• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Borzoi

Borzois SKC 1.10.2023

A mixed entry in both quality and type.Judging is always a compromise as no dog is perfect,however I had to compromise on some points which ordinarily I would not expect to have to accept.Head types are very varied and looking through the breeding it is clear why.There are few quality heads of strong type both of breed and kennel type,many lack the strength and balance required with a lack of characteristic veining. Mouths varied from a few missing pms,misplaced and dirty teeth.Our standard asks for a long and lean head but not at the loss of enough width and strength to house a correct width of foreface and therefore a correct mouth.

  There was every variation of front construction,few with layback of shoulder and many with too much width between the shoulder blades caused by incorrect body shape.A Borzoi has an oval rib with depth and length with a gentle lift of underline.Too many lacked any spring of rib,depth of brisket or ribbing carried back,there was one with a flanged rib (look it up).Toplines therefore suffered and ranged from flat to extreme wheelbacks with extremely steep croups.Hindquarters on the whole weren’t too bad but a few were over muscled.

Coats in general were untypical without the required density and quality.This should be a weather resistant warm jacket not a thin single coat.Presentation in some cases was not up to spec. which was disappointing. I found it necessary to withhold in one class and to be honest could have done more in some classes.


1.Dawson’s Mischran The Sequel For Stubbylee,well grown 8 months baby just right for his age.Good type of head with length but also the required strength,neat well placed ears.Super bladed bone and correct feet.Well shaped body with gentle flow topline and correct fallaway.Moved steadily.A strong contender in the challenge just needs to mature at a steady pace to fulfil this promise.Res.CC.


1.Harvey’s Astragorn Zeus Glory of Albaneiler(IMP AUS) Classic type with balanced head with good veining.Correct,well set neck into well angulated front.Flwing body with good ribbing and length of loin.Well muscled hindquarters,moved with good width front and back.

2.Dover’s Palamedees Arian Khrysos at Keanver,smaller type and not standing over the ground as 1.Long head for size,would like shade more reach of neck.Good blading to bone,feet a little too long for balance overall.Reasonable spring of rib but not carried back.Well developed hindquarters,would like him a little more together.

3.Cassidy Taylor & Gallagher’s Chalksville Evander.


1.Dollan & Ralston’s Scotach Just Chillin,headed a difficult class,this dog had the best front construction.Masculine head,adequate reach of neck.Strong,bladed bone and correct feet.Lacked length of ribbing which affected his over accentuated topline.Moved with good width.

2.Gardner’s Cavallierik Wolford (IMP RUS) narrower in head,lacking sufficient strength and masculinity.Upright in shoulder leading to straight pasterns.Flatter topline than 1 but lacked flow all through,however, had reasonably well balanced hindquarters.

3.Dollan & Ralston’s Scotach High and Mighty.


1.Odell’s Sukeshi Baryshnikov,gives a lovely impression of overall shape and well collected on the move.Balanced head maybe a tad more under jaw,but well defined.Good reach of neck nicely let into well placed shoulders.Mature body with good depth and length of ribbing for his proportions.Moved soundly,quite plenty of width.


1.Smettem Minson’s Donskoi Romeo at Chywoon,two very different types 1st & 2nd.This male has an imposing stance with strong masculine head of good proportions.Well placed shoulders,would like a shade more return of upper arm but typical of a more open angled sighthound front.Well bodied with a gentle flow from head to toe lacking so much today,strong,well muscled loin.Well balanced hindquarters with strong second thigh.Correct texture and depth of jacket.There are things I would like to change but his maturity fought off the puppy. CC & BOB.

2.Dawson’s Steppdance Pintel At Stubbylee (IMP NOR)another I judged as a younger chap and has come on well.Well proportioned head of different type to 1,would like a shade more work init.Well shaped all through with good depth and lovely flow to his topline.Looked a little angular in stance but he has grown into his springing movement.Would like more depth to his coat.

3.Odell’s Sukeshi Dazzling Dan.


1.Palamedees Arian Khrysos at Keanver

2.Chalksville Evander, disappointing male lacks substance and masculinity.Reasonable backskull but has no balancing foreface to match.Good reach of neck,needs more developed body and the corresponding depth.

3.Rosskaja Heart of Gold.


1.Turner’s Chalksville Katerina,well boned bitch with strong head maybe lacking a little refinement.Good strength of underjaw.Ewe necked with wide shoulder placement.Good bone substance and strong well knuckled feet.Slightly rounder in ribcage than I would like and lacked rise over the loin.Strong,well muscled hindquarters.

2.Dollan & Ralston’s Scotach Need For Speed,feminine head with good eyeshape.Long reach of neck and a little steep in shoulder.Lacked correct body shape in both ribbing and exaggerated topline with no flexibility which led to a very steep fallaway.Over angulated hindquarters but moved fairly well.

3.Scotach Date With Destiny


1.Odell’s Sukeshi Flamenco Fire,Shapely bitch with feminine head,maybe a shade more underjaw.Just a little fronty when moving,but far sounder than many.Bladed bone,good feet.Mature body with good spring of rib.Typical shape,with the necessary flowing topline into strong hindquarters,moved soundly.

2.Kanoo’s Nibrass Ethelflaeda,very similar to 1 and slightly better in upper arm return,not quite as arched in topline as 1 but topline leads nicely into hind angulation.Moved with good width both coming and going.

3.Lynx Ocean of Peace At Albaneiler (IMP SWE)


1.Binnie’s Dreamlight Zephryndrouhin,Nothing flashy but pure English type of classic proportions.Typy head of correct length and work in foreface.Good reach of neck nicely flowing into front.Well balanced all through,mature body of correct shape and depth.Balanced hindquarters with low hock,moved with no deviation and good width. Correct coat texture and density.CC.

2.Harvey’s Ch.Lynx Jennifer Juniper,totally different head type,Lovely head balance and expression.Not quite the upper arm return of 1 but a lovely shape and good substance.Nicely arched topline and strong loin.Moved with good extension in profile.

3.Stubbylee Chiara Mia.

Pam Marston-Pollock