• Show Date: 21/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Thank you for such an excellent entry at this show & a special thank you to my stewards, particularly Heidi, who really kept me on track particularly with all the extra entries, she was a star & ensured that we finished on time which enabled the next judge to get in the ring in good time.

I think this appointment will go down as one I will remember for a long time for the lovely exhibits & more importantly the excellent exhibitors who really showed their appreciation for every placing. The atmosphere ringside appeared to be one of friendly rivalry, not always the case in some breeds. It was certainly a pleasure to be involved.

MPD (4,1a) 1 Burgess’ Redmanhey’s Comte De La Fere, only 3 in the class but what potential for the future. This well developed 8 months old is very exciting, loved his head, although still to finish, shows the signs of being balanced with good head type, moved well particularly in profile, holding his topline & his correctly set head in line also a well set & carried tail, he is well boned & balanced and in the run-off I couldn’t ignore him so he was my BP. At end of judging it appeared that he was sired by the BOB too; 2 Stait’s Afonbach Balerion, only an absolute baby but trying so hard when he settled to show well for his handler, lovely type & just right for age, good head which is well proportioned with a good expression, he is well coated & has the promise of a good ribcage & loin, well set & carried tail, again a quality baby; 3 Smyth & Edwards’ Camusmor Mak Siccar. PD (5) 1 R Comte De La Fere, a bit unsettled here & dropped his topline, but I saw through that and hoped that by BP he would be rested which he was; 2 Greenwood’s Coedhelyg Son Shine, needs more coat to finish picture but the advantage being that you can really see what you are getting, he is well made & quite together both set up & moving enough hindquarters, good topline leading to a well set & carried tail, good bone & feet; 3 A Balerion. JD (4,1) 1 C Son Shine; 2 Strevens’ Tollisty You Can’t Decline, smaller, darker boy of a slightly different type to my preference but still of course correct. Preferred the finish on 1’s head at present as this youngster still needs time to complete the picture. He moved well, covering the ground with ease with a lovely profile movement where he won over 3 at present; 3 Sewell’s Littleclose Father And Son to Breakerswell. GD (9) 1 Elkin’s Tollelkin Dream Harbour, balanced, finished dog of a good type, masculine head & expression with the correct amount of neck going into a nice topline & well set & carried tail, enough coat at present but at only 2 he has time to finish. Showed & moved so well covering the ground effortlessly with a good head carriage; 2 Edwards’ Afonbach The Great Prince, impressed with his forequarters with the correct neck & shoulders, again enough coat, masculine head & expression with a well place eye & ear carriage correct, liked his type & balance, covered the ground well looking particularly impressive in profile; 3 Ryder’s Arthundur Dream Come True. PGD (10,1) 1 Dorrell & Jenkins’ Tollisty Moet En Chandon, lovely profile movement, which caught my eye on the first move round, watching him in this large class, I knew he was the one to beat, well coated with the correct head, eye & expression, well carried & used ears, correct neck & strong topline held on the move & set up, good tail carriage, strong hindquarters, he is balanced & quality & very masculine in outlook; 2 Gough’s Cretshengan Kitchi Lake, I could imagine this dog doing a day’s work, he moved & showed so well, deserving his place in this cracking class, masculine head & expression, good neck & forequarters, well boned legs & feet & good hindquarters with enough muscle definition; 3 Sewell’s Clegane Inferno to Breakerswell. LD (6) 1 Adshead’s Afonbach Winter Is Coming, this good moving dog is quality & balanced, excellent head carriage in profile movement, masculine head which is balanced with the correct stop & cheeks, well set & carried ears & a lovely eye, well boned legs & feet, he is a good size with lovely proportions throughout & showed so well to win the class & RCC; 2 A The Great Prince; 3 Hughes’ Abacot Into The Unknown. OD (8) 1 Barker’s Sh Ch Eusanit Silvr Deam Machine, I don’t remember seeing this handsome boy before but boy is he making his mark on the breed! He is mature, quality & with an excellent masculine head & expression, lovely well set eyes of a good colour, good stop & correct ear placement which gives a typical head of excellent proportions, nothing overdone with this boy as he has a good neck & fore construction, strong topline well set & carried tail, loved his balance but particularly was impressed with his profile movement which was copybook with the correct head carriage, so important in any breed, lovely coat put down in excellent condition, he just shone & made a wonderful example of the breed to send forward. