• Show Date: 22/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/10/2023

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


Championship show-22nd October 2023

It is a great privilege to be invited to judge a breed club championship show and I looked forward to this appointment for quite some time. Thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and to the Officers and Committee for the warm welcome and the hospitality. Everything ran to time and things seemed very well organised. Thank you to my two stewards Spencer and Kaine who worked hard all day keeping things moving and they made life so much easier for myself and the exhibitors. They are a credit to the SBT community.

And what of the dogs? I guess an entry of this size gave me a pretty good current snapshot of the breed. I really enjoyed sorting them out and the KC building afforded plenty of space so we had a good sized ring in which to let the dogs move out. As a judge of this breed there are the usual “challenges” given the variation in presentation. However I learned a long time ago at one of your seminars that the dog underneath is just the same when two dogs with quite different presentation were brought back into the room wet and became indistinguishable. The judge’s task is to take everything into account. Overall I felt that rears could improve further as there are just too many that move a little close and lack a bit of drive. I am not advocating exaggeration as this is a moderate breed however there is still room for improvement. I also felt that fronts were a little less true than last time I judged with quite a few throwing front legs about in an uneconomical way. Some of the shoulders were quite forward. Heads are generally good, temperaments are delightful, tails vary and there is still the odd mouth problem. I was also concerned that quite a few are longer in foreface than the ideal. However at the top end of the entry the quality was high and I had some interesting decisions to make. The CC line ups were both pleasing and I was more than happy with my principal winners and quite a few besides. Given the numbers, the enthusiasm and the overall quality the future seems quite bright I would suggest.

Veteran dog-5 entries, 1 absent

1st Dowdy’s Ch Greentree Gold Mombo to Denzilly (Imp USA)

Lovely one to start the day and indeed he has had a CC from me when in his prime. Still competitive, lovely outline, on his toes, decent front and no mistaking his obvious quality. Best veteran in show.

2nd Lui’s Eblanahalls Aye Right

Not quite the outline of the winner but a good looking veteran. Pleasing in type, well put together and well presented.

3rd- Williams’Flaxela Living legend of Gwendonydd

Decent coat on this one, good headed boy, needs a bit more strength in rear.

Special Vintage Dog-3 entries

1st Thackray’s Abiqua Wild On An Acetrip

Won this class on movement as he was pretty sound up and back. Nice head, decent coat, tail a little untidy.

2nd Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson

Another of unmistakeable quality who has nothing to prove. Had top honours from me when in his prime. Was a bit stiff on the move today which was the decider. Beautiful tail set and carriage.

3rd Johnstone’s Ch Whitevale Motorway Madness at Rouxboos

Completed a good trio and as this is a breed that can look better with age the veteran classes are competitive. Another with a decent head, decent coat just failing a little in the rear.

Minor puppy dog-6 entries

Delightful class of babies some at their first show. Super temperaments and one cannot expect statues at this age.

1st Silk’s Silkcroft Man Of The Match

Eyecatcher and he caught my eye on the way in. Lovely outline and proportions, level on top, super temperament, was throwing his front about a bit but the assembly is correct so that will be better with maturity and less exuberance. Very promising indeed. Best puppy in show.

2nd Hanna’s Teaghlach Angel Kinaelan

This boy was in lovely hard condition for one so young, good outline, good tail, will no doubt need plenty of time but he is very correct in basic assembly and shows good promise.

3rd Amel-Azipour’s Croffty Softy Hay Jude

This one really did look a baby. Good proportions and lovely temperament. Acres of puppy coat. Nicely fronted.

Puppy dog-1 entry

1st Wooley and Mossblad’s Amivista’s Bunch Excuse me (Imp Nld)

This boy was in the previous class. Lots to like about him. Decent head for his age. Needs to settle and firm up.

Junior dog-2 entries

1st Farquarson’s Manawyddan Bizzy Lizzy

Nicely proportioned boy, a difficult age coat wise so it was very in between. Outline ok, a touch long in foreface.

2nd Harries’ Manawyddan Beautiful Noise

Not too easy to assess. Topline not his fortune. Will look better when he settles down a bit.

