• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: patsy hollings Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

CRUFTS 2023.

 Lagotto Romagnolo (Day 1)

As always a special show and a pleasure to judge here, thank you . I really enjoyed this breed and of course the final result on Sunday ,when the very professional top judge Stuart Mallard, awarded best in show to the best of breed .

237. Lagotto Romagnolo - Veteran Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST 1261 - Mizani Dorocco Raffaele (Mr A J Grantham). Decent head ,with balance. Pleasing in shape ,perhaps deepened in dog a touch with age. He has muscular handquarters with short strong hocks .Presented in decent coat with curl.

2ND 1303 - Yduns Blue's Kenzo (Imp Dnk) ( (Ms S J Westmoreland) Has good leg length to depth of body .Presents a firm outline at all times. Just not quite the strength in quarters of the winner ,but a smart enough dog ,who worked with handler .

3RD 1301 - Euonia Bluebell Boy Camminare (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Walker). Ebnjoying his day. Not just as positive in action.

239. Lagotto Romagnolo - Puppy Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 1311 - Moonreed Drake (Mr D, Mrs A & Miss J Worrall). Tidy young chap at 11 months of age. He has nice balance , decent head piece and clean neckline. Firm in outline going round .Positive coming but needs to strengthen in hock . He has muscle and good body . Handled well and presented in decent coat. BPD.

240. Lagotto Romagnolo - Junior Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0. A decent class of youngsters that bodes well for the breed.

1ST 1294 - Bedeslea Bishops Tipple (Mrs Gma Stenning).Depicts the breed in outline ,firm with good length of leg and not too deep or long in body. Has width to head, clean eye with good expression, stop to muzzle shorter and housing strong jaw. Muscular neck, through strength in body to slope of croup and good tail set and use. Not finished in coat but of good texture.

 2ND 1309 - Bedeslea Otterbright (Mrs C & Mr B S Woodmansterne). Cheeky ,but when he does put his feet down they place positively. He has many points of the breed; I was looking for and is soundly put together. A useful sort with a lovely personality.

3RD 1234 - Tartufo Loch Fisherbloom TAF (Miss Ģ Adams) .Just a baby, but has potential. Has a super woolly curled coat.

RES 1255 - Arcticbreeze Breakout (Mr N & Mrs T Foster)

241. Lagotto Romagnolo - Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST 1285 - Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Rublo (Mrs M Benelli). Stood out here and is eyecatching for balance. Appeals in head proportions, masculine and clean throughout. Stands on good legs and feet. Sort muscular body to slope of croup. Very typical standing and positive moving. Good character.

2ND 1299 - Rumolboys Crusader (Mrs E, Mr J & Miss M Turgoose).Strong ,sound and holds it all together on the move . He is masculine and clean in shape ,topped by coat that has curl and good texture . Well handled and turned out.

3RD 1243 - Nelbekio Ideal Igino (Mrs A Burman). Out of coat and at 17 montyhs he is not finished, but he is short with length to leg ,so presents a typical shape. Cheeky but all to grow into.

RES 1252 - Vasco (Imp Ita) (J Taylor)

VHC 1298 - Gaesten Top Tinker (Mr K J & Mrs S C Tollerfield)

242. Lagotto Romagnolo - Limit Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST 1254 - Truffalusa November Moon from Mizani (Mrs L Ferguson). Very pleasing in head with correct width at zygomatic arch, slight stop and width to muzzle. He has good leg length strong body ,not too deep. Honest with coat which has curl and good texture.

2ND 1278 - Foogel Roberto at Onyxro (Imp Fin) (Mr M W, Mrs M G, Miss C & Miss N Mangham).Smart dog with quality. He please in head balance flows through neck to withers ,short body ,a touch deeper in rib than winner . Holds his outline on the move.

3RD 1242 - Bransbubble St Francis (Mrs H L Wardle-Spenceley).

