• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pat Butler-Holley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Irish Setter Club Of Wales

Breed: Irish Setter

Irish Setter Club of Wales

Sunday 16th April 2023

Thank you to the committee of the Irish Setter Club of Wales for inviting me to judge bitches at the club , just for interest this is my 8th Irish Setter breed club show that I have had the privilege and honour of judging. This breed is in my heart and sole and I hope my comments are understood and taken in the spirit they are meant to be. I don’t show in the breed anymore but I’m never very far from them and I do take an active interest in how the breed is moving forward.

I last judged Irish Setters within the breed in April 2017 and I thought then as now that we are in danger of producing generic Irish Setters with no breed type evident just red dogs. The difference between the top class exhibits and the mediocre ones is vast and if not addressed we will lose the most important thing in an Irish Setter which is racy well balanced and full of quality, combining elegance with substance. Yes, we want a slim elegant animal but we don’t want this to be interpreted as narrow all through with front legs appearing out of one hole or the opposite, coarse in head and overdone in body and quarters. The standard also asks for a firm straight topline gently sloping downwards from the withers, this cannot be achieved unless the front angulation and rear construction are correct. Upright shoulders with no upper arm angulation can never create the correct topline not even by overstretching the exhibit backwards!! Also worth mentioning I see so many with level toplines and something even worse quite an emphasis on a dip behind the shoulders this is due to poor construction.

My co-judge had to make the difficult decision to remove /dismiss some exhibits from the ring due to bad temperament which is so very sad for the breed. I agreed with him wholeheartedly as this is something I would have done also, such a shame for the breed.

Minor Puppy ( 2,1)

1 Dales, Casachared Constance Tally of Aubanjon, What a happy confident puppy she is, love her head and expression. Clean in outline, moved freely with confidence .

Puppy (7. 1)

1 Nevitts, Joaodaws Stargazer, Such a promising puppy, her overall outline and shape is so true to the standard displaying raciness, however I would like to see a little more covering on her at the moment. Such a very pretty bitch. BPB

2 Mcdonalds, Quensha Galway Girl, when the winner I ask for a little more covering with this one I would like a little less please. Her attitude to life is wonderful to see, she epitomises the words demonstrably affectionate to the full. Best wishes for the future.

3 Bridgwaters Bridgellas Jublee Queen

Veteran (6,1)

1 Stevensons, Lochlorien True Detective is Andley Covers a lot of ground, but pleased with her overall proportions and shape. She oozes power and strength but still combining the air of quality and elegance about her. Good head and kind eye, strong neck and good depth of chest true front, good ribs and strong loin, Good sound wide quarters which she used to her advantage on the move. Later she went Best veteran in show on referees decision.

2 Bougen, Gwendariff Lily the Pink, I have seen this bitch almost all her life when she was owned by our late friend Gill Tully, we often discussed her whilst watching Welsh springers for many years. Her head is simply beautiful in all aspects so classical being long and lean but not snipy or narrow. My notes say balanced to her body. The irish setter head should never be course or heavy and she certainly isn’t. Her overall body shape is good and well balanced, she moved with well free flowing movement. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of judging her today.

3 Watertons, Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW, Sh CM

Junior (11)

1 Mugfords, Lynwood Rather Scrumptious, and she certainly full fills her name, wonderful outline and good conformation, good neck flowing into well angulated shoulders, as mentioned before the front assembly has to be correct to give the Irish setter that true topline, gently sloping from withers to tail. Good strong quarters which she used well on the move.

2 Humphreys, Riverbrue Ophelia Bongos at Henaleas one to watch for the future im sure, she is a full true example of what an irish setter bitch should look like, wonderful outline and so good in conformation so well balanced. To be critical I would like stronger hind movement but she has so much promise and time such an exiting prospect.

3 Halls, Riverbrue Ophelia love Glennara

Yearling (8,2)

1 Halls, Harreds Lillie, I love her attitude to life, so happy go lucky, lots to like about her, so well balanced in body, so much to like about her, in particular I loved her quarters and the strength she displayed on the move, I wish we could bottle that attitude and call on it from time to time.

2 Walker, Trefaine all that jazz, This bitch gave me a lot to think about, her head and expression si so true to the standard, moderate neck and good well angulated shoulders which she has to have to give a good pro sternum, good depth of chest and strong loin. I preferred winner today in quarters, but she did move well.

3 Dales,Trefaine Aurora of Aubanjon

Novice (9,5)

1 Humpreys,Riverbrue Ophelia Bongos at Henaleas

2 Walker Trefaine all that Jazz

3 Hillocks, Jonola Bellini


A difficult class to judge as I would prefer a more positive hind movement from each of them, The winner today was so well presented and good overall conformation, lot

1 Hadfield, Covarney time after time Marzanne, A bitch with lots like about her, so well balanced in all departments. Good head and expression. Presented very well today.

