• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/09/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)


Clumber Spaniels

BD (2,1a) 1 Wareham’s Imp Prestij Nachii Mandarin Shik (Imp Rus), interesting dog to start with, slightly different in type to what I am used to & he didn’t help himself by pulling whilst moving therefore not making the best of himself. Needs more body to complete the picture but he has plenty of bone & a good rib & strong loin, has good body proportions complimented by a good head & expression, correct neck, topline & tailset, in good coat & condition, settled later to win Best Beginner. VD (0) PD (8,3) 1 Gardner & Carter-Hunt’s Vanitonia Something Extra, a quality 6 month old boy from the top drawer, what a little showdog he is, excellent head & expression, just right for age, excellent neck & shoulders with well boned legs & feet, good ribcage & strength in loin which meant he held his topline set up & moving, in excellent coat & condition, he showed his socks off to win an interesting class & beating his half sister to take BP & PG2; 2 Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge’s Badgersmoon The Most Wanted, the first of 3 litter brothers who today beat his brothers as he is the most developed, nice head, neck & topline, well presented correct coat, he is balanced & just right for age, moved well; 3 Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge’s Badgersmoon It Had To Be You. JD (4) 1 Tilston’s GB Stonielea Toast, not an overlarge dog, but is well proportioned for size & he is just right for age, where he scored was in movement, covered the ground purposely with a good head carriage using his well boned legs & feet to really impress me today. Put down in excellent coat & condition of the correct texture, well set & carried tail & a strong hindquarter used to his advantage, masculine head & expression & he was well muscled, he just needs time to mature; 2 Guy’s Suelynda Kith and Kin among Jahanghir, again another who needs maturity to complete the picture for at present he is up on the leg & he needs to drop in chest which has a good length & a strong loin. Good length to height proportions for size & he moved ok with a strong hindquarter & a well set & carried tail. GD (0) PGD (3) 1 Wareham & Dustan’s Maursett Melwyn, this youngster of just over 2 impressed for his soundness & type, he is balanced & quality with a masculine head & a good eye, well set ears leading to a strong, powerful neck, well laid shoulders with well boned legs & feet, particularly good in profile movement with lovely head carriage & purposeful movement holding his topline & well set tail, when he finishes must have an excellent future; 2 Pickering’s Wahnahnish Superman of Hajacan (Imp Nld)(AI), a nice male but just preferred the muscletone of 1 on the day, no mistaking his sex for he a a good head & expression with a clean eye, thick neck into well laid shoulders & well boed legs & feet, put down in excellent well presented coat; 3 Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge’s Badgersmoon Mr Branson. LD (4,1) 1 Whitehouse’s Maursett Muttley at Molvonia, no wonder he appealed for he is full brother to Melwyn & the same top quality too, masculine head & expression with a good eye with a good width & depth of head framed by well set & carried ears, lovely neck & shoulders, held a strong topline set up & moving & it was in profile that he looked the part with his correct head carriage, & positive correct movement, put down in excellent coat & condition, showed so well to win the class & RCC; 2 Fenwick, Thompson & Langridge’s Suelynda Second Edition With Badgersmoon, what a pickle, he tried everything to throw away his chances but I saw through it for he a typical Clumber with a wicked streak! Please get him under control for he is worth it. When he settled he moved well on well boned legs & correct feet, good depth & width of chest & a good topline, strong loin & well set & carried tail, typical head & expression with a good eye & correct masculine outlook, when he settled you could see he was balanced; 3 Gascoigne’s Nivalis Augustus. OD (2) 1 Cox’s Sh Ch Vanitonia Soloist, this boy is just what I would expect from this kennel. Put down to the minute, in excellent coat & condition, he is well muscled, masculine & an excellent type but where he comes alive is on the move, in profile he gave me goosebumps for his correct foot placement, well boned legs, excellent depth of chest & body length with a good muscular loin which helped to maintain a great topline. Not being at many showed this year, this is the first time I have seen him in the flesh & I can see why he impresses. Such a clean, masculine head with a lovely clean eye of a good colour & shape & an excellent head framing well set & carried ears. Pleased to see top breeders working together, as I note he is by a Vanitonia who seems to be producing some excellent examples of the breed out of a Maursett bitch who again is from the top drawer. Pleased to see such co-operation for the good of the breed. Thank you for bringing him, he was a pleasure to judge & looked wonderful in the group, getting a short-list too. CC & BOB; 2 Whitehouse’s Sh Ch Maursett Mallachie at Molvonia, another excellent example of the breed, again giving excellent movement without any flash & dash, just as it should be for the breed, another that I could see working for he has the substance & ribcage, loin, legs & feet, that would enable him to work & cover the ground without tiring. Excellent type in lovely coat & condition, very masculine in outlook & pushed 1 hard, just beaten on the day by his kennelmate but another typy dog. GCD (0).