Special Yearling dog-1 entry

1st Manawyddan Beautiful Noise -was second in previous class

Graduate dog-1 entry

1st Rogers Kizzahla Naughty Boy

Ticked a number of boxes, quite a good outline, not a bad tail, moved reasonably well.

Limit dog-4 entries

1st Hookway & Mason’s Denzilly Gold Compass

Won the class as he had the best outline and overall proportions, very good profile movement, well presented.

2nd Balchin’s Bridestone’s Red Cinnabar

Looked a touch longer than the winner, ok type and moved reasonably well.

3rd Herbert’s Saffini Smooth Operator at Julibudd

Quite a glamorous sort, movement abit untidy.

Open dog-4 entries

1st Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Shake It Off

Very stylish boy, masculine, in super hard condition, ok in rear, could be a little tidier in front.

2nd Patterson’s Ch Snowmeadow Saul’s Symphony to Gavleash

Close up in this class and the more I looked at him the more I liked him, good mover, not quite the firm outline of the winner. Not surprised to see that he has his title.

3rd Grims & Watson’s Janeyjimjams Jem Devlin

Looked a touch immature, super outline, super tail set and carriage, coat looked like it was just coming in and will probably look better in fuller coat. Well made and completed a good trio.

Champion dog-5 entries

Super class to judge which I thoroughly enjoyed with quality all through.

1st Charleton’s Ch House of Softy Indus (Imp Swe)

Very balanced dog, moderate all through with nothing overdone. Nice headed boy and I really liked his head for its correct proportions with skull of correct width and in balance. Lovely outline which he held on the move and when standing, super tail carriage, mature coat of the correct texture and prepared to accentuate his good points. Won a strong class and I could not see past him for the CC and ultimately Res BIS. Lovely.

2nd Satherley’s Ch /Am/Can/Ch SilkcroftFreeze Frame

A more stylish sort and kept taking my eye as I looked up and down the line. Not quite as moderate as the winner and front not quite as tidy. Super proportions, lovely body condition, excellent temperament and looks at you daring you to overlook him. A well deserved Res CC in hot competition.

3rd Clarke’s Ch Flaxela Perfect Storm

Not disgraced in this company, possesses a lovely outline, super coat of the correct texture and colour and a good head. Was just a bit narrower moving behind.

Veteran bitch-6 entries

1st Atyeo’s Kanjuley Scarlet Rose

I liked this girl, put on a steady performance, is moderate, was the best mover in the class.

2nd Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Sky Full Of Stars

Looks the part standing and is a lovely type but not quite the movement of the winner.

3rd Hanna’s Ch/Multi Ch Celtannia Extra Confident at Kinaelan

Good type and pleasing to the eye. Just failing a little in rear.

Special vintage bitch -5 entries, 1 absent

1st Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls

Won the class on overall outline and proportions, in great condition, really projects herself well, good coat and well presented, feminine head. I really liked her. Best veteran bitch.

2nd Wrights Karisyike Tipp Top Too Ticky to Abbeymead

A touch longer cast than the winner and not quite the rear, feminine, decent body, steady mover.

3rd Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Colour of Magic

Her quality is plain to see, finding it a little hard going today. Looks beautiful standing.

Minor puppy bitch-5 entries, 1 absent

1st Dowdy’s Denzilly Waking The Witch

Super type, lovely proportions with a really good outline, super puppy coat, decent headed girl and quite steady in front. Very promising.

2nd Hammond & Evans’ Calvenace So What

Delightful temperament, a real baby so very raw, movement was good for her age. Shows promise.

3rd Ronan’s Denzilly Poppet Magic

Looks good standing with a decent outline, good to go over, not quite the confidence of the two ahead of her.

Puppy bitch-5 entries

1st Lui’s Eblanahalls Kiss Curl

Really liked this promising girl, very together, when standing she looks lovely, coat coming through well, moves ok in all directions with decent tail to complement her outline. Best puppy bitch and close up for best puppy as I really liked her quality.

2nd Williams’ Evesvale Summer Breeze

Outline was good, a bit untidy on the move and not as together as the winner, super friendly temperament.

3rd Taylor’s Raisingsands Girl In Amber

A little reticent today which spoiled her outline on the move, decent type,

Junior bitch-1 entry

1st Satherley & Billingham’s Silkcroft Fortune and Glory

Stood alone and could have taken on some competition. Lovely outline, perfect show temperament, looks good from all angles. A little proud of her tail but the set is bang on. Certainly one for the future.

