• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Irish Terrier Association

Breed: Irish Terrier


Thank you to the Irish Terrier Association for the invitation to judge their championship show and thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry. This was my first CC appointment for this breed and I (literally) received a very warm welcome as it was an extremely hot day. I tried to give the dogs as much shade as I could and they all coped well in the heat.

Thank you to my hardworking stewards who kept the ring well organised and kept things moving along very efficiently.

Overall I felt that the quality was pretty good and there was enough competition to make it interesting. There was a bit of variation in size and some of the movement was a bit lacklustre. Temperaments were good as was presentation.

Minor puppy Dog-2 entries

1st-Anderson’s Kerrykeel Damhnaic-flashy youngster, lovely headed puppy with great attitude. Super neck and forehand, good outline, lovely tail, tidy in front, needs to strengthen a bit behind. Coat coming along nicely and well presented. Promising.

2nd Simons Brucephela Quito Berry-good temperament on this boy. Not as together as the winner and could not match him in head and ears. Good body with correct ribcage. Will look better when he settles a little.

Puppy dog-1 entry

1st Averis & Barker’s Holbam Ace of Saredon (AI) -a striking dog who presents a super outline, mature for his age, uses his neck and ears so well, lovely head and eye with ears in the right place so he “looks at you right”. Good body condition, decent muscle and has the substance without being cloddy. Is still young so will settle further in movement and front. Had the best rear of any dog here today. All finished off with good presentation and calm handling. I was pleased to award him the CC and BIS. He was still 5 days into puppy so also finished best puppy in show.

Junior dog-3 entries, 1 absent. Two nice youngsters in this class.

1st Howarth’s Niddrua Lightning Bolt-caught my eye on the way in to the ring. I liked his head and expression, overall proportions good, a little untidy in front, moved ok in rear and presented a good outline.

2nd Chilvers’ Apispolb Bumble -slightly thicker in the skull than the winner, a good outline when he settled, he too needs to settle in front, good rear, good body and in good condition.

Post graduate dog-3 entries, 1 absent

1st Bradley’s This Way To Montelle -masculine boy, very typy, good outline and one of the few here today with the slight arch to the loin. One of the day’s better movers. Is a bit of a handful but that is his reckless pluck.

2nd Lee’s Ivyblue Montgomery -good condition, good double coat, ears a bit erratic, delightful temperament.

Limit dog-5 entries

1st Brown’s Sujoncla Pawnee River-won the class on overall type and outline as he is a typy boy with a good outline both standing and moving, good profile movement, a bit untidy up and back,

2nd Simons’ Saredon Red Berry-this one was the better mover but not quite such a good outline as the winner and his ears were a bit untidy.

3rd Lovelace’s Dearg Morris at Brazan-

Open dog-4 entries

1st Cooke’s Montelle Follow A Star to Montelle-very much my type, super expression, masculine all through, lovely body condition, decent muscle, correct coat with some undercoat, good rear, looks good in profile both standing and moving. Res CC

2nd Atwell’s Kerrykeel Conchobhar at Xanwil-very much on his toes, showy, lovely coat, decent tail, good rear, a bit untidy in front which pegged him. Quite a strong headed boy.

3rd Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Wizzard

Dog not bred by owner-2 entries

1st Saredon Red Berry

2nd McConnell’s Tootrock Arcturus -this boy placed 4th in limit. Presents a good outline and good temperament. A bit too much of him for me.

Dog bred by owner-1 entry

1st Niddrua Lightning Bolt -

Veteran dog-1 entry

1st Rundle and Williams’ Ch Sidewater Sea Fury -this 9 year old boy stood alone but would have coped with some competition. In great nick for 9, good mover, decent outline and in good body condition. Certainly a worthy champion.

Minor puppy bitch-1 entry

1st Anderson’s Kerrykeel Caragh -pretty puppy, still quite raw and was a bit unsettled. Lovely size for her age, will look much better when she settles to the job.