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when the owner told me after that he was winning his 6th CC! I can understand why for he is a good representative of the breed & looked excellent in the group as we stayed to support him, CC & BOB; 2 Fielder’s Schindow Junior Cowboy with Cretshengan, again that excellent profile movement that I look for, he never stopped showing, every time I looked around, he was on his toes trying his hardest for his handler, he is balanced & quality all through, in excellent coat & condition, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & loin, lovely hindquarters, he is very masculine in outlook with his masculine head of the correct proportions; 3 Westwood’s Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Proper Job. VD (8,1) 1 Anstead’s Sh Ch Multi Riverwatcher Atka, what more is there for me to write about this wonderful dog who I have liked & judged from a very young age, he has won a CC from me before & it was lovely to see him now in veteran & looking as good now as he did as a youngster, he is a credit to his owner/breeder, he obviously loves showing & puts everything into his day out. Pleased to make him best veteran dog & pleased to see he is still flying the flag in this lovely breed; 2 Fuard’s Tollelkin Bay Of Ice, not an overdone dog in any way, very typical of the kennel for he is quality & looks so well for his age enjoying his day in lovely company, he showed so well & moved a treat, he has a lovely head & expression & is balanced, thank you to all the owners who bought their veteran for me to see again, I really appreciated it; 3 Wakely’s Riverwatcher Nukilik. SBD (10) 1 T Moet En Chandon; 2 C Kitchi Lake; 3 Aubury’s Afonbach Red Fire.

MPB (6) 1 Kindell & Anstead’s Eusanit Pride And Joy, what a pretty puppy who is only a baby but showing much promise, she is quality & now I see her breed I can see why she would be just for me! She is just right for age with a pretty head & expression which can only get better with age, lovely neck & shoulders leading into a good topline which she was able to keep set up & moving, she is balanced with lovely bone & feet, still in full baby coat but when she finishes I look forward to seeing her progress. BPB; 2 Greenwood’s Coedhelyg Merry Fisher, totally different in type but still a pretty girl who has lots of good points, she just needs time to fill out & come together, enough coat of the correct texture, lovely bone & feet, she was enjoying her day, just as she should, again a nice type who just needs maturity to show her true potential; 3 Westwood’s Eusanit Orchard Thieves. PB (8) 1,2 & 3 repeat. JB (7) 1 Trickett’s Cfyre’s High Tea at Tollpepper, an interesting junior who brings a lot to the party! She has a lovely head & expression with a correct eye & ear placement, good proportions to her head, she is balanced with enough coat but she moved well when she settled & looked a picture in profile, liked her forequarters & depth & width of chest, won a good class on her type & showmanship; 2 Smith’s Tollisty Couldn’t Careless, not an overlarge bitch but very feminine in outlook, there is no mistaking her sex for she has a feminine head & expression, enough coat covering a well made body, well made hindquarters with a well set & carried tail, moved ok but I feel she still needs to finish to show her full potential; 3 C Merry Fisher. GB (12,1) 1 Wardrope’s Goldstar Struttin’ Her Daisy Dukes, what a lovely class to sort out, giving me lots to think about, she was hiding up the corner but I spotted her on the first move round the ring & I kept my eye on her the whole time I was judging, she just kept saying I am here! This lovely bitch is of an excellent type, she is balanced & quality all through, she is just right for size with such a pretty head & expression lovely eye to match her coat & well set & carried ears, enough neck but a good topline & well set tail carried well, excellent hindquarters & correct head movement in profile movement, she is sound & has so much to admire, I will follow her progress, as I feel we haven’t seen the last of her; 2 Elkin’s Tollelkin Dream Dancer, litter sister to Dream Harbour & how lucky is the owner to have 2 such typical Tollers, this pretty bitch is well developed & balanced, lovely type with such a pretty head & expression, I feel still needs to drop in body to