• Show Date: 11/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pat Molony Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Crufts 2023 West Highland White Terriers

I would like to thank all those who entered under me and also my excellent stewards on the day. My general observations were; coats were good and I wasn’t aware of any product in them. Heads were okay, they had breadth but I would have liked more strength in some. A few were weak in foreface and mouths still need to be watched. Many had the correct scissor bite but very small teeth; some had barely a scissor bite and small teeth. Those with bigger teeth were in the minority. However I did not find any misplaced lower incisors. Generally they were in good condition but a few lacked muscle. Temperaments were good with only a couple not keen on me going over them.

VD 2,2a

MPD (3,1a) 1. Van Der Veen’s The Dashing Devils Jawbreaker, Strongly built young dog, pleasing head good mouth, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, short coupled well developed hindquarters moved and showed well. BPD and Best Puppy

2. Owens’ Frisbeck Horn Pipe, another promising puppy, good mouth, head not as strong as 1 at this point but has time to develop. Shoulders and hindquarters ok just not quite the angulation of 1. Excellent coat or the correct texture

PD(1)1.Stankiene & Stankus’ Vivolunar Brando Loco Cobby young dog, good head, mouth just okay, great coat, shoulder ok, good backend moved ok

JD(1)1.Vysniauskiene’sHarvey Baltoji AuroraTAF NAF, smaller type of dog, Excellent coat and head, mouth okay, wasn’t cooperating with his handler as his nose was on the floor most of the time he was moving, saw just enough of his movement. I would like him to grow on a bit

YD(7) 1. Zaccariello’s It Ch Zackshine David Bowie. Very promising young dog, good head and bite, correct reach of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, short coupled, well angulated hindquarters which drove him round the ring, correct coat, shows really well one for the future.

2. Thomson’s Ashgate Kelvin. well-proportioned dog shown in great condition, good bone, correct coat, good angulation just a bit heavier in shoulder than 1, shows and moves well

3. Steemson’s Bocans Hot Of The Press

PGD (9,2a) 1. Fryers Hopecharm Northern Star well-made young dog, good head correct mouth, excellent coat, pure white and harsh, good angulation, moves and shows well just needs to mature

2. Eason’s Andjoliam Star Is Born, good head, good angulation front and back, heavier in shoulder than 1 excellent coat moved and showed well.

3. Szulzycka’s Querubin New Griffindor

LD (5,2a) 1Foster’s Master Of The House, Very pleasing outline, good head and mouth with good sized teeth, good front assembly and hind angulation, moves true coming and going

2. Koslova’s Zackshine Nacho Vidal for White Gallardo, good head correct bite, well angulated front and hindquarters, harsh coat, strides out well, heavier in front than 1

3. Monachou’s Unique ‘n’ Untamed Dolce Con Spirito

OD (15,5a) 1Zaccariello’sCh/ItCh Violent Warrior Vertragus. I have admired this dog since I first saw him at Crufts a few years ago and was not disappointed when I got my hands on him. He is so masculine, lovely head and mouth, correct reach of neck into level topline, strong well developed hindquarters, in such good condition all over great coat well presented and at one with his handler, kept his shape on the move. Delighted to award him CC and BOB

2.Perez Brenes’ Esp/Port Ch De La Figalfresa Donuts A very good type of Westie, as were all three that I judged from this kennel. Lovely outline, good head and mouth, well laid shoulders, level topline into well angulated hindquarters he moves true and shows well, not quite the maturity of 1 but an impressive dog none the less, unlucky to meet 1 – RDCC

3. Hluskova’s Int/cz/pl/ sk/hu Ch Bocans Bohemian Rhapsody

GCD (1) 1.Tadhunter’s Otto the Maverick Prince, strong head, compact body, good coat, strong hindquarters, shows well.

VB (1,1a)

MPB (3) 1.Szulzycka’s Newvoldemort Sweet Revenge. Very feminine puppy, typical Westie varminty expression, compact body, shoulder okay, level topline, good hind angulation, moves and shows well though needs to settle in front.

2.Vysniauskiene’s Vivolunar Cherry at Cherryleague. Another feminine bitch, not as short coupled as 1, good coat, shoulder okay, good pigment moved and showed well

3. Bartley’s Atelib Enigma Code

PB(2) 1. Steenson’s Bocans Blowing Bubbles, well up to size, head and mouth okay, good reach of neck, shoulder okay, good backend, moved and showed well. Best PB

2. Storey’s Lizandycris The New Hope for Nossimp, smaller compact bitch, femine head, good shoulder short coupled, not quite the hind angulation of 1, moved and showed well.

JB(4,1a) 1.Tamas’s The Dashing Devils Gossip Fashion, attractive head, good mouth, good reach of neck level topline, good coat, well developed hindquarters moves well

2.Fryers Hopecharm Northern Dancer, another feminine bitch, good head, excellent mouth, another one from this kennel with a beautiful coat, shoulder okay, good backend not quite the angulation of 1 but moves and shows well.

3.Llczyk’sCobra Od Bobika

YB(10,1a) 1.Griffiths’ Ch holiday Romance Vixen at Karamynd, presents a lovely picture, ultra feminine, correct head proportions, good mouth, good reach of neck, level topline, short coupled, strong hindquarters, lovely coat, well presented, moves and shows so well, not just as mature as my CC winner. – RCC

2.Szulzycka’s Newvoldermort Just For Me, heavier built bitch, good angulation but heavier in front than 1, shows well.

3.Micheelsen Rol’s Can Ch Whitebriar Just Got Jabbed

PGB (4) 1. Szulzycka’s Urusla De New Griffindor. Compact bitch, good head, mouth just okay, good angulation front and rear, harsh coat, moves well.

2.Crozier’s Dalskairth Glamis Girl, compact bitch good head, heavier in front than 1 but correct angulation, harsh coat, strong hindquarters moved well but I would like to see less weight on her

3. Stankiene & Stankus’ Fiona Krutiks Love via Vivolunar

LB (9,2a) 1. Smith’s Lingbeck Hold The Dream. Very nice bitch, I have admired her before from the ringside, excellent head which won her the class in the end, correct mouth, good layback of shoulder, short coupled, good hind angulation moves well.

2. Noyce’s Maxula Vanilla Ice Cream, another very attractive bitch, good head though not as strong as 1, correct mouth, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, short coupled, well angulated hind quarters, well-muscled, moves and shows so well

3.Szulzycka’s Newvoldemort Prada

OB (6,1a) 1.Cavallini’s Multi/It Ch Zackshine Royal Santinumi For Alekos. Very eye catching bitch, full of personality, well balanced. Good head and correct mouth, correct reach of neck into well laid shoulders, short coupled, strong handquarters, in good condition, moves and shows so well, she powers round the ring. Pleased to award her BCC

2. Skrobiszewska, Skrobiszewska, Gorska-Hawran &Sempolowskiej’s CIB/PL/LT/RO Ch That’s What I Like Vertragus, another very nice bitch, bigger than 1, good head, good reach of neck, level topline, good coat texture, well angulated hindquarters, moved and showed well, not as compact as 1.

3.Perez Brenes’s Esp/Port Ch De La Figalfresa Molly

GCB (0)

Pat Molony (Judge)