• Show Date: 08/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/09/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Manchester Terrier



Thank you for accepting me as the stand-in judge & I hope that Miss Cox is now feeling a lot better. Thanks too to the stewards who helped on the day. A good ring & the grass just right for the breed.

VD (1) 1 Straughan & Cripps’ Talanors In For A Treat, this 8 year old boy was put down in lovely coat & condition, masculine head & expression, in profile had a good head carriage, good neck & correct topline & tailset, good depth of chest & moved well, alone but a worthy dog to take to win class & to then go on to best veteran. PD (1) 1 Williams-Wegmann & Wegmann’s Talanors Typically Trouble for Essvana, just 11 months & needs to mature up & tighten up particularly in front, he is just a baby & moved as such, has potential when he gets his act together, he is just right for age & is well made all through with a good head & expression, correct neck & topline with a well set tail, good markings. BPD. JD (0). PGD (0). LD (0). OD (7,1a) 1 Oxley’s Ch Digelsa Double Agent, what a cracker, one I have really wanted to judge & he did not disappoint, typical male with a masculine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset, good depth of ribcage with a good tuck-up, correct hindquarters, put down in excellent coat & condition, moved so soundly & correctly. CC & BOB; 2 Warner’s Ch Talanors Time For Fun ShCEx, another good typical dog who has good proportions, masculine head & expression with good ears on top, he too is quality & won his place in this excellent class of typical Manchesters. Liked his hindquarters & sound, correct movement looking particularly good in profile really showing a correct topline & head carriage. RCC; 3 O'Neill’s Megellan Artemis Argentis. BD (0)

VB (1) 1 Young’s Mimbre Monsoon, at nearly 10, she is carrying her age well & really enjoying her day too, excellent body proportions with a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulder placement, good topline & tailset, good hindquarters, moved so well for age & a credit to her owner & the breed. Best Special Beginner. PB (1) 1 Cawley & Stockton’s Magpiebank Breeze for Marlablue, another super puppy of 10 months with lots of potential, moved so well for a baby on good legs & feet, so feminine in outlook, pretty head & expression, good type who showed well for her young age, just right for age, she really impressed. BPB & BP. JB (1) Entries) 1 Plant’s Spring Wren at Plantocracy, only just over a year but a lovely type who just needs to finish, she is still learning her craft & when she settled she moved & showed well, feminine head & expression with good ears on top, in lovely coat & condition. PGB (3) 1 Spring Wren at P; 2 Spain’s Nespoli You Are My Sunshine, just needs to body up to complete the picture for she is very typical & feminine in outlook, a feminine head & expression with a good neck & forequarters, correct topline & tailset, moved well & with time she will look the full picture for she has lots of potential; 3 M Monsoon. LB (2) 1 O'Neill’s Magicus Silvestris Sweet Bonnie, took time to settle, I wonder if the heat was upsetting her but when she strode out she stopped hunching up & moved with ease & precision, very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, a good eye & well set & carried ears, excellent hindquarters & good topline when she relaxed. Quality bitch of a lovely type. RCC; 2 Sharpe’s Rosettia Keepsake, good body proportions which you can see when she moves, from her correctly carried head, strong topline with the correct tailset & hindquarters. Just a tad more neck would finish picture set up but very typical. OB (4,1) 1 Oxley’s Ch Black Bandits Anything Goes at Digelsa (Imp Deu),quality bitch who really caught my eye in this strong class, only 3 here but they are all from the top drawer. She is a lovely type with a cracking head & expression, good eye & well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, correct tailset & loin, she is well muscled all through & when she moved she really covered the ground with ease & determination. Showed her socks off to win the class & CC; 2 Knight’s Ch Talanors Typically Special, not an overlarge bitch but so sound & typical, she is balanced & well made all through, feminine in outlook & moved with ease & style, one I have admired from a distance & going over her did not disappoint; 3 Straughan & Cripps’ Ch Talanors Time To Shine at Mannikai. BB (1) 1 M Monsoon.