• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/11/2023

Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association

Breed: Breed Club Ch Show


Breed Championship Show-5th November 2023

It is always a pleasure to be with the Norfolks and I was honoured to be invited to judge this breed Club’s Ch show. Thank you for a lovely entry and for a warm welcome. Thank you also to the Officers and Committee who worked so hard to put on this super show. The hospitality was excellent as well.

Thank you also to my hardworking stewards who made everything so seamless.

Overall I felt that the breed is in quite good shape. There were enough good ones to make for interesting competition and I was delighted with all my principal winners who were all top quality. Quite a few puppies here with some making their debut. In fact 5 of the unbeaten bitches in the bitch CC challenge were puppies so awarding best puppy bitch was like judging another class. Generally heads were good, some fronts and rears could be better, mouths were a bit mixed although overall the teeth are a now generally of good size. Coat and presentation is good as are temperaments. I kept them moving quite a bit as they tend to look their best then.

Special Beginners Dog-4 entries, 2 absent

1st Harrison’s Jacquidon Rich Tea

Deserved his first place here. Smart boy with a good rear, straight front although a fraction wide, nice proportions as he was compact but with enough scope to enable reach and drive. Well handled and looked the part. Best special beginner.

2nd Powell’s Watercroft Brown Boots

Lots to like about this one. Good temperament, nicely headed, decent jacket, a fraction longer than the winner and not quite as good on the move.

Minor puppy dog-1 entry

1st Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Infamous Colin

Interesting name-a real baby who was a bit overawed. A pity he stood alone as some company may have given him a bit more confidence. I did see flashes of good movement both ways and in profile. Head correct for age and will obviously develop as he matures. Needs plenty of time.

Puppy dog-2 entries

1st Gee’s Watercroft Moon Dust

Gorgeous black and tan and just right for his age. I loved his type and overall look, super outline with good proportions. Strong in rear, ok in front, super showy temperament, good bite. One for the upper house I would think. A well deserved BPIS. I shall follow him with interest.

2nd Davis’s Watercroft Cosmic Dust

Litter brother to the winner and he too is a lovely type, good substance, decent coat and good in rear. Unfortunately decided to put a stop in making things a bit easier for his brother.

Junior dog-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Phillips’ Blakens In The Mix

The best type in this class, looked lovely on the table, super head, decent neck and topline which gave him a good outline. A little untidy up and back but looked good in profile movement.

2nd Thompson and Pope’s Belleville In a Word

Rangier than the winner and the ears were a little untidy. Super temperament, good body coat with some undercoat, is still young so may look better with a little more maturity.

Yearling dog-1 entry

1st Gee’s Watercroft Tiger Feet

Decent sort, typy, nice proportions, lovely coat, head still developing but has good expression, front ok, would like a little more drive in the rear.

Novice dog-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Belleville In A Word

This boy was 2nd in the junior class.

Post graduate dog-4 entries, all absent

Limit dog-3 entries

1st Darnell’s Jacquidon Hot off The Press

2 years old so quite mature, the best type in the class with a super head, decent body proportions, good ribs, moved well behind. Pinned a bit in front. Good quality.

2nd Jacquidon Rich Tea

This typy boy won the Special Beginners class.

3rd Davis’ Watercroft Earl Grey

Open dog-5 entries

This was a lovely class to judge with plenty of quality. Good for the breed to have this sort of competition.

1st Jenkins’ Kinsridge Cash Point

This one caught my eye immediately as he really is a lovely type, cracking head, lovely bite with big teeth and correct head proportions. He is compact and balanced and has both reach and drive. Good in rear and looks super in profile. Well presented. Kept catching my eye to take the CC and ultimately BIS. A lovely boy.

2nd Tate’s Int Ch Jaeva Rock The Boat

This boy is remarkably 5 years old. Looks and shows like a youngster. A real stallion of a dog, plenty of bone and substance but not heavy or cloddy. Super coat and presentation, handled well on the table, lovely fronted boy, would prefer a slightly stronger rear but that is nit picking as he scores so well in most departments. A well deserved Res CC and that stallion look carried him through to Res BIS.

