• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Italian Spinone


Italian Spinone

I don’t need to tell you how much I enjoy judging the breed. This is my 13th time giving CCs but the quality is still there & I just love the temperament of the breed & the people showing them! They always make me feel welcome.

Please watch the mouths, I was surprised about how many had misplaced teeth. I know that a level bite is acceptable but there is no mention of teeth that are misplaced. At present this is not affecting the head shape but this can soon happen if it is not watched. The other thing I really noticed this time was just how many are close behind going away. It doesn’t show up in profile but is very obvious in up and back. It appears that there are a few that need more muscle tone to correct the fault. Road work could help.

PD (3,1a) 1 Hinton’s Inostricani On A Mission, 11 months old young stallion, well made throughout with lots of promise, masculine head which shows good proportions with a lovely eye & expression, good bone & feet, moved well if very typical for his age, in good coat, well presented, BPD just beaten on the day by the bitch, who not only is from the top drawer but also is just right for age & moved a dream; 2 Clark & Sharp’s Affilato You Can Bank On It, only 9 months & two months can make all the difference at this stage of development, there is no mistaking his quality but just needs to strengthen all through but particularly in his middle piece but what a lovely type who is balanced & put down in excellent coat & condition. JD (2,1) 1 McGregor’s Diggmere Marays Chi Bloom, alone but this does not distract from his typical outline & type. Masculine head & expression with a good neck & topline, well set & carried tail, this o/r just needs to finish & tighten up in hindquarters going away, nice profile movement with good head carriage. Coat just on the blow but an interesting youngster. GD (2) 1 Glazik’s Ellisbell Piaggio, a taller boy but still balanced, typical head & expression, with a lovely eye, width of skull & ear carriage, good neck & shoulders, in excellent coat & condition, well boned legs & feet, used correctly to cover the ground with ease & purpose, he is quality & I couldn’t take my eyes of him either set up or moving, hence I was able to give him a well deserved RCC, in such lovely company; 2 Monnery’s Ellisbell Beaufighter, litter brother to 1 & the same qualities apply, just needs to finish in head to complete the picture & also to tighten up all through, but he is balanced with a good coat & moved well when settled. PGD (2) 1 Blythe’s Gradevole Buzzolai of Blymara, loved his masculine head & expression with that lovely look that only this breed can give you, just the right amount of neck, very typical b/r who set up looked the picture, moved OK, with the correct profile movement & head carriage, coat at present not at its best but the hot weather isn’t helping any of the dogs’ coats, so I chose to ignore coat condition, good type who shows promise when he finishes; 2 Robinson’s Gradevole Strufolli, again litter brother to 1 but just preferred 1’s head & expression, his head is masculine but eyes a bit too deep set for my preference, moved very typically, he has good proportions & in good coat & condition, well boned legs & feet used to advantage in profile movement. LD (6,2) 1 Collett’s Stagerun Matteo, very masculine dog who presents a good outline, settled better on the final run round but he has a masculine head, eye & expression, good balance in head with well placed ears, good neck & topline, strong, well muscled hindquarters used to advantage in profile along with good head carriage, strong loin leading to a correctly placed croup & well set & carried tail; 2 Clark & Sharp’s Affilato Put A Spell On You for Cacciaroqvi, not an overlarge dog yet still masculine & in proportion, pleased to see a docked tail, what a difference this makes to the overall balance of the breed, good neck & shoulders, excellent topline, croup & well set tail, good ribcage & of course in excellent coat & condition, again, another who moved better the second time of asking; 3 Thompson’s Testaverde Pyramid Song at Paradeco. OD (5) 1 Thompson’s Testaverde Back For Good at Paradeco, b/r boy who is balanced & quality all through, this mature dog just kept calling me back. Well coated & presented so well, very masculine in head & expression, a lovely eye with that human expression which is so prized in the breed, typical profile movement with an excellent head carriage, good neck, shoulders & topline, strong loin leading to an excellent croup with a well set & carried tail. I am sure I haven’t seen him before but after a run off, I could not resist him for the CC, his third, congratulations; 2 Littlemore’s Sh Ch Inostricani Bell Ragazzo via Krismoor, very close up & when I checked, he is a dog that appealed before, I am delighted with his progress, on the day, just preferred 1’s head with its maturity. Lovely moving dog with well boned legs & feet, good ribcage & loin, correct topline, croup & tailset, he is balanced & quality throughout; 3 Culling’s Lucoru Fairy Tale Of New York. VD (1) 1 Blythe’s Sh Ch Larlila Morello, this lovely boy belies his age, he is balanced & quality & a lovely type who is well coated & put down to the minute. Correct proportions on his excellent head & expression, on looking at his breeding, I can see why he appealed, alone but could win anywhere. BV.