Special Yearling bitch-2 entries

Two decent girls fought this one out.

1st Hughlock’s Keevasdream Ballerina Blue

Well handled, looked good on the move and held a good outline in profile. Coat is changing quite nicely, should do well.

2nd Munn’s Snowmeadow Treacle Toffee

Not holding herself quite as well as the winner in profile today, however I liked her movement up and back very much. Well ribbed and short coupled. One of the better heads of the day. With a little more maturity could well turn the tables.

Novice bitch-1 entry

Bodenham’s Keevasdream Blue Velvet

Delightful temperament, quite a good mover, is just a touch long in body, just out of junior and her coat is changing.

Graduate bitch-1 entry

1st Shrive’s Clanhanna Reet Petite

Decent head on this girl, she is a touch long and tail a bit low set, coat coming through well, good temperament.

Post graduate bitch-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Hammond & Evans’ Calvenace Ruby Tuesday

Good for type, nicely proportioned, good moving girl,

2nd Fallon’s Manawyddan Bizzy Lizzy

Looks the part standing, decent coat coming through just needs more of it. A touch uncooperative.

3rd Wassall’s Clanhanna A Kind Of Magic for Emalot

Nice temperament, not holding her outline on the move and was not so settled on the move.

Mid-limit bitch-5 entries

1st Tilley’s Brynhir Born To Boogie at Starzak

Won the class as she was the most balanced, showy sort, good headed girl, good body proportions, showing promise.

2nd Mason’s Emalot Livin On A Prayer

More mature than the winner but did not have her outline and not as pleasing on the move.

3rd Hammond & Evans’ Calvenace Super Trouper

A nice type, however was not really cooperating on the move which pegged her. Is probably quite nice when she cooperates.

Limit bitch -5 entries

1st Satherley’s Silkcroft Place Your Bets

Lovely outline, good show temperament, decent head, good mover front and back and holds herself well. Coat was a bit in between when it came to higher awards.

2nd Lui’s Eblanahall’s Gold Limerence

Close up here. I like her type and proportions, ok in head, just a bit untidy in front which was the decider.

3rd Macgregor’s Kirktonhill A Touch of Snow

Nice size, not the temperament of the two above so not carrying her tail too well. Will have better days.

Open bitch-10 entries, 3 absent

1st Paton’s Ch Denzilly Raspberry Beret

This one caught my eye when she came in and continued to do so throughout the class. Feminine all through but still has the substance, super outline with near perfect tail which was so pleasing, in super coat and condition and sensibly prepared. Good front. Her obvious quality took her right through to the Res CC. Lovely.

2nd Charleton’s House of Softy Indi Janeyjimjams (imp Swe)

I liked this one a bit better every time I looked at her, is finishing really well, mature coat, super proportions, steady.

3rd Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Wildest Dreams

Looks super standing with lovely proportions and a good outline. A bit narrow behind and a bit untidy in front which pegged her in this competition.

Champion bitch-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Never Miss A Beat

What an eyecatcher this girl is. She refuses to be overlooked as she possesses such a good outline from her nose to the tip of her tail. Great proportions, feminine but still has the strength and build. On examination I was not disappointed as everything fits together so well and she really does move well in all directions. Her sheer presence and soundness meant that she could not be denied the bitch CC and she then pulled out all the stops to take BIS. Quality all through.

2nd Munn’s Ch Snowmeadow Suzy Sixpence

This girl has so much to like about her. Lovely size, well put together, short coupled and she too moves so well. Easy to see why she has her title.

Brace-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Satherley’s -two exhibit of near identical type, one clearly a male and one a female and so very typical of their breeding which did well under me today.

2nd Charleton’s -well matched and again one was clearly a male and one a female. Both in good coat and in unison. Super.

3rd Williams-completed a nice trio of braces. Pleased to see how well behaved the braces were. In so many terrier breeds it can be chaos!!

Progeny-3 entries, 2 absent

1st Ch House of Softy Indus -my dog CC with a super line up of his progeny, many of whom had done quite well under me. He is clearly proving to be a good stud dog as well as a lovely show boy so is worth his weight in gold.

Paul Eardley