RES 1252 - Vasco (Imp Ita) (J Taylor)

VHC 1298 - Gaesten Top Tinker (Mr K J & Mrs S C Tollerfield)

243. Lagotto Romagnolo - Open Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST 1257 - Ch Monello Dell'antico Salice (Lady Ft Talleri).Headed a good class. His overall presentation and handling made for a typical shape and has positive footfall and length of stride with smooth action and carriage . Head is so typical ending at his big nose .He is masculine with substance ,clean in outline with quality bone . Worked at all times with clever handler to win and take BD.

 2ND 1277 - Lusimdragon Wolfgang (Mrs A. Brethez). Very smart with quality and type throughout. He has masculinity and substance and worked at all times to portray an eyecatching shape. Going round he has deportment to snatch his place and take the RES BD.

 3RD 1259 - Rozebottel's Porthos (Imp Nld) (Mr J, Miss L & Miss Gilder, Blunden & Van Gemert). Expertly handled and soundly constructed with efficient easy gait. Presented in first class condition and coat .lovely dog.

RES 1248 - Pl Ch Fabio Z Krainy Narwi (Mrs R. D Derkacz)

VHC 1253 - Dario Della Caveja (Mrs L Ferguson)

245. Lagotto Romagnolo - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1ST 1243 - Nelbekio Ideal Igino (Mrs A Burman).Repeat.

2ND 1298 - Gaesten Top Tinker (Mr K J & Mrs S C Tollerfield). 5 years and well presented in good coat . He has a lovely attitude and was handled well. He can roach a little ia times on the move.

246. Lagotto Romagnolo - Veteran Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1ST 1258 - Fullforge Free Horizons Con Mikette ShCM (Mr J & Miss L Gilder & Blunden). This 7 year old was presented in prime condition and handled with clm professionalism. She is feminine and has breed essentials in abundance. Lovely head ,neck and well bodied,short with good leg length. Firm in topline to slope of croup and good tail se which she used to display Lively action. .BV.

2ND 1268 - Int/nord//fi/se/dk/no/ee/lt/lv/balt Ch Nambervan Titania (Ms K & Ms J Kallio). A lovely bitch, smart with super head .She retains femininity and balance of outline. Positive front construction and footfall. A touch longer in loin than winner and not quite the strength in hock, but has type and many positives.

3RD 1292 - Gaesten Lucky Luna (Mrs C Snowdon)10years and looking good for her age.

248. Lagotto Romagnolo - Puppy Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1ST 1300 - Camminare Tremia Cedrina (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Walker). 10 month in good condition .She has a good eye and kindly positive expression and overall pleasing head piece. Liked her proportions with good legs and feet. Correct bone, femininity throughout and worked with handler well. 2ND 1236 - Shinfield Flora (az2) (Mrs J M Bates).11 month. Feminine head with breed prerequisites . Coming up a touch light in condition at present and needs to strengthen in quarters and hocks. Has good leg length to depth ,firm topline to slope of croup .

249. Lagotto Romagnolo - Junior Bitch

Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

1ST 1270 - Solipse Bella Forza (Mrs O. Kamarauskiene). 9 month and caught my eye on first look round .She is an absolute pleasure to lay hands on. lovely head ,neck to withers , well placed shoulders ,correct rib to short muscular loin , .She has slope to croup with tail coming off smoothly. Muscled thigh ,short firm hocks. She impressed me a lot. BPIB

2ND 1283 - Arcticbreeze Truth or Dare (Mrs L Mort). Very smat 17 month .She is well made with good head, correct angulation of shoulder and return of upper arm. Short firm back, with width of loin. In fact she is honest and not a lot you would change .

3RD 1262 - Arcticbreeze New Sensation Campion Rojch (Mrs C Harrison). Not just as forward as the previous .pleasing size and has good attitude.

RES 1289 - Havana King of The Truffles to Byphar NAF (Imp Srb) (Mrs K Roberts)

VHC 1265 - Arcticbreeze Hopscotch to Floreydown (Miss W Heller)

250. Lagotto Romagnolo - Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 14 Absentees: 3

1ST 1249 - Mikette How Far I'll Go to Clamerkin (Mrs J Drake).2 years and worked to advantage with her quiet talented handler. Presented a typical picture in outline of the breed. She is typical in head proportions and therefore has an outlook that is confident and alert.Displys femininity throughout and is correctly made skeletally with good body and muscle. Presented in super coat with definition of curls.

