• Show Date: 01/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Patricia Rush Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Brittany

Many Thanks to the Society for inviting me as well as to the Exhibitors who supported me whilst the Show was clashing with the Brittany Nationale in Northern France. It was appreciated as it meant a tight schedule for them. My top winners were very typical, but I am disappointed to say that overall quality, especially in heads, was lacking. I was looking for moderate heads with gentle stops and high ear set plus that cheeky expression which is typical of the Breed. I did not find it overall. Movement was a bit erratic.  

Special Beginners (1)

Dyke's Rochus Silver Sage: B/W male with good bone, round rib cage, strong topline and croup. Deep chest and broad thighs, However I found his skull to be quite broad, his stop too pronounced and muzzle shorter than desired. Could be more settled on the move.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2)

A good class.

 1) A &M Naylor's Lily de Passemarais: for an 8 year old , this Orange bitch was in excellent condition with a good coat and little signs of greying in the face. Excellent topline, deep chest, strong loin and well muscled thighs, good feet, correct angulations, very feminine head with well set ears, correct muzzle with tight lips, and gentle stop. She had a kind and soft expression and moved correctly for her handler. RBCC,

2) A&S Coveney's Tillybirloch Mistique: Another quality bitch I liked a lot, with good rounded ribcage, strong loin, and good bone, correct angulations and strong croup. Medium length neck, feminine head with small ears, I just preferred the stop of 1, she also looked a little worried, moved well.

Puppy Dog: (1)

Haigh's Rochus Take by Storm: Smart B/W dog puppy, very short in loin with correct topline, good ribcage, correct angulations and deep chest for one so young, a true little COB. His head is of correct skull to muzzle ratio, dark pigment, Good earset. Needs to settle on the move.

Post Graduate dog (2)

1)Dyke's Silver Sage

2 ) Wilson& Hayes Sanbosier Nevis: Orange Male with good bone and topline, good feet, would have preferred a stronger loin. broad skull and for me he has too much stop and space in between the eyes, unsettled on the move, but both dogs were in either case.,

Limit dog:(2)

1) Finch's Jassendue Manet Medley Am Cetgueli. Orange male moderate in every way from his typy head with ears well set, nice tight lips and chiselled head, kind eye, medium neck leading to well set shoulders, good barrel and strong loin, medium bone, slightly over angulated in rear but moved correctly for his handler. On the day he did not look very happy and did not use his ears. RDCC.

2) Wilson & Hayes's Tillybirloch Otto. Another nice male with good pigment and excellent ear set, tight lips on muzzle, kind expression, a little more stop than No 1. Good topline with slight slope to croup, excellent bone, and good ribcage, slightly longer than 1. Moved well.

 Open Dog ( 2)

1) Mooney's Sh CH Challowmoon Noah. Quality Orange male I have always admired, though he was rather overweight on the day! However, this dog has the most exquisite chiselled head, moderate with correct skull- muzzle ratio and tight lips. Gentle stop with small and well set ears, and the correct quizzical expression with dark eyes, .Moderate bone, strong topline with a slight slope to croup. Deepest of chests , tight feet, strong short loin and good barrel. A real Cob. He was an easy winner for me, CC and BOB.

2) Coveney A&S 's Tillybirloch Roman. Tricolour male with the best of bodies, he has good bone, a good barrelled chest and strongest of loin with well developed and broad thighs, good feet. Very Cobby. However for me, I would have preferred a longer muzzle with a little less stop and less rounded head shape. nice tight lips and nice dark eye. Moved well

Puppy Bitch (1)

1) Coveney A&S 's Tillybirloch Tori. Orange baby with a good frame already for a baby, she has nice length of leg and good bone, tight feet, good topline with slight slope of croup. chest well descended, attractive feminine head of correct proportions, dark eye and kind expression, just need to grow into her ears. Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch(1)

1) Stevens's L&M That's All Folks do Coracao Leal at Sanbosier. Attractive clear Tricolour young bitch with good height to length proportions, Good straight topline, good bone and feet, forechest will need to develop but she is young as yet. Good strong loin. Shoulder angulation a little straight. This young bitch has the most attractive of head with dark eye, correct gentle stop, high set ears and correct TAN markings . Moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch: (2-1 Absent)

1) Holt's Rochus Starbust. Smaller model of bitch with adequate bone, kind expression and dark eyes. However her muzzle is again a little short, and her stop a little too pronounced. Good ear set. nice depth of chest, Moved OK.

Limit Bitch(3)

1) Stevens L&M Sanbosier's Renes Dream. Orange and white bitch who made her presence felt in the ring right away. One of the few to demonstrate the cheeky and naughty expression of the Brittany using her ears to advantage. Round in every way, cobby, deep chest, strong loin and broad croup, nice bone, a little out of coat though. Attractive head, good muzzle with tight lips, eyes a little oblique for me, but she is so typy in every way , another COB, I was pleased to award her her second CC. BCC.

2) Slack's Bonapartist Snow Goose. Another very nice bitch, with a strong topline, excellent bone and feet, chest well descended, correct broad croup, a little longer in back than 1, Feminine head with good skull to muzzle ratio, soft expression, impeccably handled, moved well, could have done with being leaner on the day...

Patricia Rush ( Judge)