3rd Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Plum Sauce

Champion dog-1 entry

1st Gee’s Ch Watercroft Boozy Miller

This boy is of obvious quality, super type, in great coat and condition, lovely mature head with good expression, strong rear. Not at his most cooperative today which pegged him. Easy to see why he has done so well.

Veteran dog-0 entries

Special Beginner’s Bitch-1 entry, 1 absent

Minor puppy bitch-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Dragon & Tate’s Noragad’s Royal Flush with Jaeva

Very pretty black and tan baby, scored heavily in body and substance for her age. Super outline and topline. Obviously her head needs to develop and she needs to settle in movement. Ultimately her substance and lovely outline earned her best puppy bitch. I see that she is by the res BIS which explains why her bone and body are good.

2nd Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Saucy Number

This one was a real baby. Super proportions and sound up and back. Tons of baby coat but underneath she is developing well.

3rd Mullan’s Watercroft Maybelline

Puppy bitch-2 entries

1st Gee’s Watercroft Nora Batty

Another real baby, nice type, super proportions, steady up and back. Pushed hard for best puppy bitch but the minor puppy was slightly firmer in topline on the day.

2nd Jenkins & Simpson’s Kinsridge Pin Money

11 months and more mature than most of the puppy bitches here today. Super head, nice outline and good in profile. Just needed to settle a little more to really show herself off. Promising.

Junior bitch-4 entries, 3 absent

1st Gee’s Watercroft Fairy Dust

9 month black and tan. Lovely type, good outline and topline, delightful temperament. Just needs a bit more ringcraft to stop her bouncing around.

Yearling bitch-1 entry

1st Jenkins’ Kinsridge Brownie Point

Very nice sort, cobby, decent head, lovely neck, good outline and drives from the rear. In good coat and good condition. Very typy and is very competitive.

Novice bitch-4 entries, 3 absent

1st Jenkins Kinsridge Pocket Money

10 months but still has some maturing to do. Pretty, good front, decent temperament, would just like her to thicken all through.

Post graduate bitch, 1 entry

Gee’s Watercroft Crafty Monkey

Yet another puppy-this one is ok for bone, pretty head, good outline with decent topline, coat in good order. Moved ok both ways. Shows promise.

Limit bitch-5 entries, 2 absent

1st Stevenson’s Brickin Country Charm

Liked this bitch for type, lovely head, body proportions good, moved ok in front, could drive a little more from the rear.

2nd Atkinson’s Moortop Bobby’s Girl

Not quite the outline or the head of the winner. Scored well in temperament, good coat, the best tail of the day.

3rd Macartney’s Ivrig Dancing In The Sun

Open bitch-3 entries

1st Thompson--Morgan’s Belleville Hope Star

This girl was bang on today, caught my eye as soon as she came in, lovely sort, super outline, looked really good on the table and on closer examination she had good neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders and a super front assembly. Her front movement did not disappoint on the floor and neither did her profile movement as she had plenty of reach and drive. Nicely headed too. She had a touch more maturity than the Res CC winner which carried the day. CC-her third and a well deserved title.

2nd Phillips’ Blakens catch The Stars

Pretty girl, looked good on the table but was a bit windy on the floor. Super dentition. Would prefer a little more substance. Good in rear.

3rd Ivrig Dancing In The Sun

Champion bitch-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Gee’s Ch Watercroft Back In A Jiffy

14 month old and already has her title-easy to see why as there is so much to like about her, super outline and proportions, feminine, good coat and condition, pretty head, shows well. With a little more maturity will look even better. A well deserved Res CC.

2nd Tate’s Ch Jaeva Puzzle Piece

Eyecatching , super temperament which means that she shows so well. Scored in substance, good mover. Was just a bit tall for me.

Veteran bitch-2 entries

1st Macartney’s Nordalset Little Bit Of Sun for Ivrig

This girl did not look 11.5 years old. In good body condition, super jacket and delightful temperament. Held herself well when going around which earned her the class and ultimately best veteran in show.

2nd Philip’s Nordalset Chase The Storm

This girl looked lovely on the table, feminine, another with a super jacket, just lost her outline when moving round. Good type.

Paul Eardley-Judge