• Show Date: 10/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/12/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Large Munsterlander


Large Munsterlanders

BEST OF BREED : 7974 POWELL, Ms Jan & MURRELL, Mr Anthony Sh Ch Crumpsbrook Woodrush

Dog CC : 7974 POWELL, Ms Jan & MURRELL, Mr Anthony Sh Ch Crumpsbrook Woodrush

Res Dog CC : 7983 WEBB, Mrs Alison Albadhu Counting Stars

Bitch CC : 7985 WILKINS, Miss V Sh Ch Quilesta Simply Exquisite

Res Bitch CC : 7970 LOGIE, Miss Erin & BRAIDWOOD, Mrs Fiona Albadhu final encounter

Best Puppy :

Best Veteran : 7968 LOGIE, Miss Erin & BRAIDWOOD, Mrs Fiona Sh Ch Cindy vom hundsfeld at albadhu (Imp) Deu

PD (1,1) JD (1) 1 Day's Tarkanya Ritas Reinheart at Alfriston, lovely profile movement on this 14 months old youngster. Bit close behind up & back but I am sure this will improve with age, he needs to fill out too but has much potential & could win in any company. He has a lovely head & expression with the correct length of head leading into a good neck & shoulders, he is well boned with nice feet & balance. PGD (2) 1 Webb's Albadhu Counting Stars, not an overlarge dog but typical movement & good balance, put down in lovely coat & condition, typical youngster who sometimes flies his tail but he is quality & a lovely type with a good masculine head & expression with a lovely kind eye, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & well set tail, good depth of chest. RCC, sired by the DCC & BOB; 2 Evans' Tarkanya Ritas Reinblanc, disappointed with this nearly white dog, oversized & straight behind, at present a bit untidy in movement but he has a lovely head & expression & a kind eye, happy boy who still needs coat & maturity to see how he develops. LD (5,1) 1 Waddington & Chick's Albadhu Walk of Life, sired by my CC winner last time & the same good qualities apply, he is unexaggerated & not overlarge but when he settled he moved well. In excellent coat & condition, good head & expression, well boned legs & feet, he is balanced & quality & won a good class; 2 Caile's Foxy Gabber Uut ‘t Vossebeltseveld for Kamaze, very similar in type t 1 but just appears younger & needs to finish, moved well when he settled but particularly good in profile movement with lovely head carriage, excellent coat & condition, just needs to finish as time is on his side, masculine in outlook; 3 Siddons’ Foxy Gozer Uut't Vossebeltseveld. OD (5) 1 Powell & Murrell's Sh Ch Crumpsbrook Woodrush, didn't recognise this dog at first, he had won JD under me in 2018, my how he has come on! Same remarks apply but again it was he excellent profile movement & head carriage which caught my eye on the first run round the ring, he is quality & very typical, he now has maturity with an excellent coat & condition, good body proportions & depth of chest, lovely hindquarters used to advantage both here & in the challenge. CC & BOB, he looked a picture in the group & did the breed proud; 2 Logie & Braidwood's Sh Ch Albadhu Walk On The Wildside, another from the top drawer & although still young, he is masculine in outlook, another with a good length of head with a lovely expression & a lovely eye, good width of head into a good neck & shoulders, again in good coat which was presented well, moved with good profile movement really using his excellent forequarters & hindquarters to advantage, a worthy, quality champion; 3 Logie & Braidwood's Sh Ch Albadhu Wish Upon A Star JW. VD (0) GCD (1) 1 Jenks' Albadhu Hidden Potential, this dog's breeding is certainly producing typical Large Munsterlanders who appears to be fit for purpose, this lovely boy has a lovely intelligent eye & a good length of head balanced with well set ears, he is well coated which is presented well, nice type who moved well in profile with good head carriage, alone but could win in good company.

PB (0) JB (2) 1 McLellan's Raycris Fields Of Glory for Saranden, this young girl of just 16 months now just needs to tighten up & mature to finish the picture. She is a good size & proportions, feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, good neck & shoulders, well bodied with a good loin & topline, well set & carried tail, moved in profile with purpose & determination, has potential when she finishes; 2 Robins' Tarkanya Ritas Ruby with Destanli, litter sister to 2nd in PGD but totally different in outlook, size & proportions, she is a sound mover with excellent hindquarters, topline & tailset, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, a good type who showed well. PGB (2) 1 Evans' Tarkanya Sophies Sunflower, just waiting for her new coat to complete the picture for she is a lovely type & a sound mover using her well boned legs & feet to cover the ground with ease, very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression & a good eye & well set & carried ears, good topline & tailset, good neck & shoulders, not exaggerated in any way & very typical; 2 Powell & Murrell's Tureagh Crystal Cider, I could see who her sire was for she carries the same good points as he does, moved so well with lovely shoulders & correct length of neck, feminine head & expression, in lovely coat & condition, splitting hairs here as they are both quality & typical of the breed. LB (4,2) 1 Logie & Braidwood's Albadhu Final Encounter, cracking bitch similar way bred to lots of the winners today! This partnership seems to be producing a lovely type of the breed, she is classic with lot to like, excellent head & expression, in lovely coat which was well presented, bit lazy up & back but in profile she was excellent, really using her correct forequarters & well muscled hindquarters to cover the ground with ease, good depth & width of chest & a strong loin which ensured a strong topline. RCC; 2 Foreman's Toberworry Little Lies, pretty headed bitch who today was not so steady on the move well, boned & in good coat with nice presentation, good body proportions, showed well & looked a picture set up for she has good depth of chest & good feet. OB (5) 1 Wilkins' Sh Ch Quilesta Simply Exquisite, a very close class to judge but this one shone in her profile movement & head carriage, she is quality & has the maturity to finish the picture, excellent head & expression, good eye with correctly set ear carriage, lovely neck & shoulders, strong topline held on the move with correct tailset & depth of chest, strong loin & well muscled hindquarters, I can quite see why she has done so well for she is just right for the breed & one to admire. CC; 2 Logie & Braidwood's Sh Ch Albadhu Pawsitive Vibes JW, dam of the RDCC & the same quality, again that cracking profile movement I was looking for, excellent head & expression, enough coat but what she had was well presented, she is balanced with a good neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset, well boned legs & feet & is obviously passing on her excellent qualities to her children; 3 Ward's Sh Ch Braccpoint Song of the Wind for Gemlorien. VB (5) 1 Logie & Braidwood's Sh Ch Cindy vom Hundsfeld at Albadhu, no wonder she appealed as she is dam to so many today & is from the top drawer, this import has done so much for the breed, I was pleased to judge her, this beautiful bitch belies her 8 years & carries the years lightly. lovely type with a pretty head & expression, balanced & moved so well from her well boned legs & feet. BV; 2 Darby's Sh Ch Brockchime Besta Both to Incadar VW, another old friend who is now 14 & carries it well, last time she took the RCC & she is still a force to be reckoned with! It was lovely to catch up with her & thrilled to see her looking so well & holding her one in such a lovely class; 3 Ogle & Butler's Ursel vom Ahler Esch at Raycris. GCB (1) 1Ward's Sh Ch Braccpoint Song Of The Wind for Gemlorien, lovely girl who was 3rd in a strong OB class, pretty head & expression with good length & proportions, nice neck & shoulders, good topline held on the move, alone but showed well here to win, good coat & condition, good body proportions.