2 Hillocks, Jonola bellini, I like her shape and outline, presented in good coat and condition.

3 Pallister, Penwyn keeping faith

Graduate (13,1)

1 Halls, Glennara Cherry Cola jw, Pleasing head and expression, well balanced and in proportion to her body. Good neck displaying the arch at the crest of her neck which is missing on a few today. Good ribs giving the required spring at the top and tapering down to the chest. Strong well coupled loin, good strong wide quarters which she put to good use on the move. Considered her today for top honours.

2 Heather, Sixoaks my fair lady jw, I fell for the whole quality of this bitch, she is so balanced and in proportion. A lot to like about her so clean in outline what you see is what you get. Good neck and shoulders, good strength to body without losing the racy outline that is required. Strong wide quarters which she used well. Unfortunate to meet winner today.

2 Corless, Swiftlark Illustrious jw

Post graduate ( 12,2)

A quality class of good up and coming bitches, so full of quality and promise and I do mean the whole class. Its worth mentioning that coat isn’t everything its what is underneath the coat that matters.

1 Sturrocks, Forfarian Tickles Yer Fancy, one out of the top drawer, I loved her outline, balance and body proportions , she has a good head and expression so expressive in her eyes, Her brows never stopped moving. Her movement was so positive and true. Should have a bright future.

2 Watts, Shenanagin Half a Sixpence, Left her coat at home today but a true Irish setter in all departments. So very feminine the overall view displays raciness combined with substance and elegance. Her head displays raised brows, good chiselling all which gives the true Irish expression.

3 Williamsons, Blue Springs A kind of Magic at Keljaru

Mid limit (6,1)

1 Heathers, Sixoaks Leading Lady, lots to like about this bitch she flows from her head to her tail, no bumps or lumps. Her front construction is so good and true which gives her the strength to her topline, matching her quarters. She stands over the ground well without very little handling. Her movement is so true to see, Moved at the correct speed by her young handler.

2 Bott, Allen and Morgan, Quensha Crimes of Passion, good quality bitch, love her head and expression, true in front, good ribs and strong loin, She uses her quarters well to full advantage. I love her attitude and confidence. Will watch her development closely.

3 Humphreys, Riverbrue Flashbox at Henaleas

Limit (7,1)

1 Sturrocks, Forfarian Soo Lush JW, This bitch meets the breed standard fully, she combines substance, being powerful in all departments but built on a racy frame. I loved her, her head has such a wonderful melting expression. Her front assembly is so good, she goes on to display a good firm topline which is what an Irish setter should have in order to get the desired gently topline from withers to tail. Absolutely nothing at all exaggerated in any way. Delighted to award her RBCC. I wish her well for the future.

2 Edwards, Gwendariff its numero uno at Bonhomie, This bitch is so well balanced and presented in the best order today. Her head and expression is so pleasing, giving a true expression. She does cover a lot of ground on the move with her free flowing powerful movement.

3 Holehan-Green Loganrish Dimaonds npearls

Open 7,1)

Sadly one bitch wasn’t able to be present in the ring today and she is one I have admired many times from the ring side. I learnt that she had been attacked by dogs whom weren’t even being shown at the show ground today. I only hope with time both owners and dog can over come this shock.

1 Crocker, Sh Ch Riverbrue Glorianne, I wrote this report in 2017 about this bitch “Top quality puppy so full of breed type, pleasing head and a delightful mischievous expression she looks every bit a handful even if she isn’t. For me I would like a little less weight on her at this stage. Her neck and shoulders are good and strong with plenty of pro-sternum, good deep chest and strong loin. She is so happy go lucky in her attitude. A lot to like about her” 6 years on I haven’t changed my mind except the weight comment as today she was perfectly presented in all departments. In actual fact she doesn’t need a handler except to hold lead. She had to be on top form today and she was I was delighted and thrilled to award her the BCC and she later went BOB after the referees decision. Today she equalled the bitch breed record sharing it with Sh Ch Braidmount Geisha Girl who I did award her the bitch cc many years ago which then gave her the bitch record.

2 Holm, Lind, EE Ch/LV.CH/SL. Ch. Fairhaven Electa, Certainly a new one to me I was particularly impressed with her head and eyes which gives that true Irish setter expression. Good body and strong loin, in my opinion for me she does stands over a lot of ground presented n full coat.

3 Sterritt, Irish sh Ch Corranroo Just one Kiss with Riversett

Judge Pat Butler-Holley