• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pat Colton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/01/2024

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: English Setter


15th SEPTEMBER 2023


The weather held off for my long awaited Championship debut and huge thanks to Exhibitors giving me such a quality and therefore challenging entry. Some were carrying a tad too much weight and some not quite enough and taken into account in my final placings. Thanks to my very efficient Steward and to my Photographer for keeping things moving on and despite the delayed start we finished in good time for the Breed following on.

VD. (1) LOYND. Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea The Skies. JW. 8 years old well known Blue Belton – still on top form. Lovely head, outline and fabulous mover with his ever slashing tail. BVIB.

MPD. (2) 1. STEWART & QUENBY Tattersett Stolen Silver 9 months Blue Belton - litter brothers, both with similar properties, balanced head shape, dark eyes, low set ears, good length of neck with level topline, and good tail sets. The winner was more settled but they will no doubt change places as they grow on. BPD.

2. ARKLEY. Tattersett Blue Lord - comments as above.

PD. (1) FORREST. Elvistar A Boy Named Blue 10 months Orange Belton – Well up to size and showing a nice outline standing, balanced head, dark eye, good length of neck into a level topline and shown in good condition. His head needs to break, and this should come with age.

JD (3) 1abs. 1. WILLIAMS. Bournehouse Abracadabra 17 month Blue Belton and Tan. Lovely chiselled head with low set ears, straight front, deep in chest and with a good spring of rib. Excellent bone, and carrying a good coat. Moved with a good tail action.

2. MILLER. Ravensett Calvaro 14months Orange Belton. Good head and eye, well set ears, and good length of neck . He has good bone, spring of rib, and moved well, keeping his level topline and level tail action. Just gave way in maturity to the winner.

PGD (2) 1. STEWART & QUENBY. Tattersett Golden Sunrise 2 ½ years Orange Belton. Good head shape with dark eye and good stop. Clean throat. Deep in rib and in good coat.

2. CARR. Balvenie Blue Lagoon Blue 4 years Blue Belton. Masculine head with dark eye, good stop, low set ears. He holds a balanced shape with good bone, topline and slashing tail. Very well presented but perhaps carrying a little extra weight today.

LD. (6) 1. SIMPSON. Dalreavoch Northern Legend 5 ½ yrs Blue Belton. Mature male in excellent coat and condition. Lovely head and expression, dark, kind eye and a good stop, with low set ears. His neck flowed into good shoulders with a level topline and finished with strong quarters and an excellent tail set. Strong bone throughout with deep rib and moved out with drive in partnership with his handler. CC.

2. HARRIS and HOEKSEMA. Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela. JW.ShCEx.OSW 6yrs Orange Belton. He has a beautiful chiselled head with dark eyes, good shape to his flew, excellent length of neck into well laid shoulders, good front and deep in rib. Holding a level topline. Strong rear quarters with a well set tail. Moves happily with such drive, tail slashing, and again, at one with his handler. RCC.

OD. (4) 1abs. 1. WILSON and WILSON Ravensett Giovanni 5 year Orange Belton. Mature male coming to his best with excellent head and expression, giving a good balanced outline throughout, good bone, and angulation, tail set and sporting a full coat. Moved out well.

2. LAWSON. Wansleydale Dorian Gray. JW. ShCEx,OSW. 6 year old Blue Belton and Tan. Always beautifully presented, he has a lovely chiselled head with good proportions, dark eye and low set ears. A balanced outline with strong bone. Although he moved at a fast pace, not quite the drive as the winner.

VB. (1) MCCABE. Sh Ch Rachdale Elegance. JW. 8 years Orange Belton Very feminine lady with lovely chiselled head, excellent bone, conformation and overall outline. Lovely coat and condition, beautifully presented and moving with style.

MPB. (1). PATON. Bournehouse Eternal Flame for Meadowfoot. 8 months Orange Belton. Still very much a baby but showing much promise. Good overall outline with good head shape, length of neck, front and rear angulation together with a level topline and correct tail placement. Needs to tighten in front but moved well and happily. BPIB

PB. (2) 1abs. REID. Hunterblue Mystique at Diersett.11 months Blue Belton. Correct head shape in profile, dark eye, good depth to flew, just needs to break in time. Correct shoulder placement, upper arm and well angulated rear. Correct tail placement. A little loose on the move and for me she could carry a tad more weight.

JB.(4). 1. WILLIAMS. Bournehouse Guilty Secret. 14 month Blue Belton and Tan. Good scull with dark eye and chiselling giving a feminine expression. Strong bone, excellent depth of rib and stifles. She had a level topline with correct tail set and moved with drive and a slashing tail action.

2. GARDNER. Mariglen Midnight Muse of Danwish 14 months Blue Belton and Tan. Pretty head with low set ears, good length of neck into layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep in brisket and a firm rear end with good tail set. Good coat.

PGB. (7) 1. GRIMSDELL. Tattersett Dark Amber 2 ½ year Orange Belton. Presented an attractive outline, good head shape with correct flew, eye set, stop and low set ears. Good length of neck into shoulders and straight front. She has good bone, strong quarters and correct tail set.

2. KEMP-TAYLOR. Quensha’s Strawberry Swing 2 yr Blue Belton and Tan. This pretty dark Tri girl showed a good outline standing, with good bone and feet. Good head properties and ear set, adequate length of neck, straight front. Stood over solid rear quarters with a correct tail set. Handled so well by her breeder I do hope her owner will be encouraged to keep going!

LB. (7) 1abs. 1. DYKES Wansleydale Bedazzled at Caleydene 5 yr Blue Belton and Tan. Pretty girl with good head properties, low set ears and good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Carrying good bone, she has a good depth of rib, straight topline and good shape to her rear quarters, correct tail set. Moved out with drive and a slashing tail. RCC.

2. PATON. Bournehouse Secret Destiny for Meadowfoot 4 ½ yr Orange Belton. Good balance to head with correct stop. Very balanced outline with correct shoulders, straight front and good rear angulation. Level topline with correct tail set. She moved well with a slashing tail.

OB. (5) 1abs. 1. GRIMSDELL. Sh Ch. Tattersett Dark Honey JW 6 yr Orange Belton. Beautifully presented in excellent coat and condition. Good bone, angulation throughout, balanced head with dark eye. Carrying just the right weight and moving well. CC. BOB.

2. SEAMAN. Mariglen Dusty Blonde Orange Belton rising 7 years and giving a good outline overall. Short coupled, with a pretty, balanced head, good eye set and stop, low set ears, good angles front and rear and moved out well.

Pat Colton