.

Limit Dog (3,2)

1. Van Zyl’s, Shumilea Hot Spot of Brighthound, 3 years old of pleasing type, he is excellent size, has a balanced head with a nice dark eye. He has a super temperament, excellent topline, good bone and correct hare feet, balanced angulations and nice on the move.

Open Dog (4)

1. Crow’s, Kojiki’s Love to Hate Me at Casacavallo, nicely made strong male of 13 months, head of good proportions, would prefer a slightly darker eye. Good bone and correct feet, and balanced angulation front and rear. Topline is ok, excellent tailset, good on the move coming and going and has a very nicely balanced side gait.

2. Parker’s, Ynchreenoo Black Magic at Khatira, 3 years old powder puff with a super temperament. He has a balanced head, excellent eye shape, excellent ear size and set, has enough neck, topline is ok and he moved well, really nicely handled.

3. Piper’s, Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero.

Special Beginners Dog (1)

1. Sanders’, Zerachiel Soul Survivor at Keskaridawn. Best Special Beginner.

Veteran Bitch (3)

1. Bridgwater’s, Swedish Sweety of Roxys Pride, almost 12 years old in super condition. Ultra feminine with a pleasing head, nice eye and expression. Excellent ear set, good neck and lovely topline, really excels on the move.

2. Bartlett’s, Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadaine, 7 years old powder puff, in lovely condition. Attractive feminine head, could have a shade more neck. Topline is ok, balanced angulation. Lovely veil coat, could make a little more of herself on the move.

3. Hampson’s, Zerachiel Keeping it Real.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Hampson’s, Zerachiel Defy Gravity, 6 months old, very nice type, balanced head with a lovely dark eye, ears nicely carried. Good angulations front and rear, nice neck and topline, can stand a little better in front at times. Excellent temperament.

2. Sanders’, Keskaridawn’s Nogooddeed, 6 months old powder puff, attractive youngster with a medium dark eye. Good size and shape, pleasing topline, needs to be a little more open in temperament.

Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Eaton’s, Chestnutcres Sun Set River for Elmsatce, 1 year old, pleasing type with a feminine head, lovely dark eye, excellent reach of neck. Good bone and excellent hare feet, good topline and croup. Moved freely with excellent tail carriage.

2. Hampson’s, Zerachiel Defy Gravity.

Junior Bitch (1)

1. Eaton’s, Chestnutcres Sun Set River for Elmsatce.

Yearling Bitch (1)

1. Lane’s, Konishiki Aurora, 20 months old, pleasing type with a balanced head, nice dark almond eye, excellent ear carriage. Good flow from neck into a good topline and excellent croup. Angulations are balanced front and rear, she moved lovely in profile, could be a shade more positive coming and going. Felt she was worthy of the Reserve Bitch CC today.

Novice Bitch (2)

1. Panayiotis’, Ynchreenoo Kesmadyn Shee, 2 years old medium size girl of excellent type, could be a shade more confident and use her tail to more advantage. Nice dark eye, good reach of neck and excellent topline. Good bone and correct feet, handler just needs to watch how she stands in front at times. Excellent coming and going on the move.

2. Bridgwater’s, Scherzando Quality, 10 months old, she has a nice feminine head, good eye and ears are OK. Topline s a little soft at this time. Good bone and feet. She needs to settle on the move, a little erratic at this stage.

Post Graduate Bitch (1)

1. Minton’s, Hedwiga Modern Family at Calabrinda, 2 years old, nice size, clean head with a nice eye. Good reach of neck and excellent topline, good bone and excellent feet. She was a little loose in front coming towards today and a little lethargic in her side gait.

Limit Bitch (4)

1. Lane’s, Transylvania Sasima at Konishiki, 5 years old pleasing type with a balanced head and a nice eye and ears well carried. Good bone and correct feet, excellent topline, balanced angulation and moved out well today.

2. Bridgwater’s, Scherzando Quality.

3. Eaton’s, Chestnutcres Miss Fammie at Elmsatce.

Open Bitch (3)

1. Dunlop’s, Habiba Hold My Purse, 3 years old, lovely type and beautifully balanced throughout. She has an excellent temperament, lovely feminine head with an excellent eye and excellent ear size and carriage. Good flow from the neck into an excellent topline. Angulation is good front and rear, she has good bone and correct feet. Movement is excellent coming and going and beautifully balanced in her side gait. She has an excellent attitude and star quality. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC & BOB and delighted to hear she was placed second in the strong Toy Group.

2. Eaton’s, Chestnutcres Miss Fammie at Elmsatce, 2 years old powder puff, she has a feminine head, good reach of neck, would prefer a better topline. Good bone and feet, balanced angulations, could be a little more balanced in her side gait on the move.

3. Hampson’s, Zerachiel All Eyes On Me.

Judge; Paul Lawless