• Show Date: 10/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Lawless Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Hungarian Pumi (Imp)

Crufts 2023 Hungarian Pumi

Many thanks to the Crufts Committee for inviting me to judge this lovely breed and to the exhibitors for such a lovely strong entry.

Junior Dog (3)

1. Dolbear’s, Mykabel Where’s Wilf, a class of three litter brothers of 16 months old. This boy filled my eye, with his lovely square outline and excellent side gait on the move. His head is nicely balanced, with a lovely dark eye and good expression, ears of good size are set high. Nicely arched neck, good level topline, tail set high though carried a little flat. Good bone and feet, good depth of chest and excellent tuck up. He moves well, he just needs to tighten in the front, pleased to award him Reserve Best Male.

2. McRobbie-Dalchow & McRobbie-Millar’s, Mykabel Errar, this lad is medium size, pleasing outline, balanced head, nice eye, could use ears to more advantage. Good neck and topline, good bone and feet, needs to settle on the move and a little more attention to his coat.

3. Smee & Coleman’s, Mykabel Elkurud Schnaubern, white boy who is up to size and just needs to fill into his body. He has a lovely eye, ears need to settle, good neck and topline. Good bone and feet, slightly off square in body at this time, moved out really well.

Post Graduate Dog (5)

1. Edwards’, Pajkos Fine N’Dandy, 4 years old male of good size and shape, he has a pleasing head, nice eye, good ear size and placement. Nicely arched neck which he carried well on the move. Excellent topline and high tail set with good tail carriage. Very pleasing square outline, excellent on the move.

2. Kirkwood’s, Schnaubern Draco Star, 18 mths year old grey, pleasing head, a shade deep in stop, ears are well placed and well carried. Topline is good, good bone and feet, could be a little more balanced on the move.

3. Cooke, Randquist & Cooke’s, Schnaubern Cepehus Star, almost 2 years old, shapely but slightly off square, nice oval eye, could use ears to more advantage, nice topline, tail carried a little flat, nice brisk movement.

Open Dog (5,1)

1. Smee & Coleman’s, Int Ch & Ir Ch Balthazar Pumida Avec Schnaubern, 7 years old white boy of top size, nicely balanced head, nice eye and expression, ears well carried and used to full advantage. Nicely arched neck which he carried proudly, good topline and high tail set with excellent carriage, good bone and feet, angulations are balanced front and rear. He moved well coming and going and was nicely balanced in his side gait. Pleased to award him Best Male.

2. Pike & Carter’s, Breezelyn Ear Sumut Special, 4 years old with a very pleasing outline and nicely balanced head. He has a nice eye, ears are well placed, could be used to more advantage. Good topline with excellent tailset and carriage, moved really well.

3. Giles’, Cuidado Xtra Xplorer at Kanetia, 7 years old of medium size, very nice square outline. I found him a shade strong in skull, good eye and ears. Topline was ok, good tail placement and carriage, carrying a little bit too much condition today but still managed to move ok.

Good Citizen Dog (2,1)

1. Edward’s, Pajkos Fine N’Dandy (Repeat from Post Graduate Dog )

Junior Bitch (3,1)

1. Johns’, Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrou for Alepenkye, 16 months, very nice size and shape with a pleasing square outline. Balanced feminine head, excellent ear size, placement and carriage. Good topline and tail carriage, could be a little more fluent on the move, am sure this will come in time.

2. Smee’s, Mykabel Elektra Star, 16 months very pleasing type with a nice feminine head and lovely eye, used ears to full advantage. Good neck and topline, just needs to settle on the move as she is a little erratic in the rear at this time, excellent coat.

Post Graduate Bitch (7,3)

1. Dodds’, Schnaubern Delphinus Star, 18 months white girl, nice clean head with a medium dark eye, good ear size and shape and excellent carriage, would prefer slightly darker pigment on her nose. Good neck and topline, could use a little more work on her coat, she moved really well.

2. Carter’s, Pumiden Not on a School Night, 4 years old, very pleasing type just a little unsure of herself on the table today. Nicely balanced feminine head, nicely arched neck and good topline, excellent tail set and carriage. She could stand a little better in front, very good coat presentation, moved well.

3. Wood’s, Vermiliona Tickled Pink of Farmlands, 21 months pleasing type, she has nicely balanced head with a nice dark eye and good ears well carried. She could have a slightly better topline, good bone and feet, but could stand better in front, moved well.

Open Bitch (10,3)

1. Smee’s, Ceridwen Pumida Schnaubern, 3 years old, very pleasing type with a lovely square outline and excellent carriage. Attractive feminine head with a nice eye, excellent ear size and carriage. Good neck and excellent topline, excellent set on and carriage of tail. Coat well presented, moved well coming and going and was beautifully balanced in side gait. Pleased to award her Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

2. Elliott & Briggs’, Heathbank Fekete Gyemant, 3 ½ years old, very nice type, with a nice square outline. Ears are well placed and carried, nice eye. Good neck and topline was ok, good bone and feet. Balanced angulations front and rear, excellent coat and presentation, would prefer her a little more fluent in the rear movement, Reserve Best Bitch.

3. Johns’, Breezelyn Ears A Top Tip at Alepenkye, 3 years old, this lady has a balanced feminine head with a lovely eye, ears are ok. Excellent topline and set on and carriage of tail. Good bone and feet and moved freely.

Good Citizen Bitch (1)

1. Stuhldreer’s, Pumiden Miep Gies for Widowmaker, 19 months old white with a medium length head, nice eye and ears are well carried. Could have shade more neck, topline is ok, slightly sloping croup, good tail set and carriage, moved well.

Judge; Paul Lawless