PB (3) 1 Sharp’s Affilato It Had To Be You, all I wrote was ‘yummy’, how can you describe a bitch who has stolen your heart, I have never wanted to own one but this one I could steal! Such a beautiful head & expression, lovely eyes which look at you in such a human way, how can you resist, put down in excellent coat & condition & despite her young age, in excellent muscular condition which together with her correct forequarters, strong bone & feet, coupled with a strong hindquarter, which is not overdone, all came together to allow her to cover the ground with ease & correct footfall, holding a good topline & well set & carried tail. I would be a fool not to see that this is the kennels’ next champion. BPB & BP, & a whisker away from the RCC but that won’t be too long coming; 2 Sandy’s Inostricani Sky’s The Limit at Milisimo, very close up & again a top quality bitch who is so very feminine, loved her head & expression, good balance to head leading into a good neck & shoulders, correct topine, tailset, bone & feet, moving moved with such power for one so young, lovely type who is going to have fun with such potential, I shall follow her progress; 3 Powell’s Amedeo Modigliani. JB (2,1) 1 Anderson & Mayne’s Annilann Temptress del Michiamo, quality white & orange youngster who is very feminine in outlook, lovely head & expression, moved true with lovely profile outline & correct head carriage & the correct free, easy movement covering the ground with ease, excellent coat & condition, good neck of the right length, not overlong & strong, good topline, good type. GB (3,1) 1 Challands’ Annilann Miss Big Girl Spanx, litter sister to Temptress, who is balanced with good body proportions, excellent feminine head & expression, correct proportions to the head with well set ears & good eye shape & placement, excellent profile movement & also set up, she is balanced. Still young & needs to strengthen in hindquarters going away still a bit close but her quality, type & general showmanship took her to this class win, with maturity should have a good future for she has a good temperament & a love for showing; 2 Powell’s Stagerun Valentina, excellent square bitch who is slightly taller but still balanced, so fit & strong. Just preferred 1’s expression but her head is well proportioned, she is in lovely coat & condition & well muscled all through, moved well on well boned legs & feet. PGB (2) 1 Anderson & Mayne’s Sosteli Songbird del Michiamo, stronger built bitch who loses none of her feminity, such a good head & expression with a kind eye, o/r in excellent coat which is well presented, good neck & shoulders, correct topline, croup & tailset, correct ribcage & undercarriage, moved well covering the ground correctly; 2 Kruglow’s Amberellie Rosanna, smaller bitch who was upset by the plane doing loop-de-loop! Such a shame as she has so much potential, I just hope that this has not spoiled her for future shows. I let her move before going over her but she settled ok for me to see her feminine head & expression, good body proportions & when she relaxed she moved & showed well, well done owner on getting her to settle. LB (8,3) 1 Allum’s Macarica Fair And Square, cracking bitch of quality, still so young but with so much potential. This exhibitor keep breeding a lovely type which appeals to me. Loved her temperament & outlook. Such a feminine head with correct proportions & such a lovely eye & expression, good neck which is not overlong, leading to an excellent forequarters & depth of chest, good topline, strong loin, correct croup & well set & carried tail, in excellent coat & condition, well boned legs & feet all together meaning that when she moved she covered the ground with ease & purpose, in profile she carried her head correctly & her proportions mean that her movement is correct. I could not resist her for the CC & her movement, type & quality gave her the BOB too but they are both excellent examples of the breed to my mind; 2 Longstaff’s Kevardhu Life Of Rylea, similar in type to 1, this o/r has a feminine outlook & her proportions mean that set up she is correct & square, lovely head & expression, put down in excellent coat & condition, one I have liked before & I am very pleased with her progress, her movement is excellent & particularly good in profile, showed well in the heat; 3 Lea’s Piccolonoce Vanilla Crunch. OB (3) 1 Jones’ Sh Ch Inostricani Mima Am Charluben, won a good class under my last time I judged & am pleased that I still think she is a lovely type. Very balanced girl who moved a dream, good head carriage in profile, excellent feminine outlook with a good proportioned head & a lovely eye, in excellent coat & condition. See she was my RCC last time too, RCC; 2 James’ Inostricani Fianna, stronger o/r bitch who moved well in this good class, pretty head & expression, she is a nice type & is quality all through, enough coat which is well presented, has so many good points that I suppose she will change places with 1 on many occasions, who they should have some good times together, she is well made with good neck, shoulders, topine & tailset; 3 Boyes-Weston’s Inostricani Crown Jewels. VB (3) 1 Littlemore’s Sh Ch Aurelia The Explorer of Krismoor, lovely veteran, I can see why she is a show champion for she has lots of good attributes, typical head & expression, moved well for age, she is a nice type, square & well proportioned in profile, in good coat & condition; 2 Jones’ Sh Ch Inca Volata Am Charluben, slightly smaller than 1 but still well proportioned, in good coat & condition, moved well on well boned legs & feet, very feminine in outlook & a nice type, again her quality proves that she is a worthy show champion; 3 Barrett’s Piccolonoce Tootsie Roll.