• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/09/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Weimaraner



BD (4,1a) 1 Dane’s Weipowa Little Bit Of Good, 7 year old docked dog who has such a typical head & expression, showed & moved well when he settled, excellent body proportions & lovely depth of chest with a strong loin & well set tail which was carried well, lovely type & doesn’t look his age; 2 Jennings’ Wallaroo Romeo, this youngster is only 16 months old & needs to drop into his frame, good body proportions when he finishes growing I think, good topline & tailset although through excitement can carry his tail slightly high, but he moved OK when he settled, nice type of a darker colour; 3 Osborne-Fardon’s Silberliss Bombadier. VD (2,1) 1 W Little Bit Of Good. MPD (2,1) 1 Charlish’s Gunalt The Hangover, alone but can certainly win anywhere, has a lot of potential. Very typical of the breed with a good masculine head coming, good ears, neck, shoulders & hindquarters & tailset. Still needs to strengthen in topline but this will come as he matures up & gets muscles & strength in the loin to help. PD (1) 1 Rayner & Maskell’s Enjager Access to Raystans, again alone but he is quality & will win everywhere. Needs to settle on the move but when he did he covered the ground with ease using his strong hindquarters & excellent topline & tailset to advantage. Masculine head & expression with a good neck & shoulders, he is balanced with well boned legs & feet. BPD. JD (8,1) 1 E Access To R; 2 Charlish’s Harelferg Wise, half brother to 1 & the same excellent quality, winning his place in this good class, excellent head carriage on the move in profile, again moving with ease & purpose, good depth of chest & strength in loin to allow his topline to hold, masculine head & expression; 3 Hesford, Campbell & Timmi’s Pipwell Hay Jude. YD (6) 1 Isherwood’s Gunalt Schweppes at Caleydene JW, not an overlarge dog but fit for purpose, so sound & balanced excellent depth of chest, masculine in outlook with a good, well proportioned head with a lovely expression from correctly set & shaped eyes, excellent neck & shoulders, strong hindquarters & well set tail, moved well in profile with correct head carriage & strong topline; 2 Hillen’s Britmans Auriol, very typical male who just needs to finish to complete the picture, masculine head with good eyes & ears carriage, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, good depth of chest & strong loin, enough hindquarters, held a good topline & tailset which is docked on the move to win his place in this good class, in good muscletone; 3 Radford’s Schonhund Show Finale. GD (3,1) 1 B Auriol; 2 Porter-Manning & Porter’s Wallaroo Kynki Bootz, litter brother to Romeo & similar comments apply. He is well bodied but needs to finish as at present he is longer on the leg & needs to drop into his frame. Masculine in outlook with good hindquarters, used to move around the ring effortlessly. PGD (2,1) 1 Filby & Brown’s Desjiem Billy Dont Be A Hero JW, moved well & true but set up he hunched up a bit which spoilt the picture, when he settles & get used to the ring, I am sure he will relax & make more of his good points for he is a well made dog who is very masculine in outlook, a nice youngster with a masculine head & expression, just needs time & patience. LD (6) 1 Bennett’s Cavalmist Cosworth, interesting to see that his sire won a CC from me & took the RCC at Crufts in ’15. He is obviously passing on all his good points, he is a cracking dog who is not overlarge but balanced, he moved so well with ease & purpose carrying his docked tail at the correct height, excellent masculine head & expression which was carried well in profile, excellent neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet & good depth of chest, he was well muscled with a lovely hindquarter & coat which gleamed in the lighting; 2 Hawkins’ Smilek Fernando JW, another docked dog but the temptation was to overstretch behind, which seems to be a common problem at present. It alters the topline. I checked in the breed standard where it says moderately angulated with well turned stifle. Loved his head & expression, very masculine in outlook, when set up he has good body proportions & is a good size, good neck & shoulders & a lovely depth & width of ribcage which extends back to a strong, well muscled loin; 3 Richardson’s Cheyenn Makeeta. OD (10,2) 1 Simpson’s Ch Sireva Emeyefive JW, I won’t lie, I saw this dog at a show as a youngster & he really impressed, I have never been lucky enough to judge him before, I was not disappointed. From the moment he came in the ring, his quality & proportions caught my eye. Not an overlarge dog but still very masculine with a lovely depth & width of ribcage leading back to a good tuck-up, masculine head & expression with a lovely eye, good neck & shoulders, held a strong well muscled topline & well set tail, which was carried correctly on the move. Loved his colour & quality & thrilled to have a chance to judge him. CC, BOB & G4; 2 Pavey & Evans’ Sh Ch Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva, pleased to have another chance to see this boy, he has come on so well, now fully mature & reminds me of his sire, De Ice, who took BOB at Crufts under me. He has the same quality & was well handled to take his place in this hotly contested class. Slightly taller than 1 but still balanced, loved his type, movement & outline, he is very masculine, there is no mistaking his sex, beautiful yet masculine head & expression, he is well made & put down in excellent coat & condition. RCC; 3 Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk JW. GCD (0)