finish the picture but still needs coat & I think that will improve her outline in the near future. Showed & moved so well to win her place in this excellent class; 3 Johnson & Shelbourn’s Erikachen Laoise. PGB (9,1) 1 Moult & Savory’s Croftwell Tickety Boo, showed well but can sometimes stand with her legs under giving the impression of an incorrect topline & making her look short & unbalanced but when she moves & extends out you can see that she has a good topline & an excellent hindquarter, beautiful head & expression & very feminine in outlook, good fore & aft but it was in profile movement that she came alive & you couldn’t miss her in a line-up with her movement which was so correct; 2 Burland’s Eusanit Lily The Pink, not a flashy bitch but so well made, liked her head & expression, lovely eyes in matching with her coat & correct ear placement, good neck & forequarters, enough coat which only went to show off her good hindquarters, correct topline & well set & carried tail, good depth of chest & a nice loin, she is balanced & a good type, moved well; 3 How’s Hwyaden Sunrise Ruby at Sawbridge. LB (14, 2) 1 Westwood’s Eusanit Bay Of Fundy, what a day this owner had! The first 3 in this class were all out of the same brood bitch and the winner herself is proving to be an excellent brood bitch herself. They are certainly stamping a type which I obviously admire. Loved her head & expression, moved well on well boned legs & feet with the correct head carriage, enough coat which was well presented, correct length of neck & a good topline & well set & carried tail, excellent hindquarters, this quality bitch really covered the ground with ease & assurance holding a strong topline & correct head carriage; 2 Hughes’ Eusanit Gem Stone at Abacot, half sister to 1 & similar comments must apply, it would be nit-picking to separate all 3 in this excellent class as they are 3 quality bitches of a good type, how lucky is the owner of this bitch to be working with a very nice one to follow on with, she is so feminine with a lovely head & expression, there could be no mistaking her sex, she is well coated & showed & moved so well to win her place here; 3 Morse’s Eusanit Celtic Sea at Sinsircariad. OB (9,1) 1 Anstead’s Sh Ch Riverwatcher Koda, a balanced bitch of quality who has substance yet still retains her feminity, loved her head & expression, her kind eye & well set ears, excellent correct neck into a good topline & well set & carried tail, good ribcage & length of loin, well boned legs & feet, she moved with ease & in profile had the correct head carriage for the breed, in good coat which was well presented, loved her type & her showmanship which gave her the nod for the CC, in a very close class; 2 Westwood & McDonald’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Gonna Make You A Star, slightly smaller bitch who is still very feminine & of a good type, has so many good points & was shown to perfection with excellent profile movement, put down in excellent coat & condition, so very feminine in outook & very balanced set up & moving, feminine head & expression with the correct neck & shoulders, considered her for the RCC but my heart went for the veteran; 3 Fielder’s Cretshensan Signy. VB (7,1) 1 Fielder’s Ir Ch Eusanit Best Of The Bunch at Cretshengan, this bitch is so very correct & belies her age, when she first came in the ring & moved round, I knew she was to be the one to beat & the more she showed, the better she just got, she is quality & so very balanced with such a beautiful head & expression, excellent coat put down in wonderful condition, under the coat is a well made bitch with an excellent ribcage & loin, strong topline & well set tail, very feminine, you could never mistaking her sex for she is so correct. Lovely profile movement. An honour to judge her. Good luck with the third, is must be soon yours. RCC; 2 Newson’s Sh Ch Tivalake More Than Wishes, lovely girl who is a good type, lovely size & outline, moved well and at 8 years can still show the youngsters how to cover the ground correctly with good footfalls, well boned legs & feet & a nice hindquarter, good topline & well set tail, pretty head & expression, did well to win her place here in such a strong class, proving that age is nothing in this lovely breed; 3 Elkin’s Tollelkin Water Dancer. SBB (7,1) 1 G Struttin’ Her Daisy Dukes; 2 E Laoise, 3rd in a previous class but showed well to take 2nd here, she is of a smaller type but still correct, pretty head & expression but still needs to finish, still learning her craft & I am sure with maturity should have a nice future, she moved well here & this gave her her place; 3 E Lily The Pink. PAM BLAY