BB (1) 1 Nixon’s Stonielea Williams Charm, very feminine bitch with lots to like, she is balanced & moved well, put down in good coat & condition, still needs to finish & a shame she was alone, for she can win in company. Feminine head & expression with a well made front construction, held her topline on the move with a well set tail & good strong hindquarters. VB (0) PB (5,1) 1 Furnell’s Bebecova Scarlet Witch, another by the Force Awakens, he certainly stamping his type. What a mover but she is so naughty, but she is only a baby but quality all through, feminine head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, topline & tailset, just right for age with the potential of finishing well for she has well boned legs & feet, has good body proportions & her coat was put down to perfection. When she settled she moved well with good head carriage & holding her topline, feminine in outlook; 2 Matthews & Moon’s Vanitonia Song And Dance, half sister, no wonder they were difficult to separate! Another who fancied playing up, which made me smile but when she settled she was fine, lovely type, so very feminine & a good size & shape, feminine head & expression, put down in lovely coat & condition, head still to finish but she has a good clean eye, good balance of skull & width with well set & carried ears, just the right amount of bone for age, these 2 I am sure will have fun in the future; 3 Taylor & Hilton’s Delsaux Fly Me To The Moon. JB (1,1) GB (2) 1 Wilson’s Winhampton Pandoras Box, balanced bitch of a nice type, excellent mover on well boned legs & feet, put down in good coat of the correct texture & length, very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & clean eyes of the correct colour & shape, showed well to win here; 2 Sainsbury’s Wooliebourne Nick Of Time, not quite as feminine as 1 but still balanced & a good type, moved OK but today was not holding her topline on the move which affected her performance, good head carriage in profile, still needs time to fill her frame. PGB (4) 1 Dawson’s Big Boom's Viking Liv Beskerby (Imp HRV), lovely bitch who is balanced & a nice type, moved so well particularly in profile really giving a good head carriage, very feminine in outlook, the quality bitch has a lovely head & expression, a clean eye & well set & carried ears, excellent powerful neck leading into well made shoulders, good ribcage of a good length & depth, strong loin & well set tail. RCC; 2 Harpham’s Ryestorm Firn Of Rose, not quite the substance of 1 but a good workmanlike bitch who I could imagine doing a day’s work, she moved well & really deserved her place for she is in good muscular condition with a lovely coat put down in excellent condition, very feminine head & expression, with a good eye, showed well; 3 S Williams Charm. LB (3,1) 1 Crocker, Frost & Cahill’s Vanitonia Secret Episode, cracking bitch from the top drawer, shown to advantage to get the best out of her, this quality girl was just crying out for the CC & I couldn’t deny her, loved her easy free movement from well muscled forequarters & strong muscled hindquarters, she is balanced & so very feminine in outlook, loved her lovely head with a soft expression from lovely well set eyes which were clean of any looseness, good head proportions, powerful neck into well made shoulders, correct depth of chest & loin & tuckup, all framed with a beautiful coat which was presented to the minute. CC; 2 Hirst’s Snow White Source Of Happiness for Creeaark (Imp Pol), nice type who was not so finished as 1, put down in good coat & when she settled, she moved well looking particularly good in profile with correct head carriage & holding a strong topline, moved steadily on well boned legs & feet, feminine in outlook & balanced. OB (2,2). GCB (0).