BB (2) 1 Lord’s Chilternway Bukeela, lovely, pale 4 year old who was well made & balanced, moved well on well boned legs & feet, good feminine head & expression, good forequarters & correct hindquarters, in lovely muscular condition. Best Sp Beginner; 2 Golbourn’s Kallasilya Swan River Daisy, pretty bitch who is very feminine in outlook, she moved well particularly in profile, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, she is a good size & balanced. VB (1) 1 Read’s Whitecross Remembrance, well she may be 10 now but she has lost none of her type. The owner reminded after that she won PGB at Crufts & this Longhaired still has so much to like. Moved round the ring pacing in the class, even though she was alone, I would still have chosen her for her type & good outline. Still has a lovely head & expression & enjoyed her day. Best Veteran; MPB (2) 1 Morris’ Kalimor Tinker, half sister to Ida, who won the next class. What a cracking puppy, I loved everything about her, excellent neck, shoulders, topline, tailset & hindquarters, moved so well particularly in profile, such a feminine head & expression, well placed & carried ears, enough depth of chest for age. She is quality & a very exciting prospect. BPB, BP & PG4; 2 McLoughlin’s Kalimor Tailor, litter sister to 1 & not so developed yet, she will take time to fulfil her potential, moved & showed well, again that feminine head & expression, she is well made all through & time is on her side. PB (2) 1 K Tinker; 2 Murray’s Silberstern Rumour Has It Around Rachmor, nice puppy who again needs to settle on the move, she is well bodied with good hindquarters. Needs to finish but her head is coming along nicely & she is well made, just need the time to hit the top for she has all the building blocks there to make her give you a lovely time in the ring. JB (5) 1 Hill’s Weipowa Ida, this lovely young bitch certainly caught my attention, half sister to Tinker & similar comments apply. She just needs to strengthen all through but she is quality & balanced & moved so well on well boned legs & feet, she showed her socks of to win here then take Best Junior in Breed & was shortlisted in the Junior Group, well done; 2 Longbottom & Milby’s Gunalt Curtain Call JW, another Hendricks child, she is stronger than 1 & pushed her hard, feminine head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, moved in profile effortlessly round the ring with the correct head carriage & footfall; 3 Charlish’s Harelferg Cookson. YB (3) 1 Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Dottie JW, classic Weimaraner who is a good mover, she is balanced & so feminine, she is well made all through from her pretty head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set & carried tail. Good depth of chest well back into a strong loin. She is quality with a good future I feel; 2 Radford’s Schonhund Show Faith, longer coupled bitch but she just needs to tighten up to finish, a good head but I just preferred the expression of 1 today. Moved well covering the ground & showed well to win her place; 3 Cain’s Schonhund Show Mia Star at Lustamusk JW. GB (2) 1 W Ida; 2 C Bukeela PGB (3) 1 C Bukeela; 2 Brown & Davies’ Wystry One Mint Julep, nice type, would just prefer a better shoulder, this affects her movement, but when she settled she moved better. Good topline, tailset & a well muscled hindquarters, feminine head & expression, showed well; 3 Dobbs’ Kalimor Summa Love JW LB (6) 1 Maskell & Rayner’s Enjager Harmony with Brownbank JW, half sister to Access & the same excellent quality, she is beautiful & a lovely mover, so very feminine, excellent neck, shoulders, depth of chest, loin & well muscled hindquarters, such a feminine head & expression, she is balanced & quality. Could not resist her for the RCC; 2 Hill’s Weipowa Beretta, very close up & another cracker, she is the dam of Ida & Ida is certainly showing all the signs of following in her footsteps. She is quality & a good mover, well muscled all through & put down in excellent coat & condition, so very feminine with a beautiful head & expression, pushed 1 hard but won her place in this strong class; 3 Sayer & Wallwork’s Braefell Bumblebee. OB (10,2) 1 West’s Sh Ch Gunalt Wavelength JW, another Hendrick’s child, from the moment she came in the ring, she kept drawing me back. Nothing exaggerated about her, she is just sheer quality all through, she is well made all through but when she moved was when she really came alive, correct footfall, lovely head carriage, correct topline & tailset & well angulated hindquarters, moved with style & purpose from excellent well boned legs & feet, such a feminine head & expression with a lovely eye & well set & carried ears, loved her front construction & when she wasn’t overstretched you could really see her balance & muscletone. A worthy champion. CC; 2 Morris’ Kalimor Gem, dam of Tinker, such quality in this pretty bitch who was put down in excellent coat & condition, pushed 1 hard for she is show feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, a good colour & a lovely type which she is passing on her children. An excellent class to finish with; 3 Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Sh Ch Gunalt Lustrous with Roydack. GCB (0)