  2ND 1281 - Arcticbreeze One and Only (Mrs L Mort). Smart feminine bitch with substance. Pleasing head, correct neckline to withers .Good depth and rib to short filled loin. She worked the ring with decent action. A tidy one with plenty to like.

3RD 1297 - Greenbankes Kara (Miss S Tindall). Honest with many typical features. Good leg to depth. Well turned out in good curl to coat.

RES 1290 - Lamese Lucia (Mrs Mj Shah)

VHC 1308 - Emmroche Dancer (Miss V Wilson)

251. Lagotto Romagnolo - Limit Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1ST 1256 - Prada Della Fino (Imp Usa) NAF (Ms C & Mrs V & Ms R & Mrs M Fry & Norbury & Morehouse & Wells Cross).Yearling bitch who stood away here. Gorgeous head and outlook. Sound, balanced depicting the breed points. She is feminine with substance and muscle. Her coat is of good texture and curl. She moves ,as she is made, with true action lively with carriage.

2ND 1275 - Mizani Sebio Iola (Mrs L Lillicrap). Pleased me for type and size. Head has width at cheeks, slight stop and filled muzzle, housing strong white teeth. Well placed ear, used to advantage. Clean neck to withers .Strong short back, to slope of croup and continuation of tail. Moved on well.

3RD 1239 - Hazelnut King of The Truffles (Dr K Bond). Firm with substance .Correct balance of head .Lovely expression. Shapely with firm back and good length of legs . Shown in immaculate condition and uses herself well on the move ,covering the ground with ease .

RES 1273 - Hunting Track Curly Wurly at Emmroche (Imp Serb) (Mrs Laroche)

VHC 1307 - Moonreed Warbler at Allsong (Mr S A & Mrs B L Whittick)

252. Lagotto Romagnolo - Open Bitch

Entries: 16 Absentees: 0. A really super class.

1ST 1312 - Am Gch Kan Trace Very Cheeky Chic (Mrs S & Mr A Zdunic Sinkovic & Lucin). Wow! On first look round one can tell this is special. Presentation is executed to perfection and underneath, hands tell you ‘this is no cover up’. I don’t need to write the reams I could, as its all there to see, standing and on the move. Dog and handler work as one. I haven’t judged this one before, but my goodness, I thank those who brought her here today ,for giving me that absolute delight . .BB, BOB GROUP 1 & BIS.

2ND 1267 - Kan Trace Xena The Warrior Princess (Mr T Kaczorek). I notice from the catalogue that this one is closely related to the winner and what a joy for the breeder to have produced such quality and type. Classic in my interpretation of the breed .Skeletally beautifully put together which is displayed on the move with her smooth ground cover and exacting footfall. She has substance, muscular definition and presented with a beautiful curled coat of good texture. Handled to advantage to complete the picture. RES BB.

3RD 1296 - Multi Ch Plautilla Nelli (Ms F Leporati). No disgrace in the placing of this quality bitch ,in this company. Turned out so very well and handled to present a very worthwhile picture of this lovely breed. She has feminine lines and super body and muscle. Fitted in well in this excellent class.

RES 1295 - Lu Ch/hr Ch/sl Ch Fede Galizia (Mrs J Ferrié)

VHC 1286 - Carmel Old Orchard Pl Jch/sk Jch (Mrs D. Nowak)

254. Lagotto Romagnolo - Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1ST 1289 - Havana King of The Truffles to Byphar NAF (Imp Srb) (Mrs K Roberts).Smart, typical. She went well in this class. Pretty bitch , turned out nicely. She has a good character and worked with her handler.

2ND 1297 - Greenbankes Kara (Miss S Tindall). Repeat.

3RD 1307 - Moonreed Warbler at Allsong (Mr S A & Mrs B L Whittick)

RES 1264 - Magpieblue Andromeda (Ms D J Harrison)

VHC 1292 - Gaesten Lucky Luna (Mrs C Snowdon)