Puppy bitch-2 entries

1st Atkin’s Holbam Celtic Rose-lovely type and I see that she is litter sister to the BIS. Much the same mould. Decent head, good outline, moved quite well. She is a real prospect I would think. Best puppy bitch.

2nd Lovelace’s Dotsfirth Pearls A Singer-this one was a bit overawed which was a pity as I saw flashes of a promising young girl. Was lovely to go over on the table, possesses a good head, she is feminine but with enough substance. Hopefully she will learn to cooperate a little more on the move and then should be competitive.

Junior bitch-4 entries, 1 absent

1st Averis & Barker’s Saredon Flamboyance -very typy and what a showgirl. Whenever I looked at her she was holding herself correctly presenting a super outline and looking so typical. Excellent head and expression, good neck and shoulders and moved well in all directions. Should make up I would think. Res CC

2nd Redman’s Holbam Freya-another with a good head and expression, good body proportions and stood up well to examination. Nothing much that you would want to change, just not the showmanship and presence of the winner. Promising.

3rs Fitter’s Ghyllslap Limerick

Novice bitch-1 entry

1st Bradshaw’s Holbam Midsummer Sprite-another litter sister to the BIS male and scores heavily for type and overall look. Lovely head, feminine but still has some substance, moved ok but was a touch sluggish. Should have a bright future.

Post graduate bitch-7 entries, 1 absent-interesting class and a close contest between 1st and 2nd.

1st Redman’s Holbam Celtic Minx-put on a steady performance to win this class, decent head, lovely outline, good size, ok on the move. I liked her expression and the way she looked at me.

2nd McConnell’s Holbam Shamrock Connie -close up, not quite as settled as the winner but a good moving girl, liked her outline and she had a good coat.

3rd Price’s Magairlin Adhmor Moonlight

Limit bitch-3 entries

1st Karau’s Baliroyat Molly’s A Diva-good showgirl which is always a decent cherry on the cake, good head with keen expression, ok in outline, nice tail and generally put on a good performance. Adequate mover.

2nd McConnell’s Freegarron Star-typy, good proportions, decent double coat, sluggish on the move and tail carriage a bit erratic.

3rd McIver’s Pinleygreen Golden Rocket

Open bitch-5 entries, 1 absent

1st Bentley’s Norakim Tango of Newguild-one of the stars of the day, caught my eye when she first came in to the ring and the more I looked at her the more I liked her. Very typical, feminine but with enough substance, was lovely to go over, super head and ears, very steady, correct ribbing, lovely body and proportions, decent tail, ok up and back, could perhaps be a little stronger in the rear. Her maturity won her the CC and I was delighted to learn that it was her 3rd. Her coat is just coming back in so she should look even better as the summer progresses. A very worthy champion in my opinion.

2nd Wortley’s Jarabica Grace O’Malley-very typy girl, up on her toes and stares you right in the eye, lots to like about her, not quite the clean outline of the winner but is clearly top drawer.

3rd Gomer’s Ch Kerrykeel Cara

Bitch not bred by owner-2 entries

1st Freegarron Star

2nd Pinleygreen Golden Rocket -3rd in limit bitch, a typical girl who was in good coat and condition, decent enough head.

Bitch bred by owner-2 entries

1st Jarabica Grace O’Malley

2nd Lees Ivyblue Crinkles-this one was a new dog and was competitive, showy when she entered the ring with a good outline and a firm topline, decent enough head and ok on the move. Close up.

Veteran bitch-4 entries, 1 absent-lovely to see these three veteran girls.

1st Atkin’s Ch Holbam Celtic Summer-lovely type which she has passed on to her offspring, lovely outline, super head, looks good from all angles, firm topline, correct ribbing, good jacket and put on a good performance. Best veteran in show.

2nd Lee’s Sujoncla Goyathlay-I liked this one as she was feminine but still had the substance, not quite as true on the move as the winner but pretty good for 10 years old.

3rd Price’s Ch Magairlin Adhmor Queen

Paul Eardley