• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)



MPD (1) 1 McShane’s Linirgor Twenty Four Seven at Rigerin, what a charming young man of just 7 months, he has so much potential & shows the early promise of a typical, quality Golden. Lovely presentation with a good coat which is just right for age, lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, held a good topline & well set & carried tail, seeing his breeding, I see he is half brother to the RBCC, he is quality & I shall follow his progress. PD (1) 1Bardossy’s Dewmist Dream Weaver, another puppy who was alone but similar comments must apply, at just over 10 months has just a bit more development over the minor puppy, excellent profile movement with lovely head carriage, good neck & strong topline & well set tail, well boned legs & feet, masculine head & expression which is just right for age, put down in excellent coat & condition. BP. JD (3,1a) 1 Byrne’s Conaoimh Galaxy’s Edge of Whistler Jun Ch Cjw, well balanced youngster who just needs his head to finish to complete the picture, kept an excellent topline both set up & moving which is where he won of 2 at present, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, he is balanced with a lovely hindquarters, moved well particularly in profile; 2 Thomson’s Vi-Vi's I'm Your Man by Lulu with Corsemaul, today he was a bit unsettled & not holding his topline, he is only just over a year & again needs time to finish but when he settled showed he was a typical Golden of a lovely outline, again put down in lovely coat & condition. YD (4.1) 1Bednall & Milledge’s Bencoe Big Time Operator, very mature for age, today just lacking coat to complete the picture, lovely bone & feet, masculine head & expression with a lovely shaped & coloured eye enhanced with well set & carried ears, good topline & tailset, lovely hindquarters which he used to advantage to cover the ground; 2 C Galaxy’s Edge of Whistler; 3 Vi-Vi's I'm Your Man by Lulu with C. ND (2,1) 1 Vi-Vi's I'm Your Man by Lulu with C. GD (5) 1 Gerhold’s Navilis Vivat Vivaldi, balanced, typical dog with a good neck & shoulders, enough coat which was well presented, masculine head & expression, lovely ribcage & strong loin, enough hindquarters, won an interesting class; 2 Brown’s Ipcress Oracle, heavier boy but still well made & balanced, different type but he has a good head & expression, nice topline & tailset, he is well proportioned & masculine in outlook, moved well to take his place; 3 Middlemiss & Coull’s Harmarjoy Ragnor Lothbrok. PGD (6) 1 Munro’s Linirgor Walk The Line of Glenbuie, another half brother to the RBCC & MPD, he is beautiful & quality all through, he is balanced with enough coat which was well presented, so sounds on the move with a masculine head with a lovely expression, well boned legs & feet, excellent topline & tailset, good hindquarters; 2 Bednall & Milledge’s Gunhills Time Traveller, well balanced dog, I was surprised how good this class was, lovely type which again appealed, masculine in outline, moved well on his well made front & hindquarters, good topline & well set & carried tail, in good coat & moved well; 3 Little’s King of Swing Qdore of Labgold to Bluebraes. LD (7) 1 McGeoch’s Nedlezah Lochlea, he is sired by the DCC & the same beautiful quality & sound movement, he is balanced & masculine in outlook, loved his type & balance, put down in excellent coat & condition, such a lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, when he moved it was effortless & a joy to watch him cover the ground with ease, very close up to the main winners, his time will come; 2 Broadhead’s Monchique Last Samurai, close up but just preferred the up & back of 1 in this tightly fought battle, again an excellent type who is balanced with a lovely head & expression, again excellent presentation & showmanship, well made neck & shoulders, good ribcage & loin; 3 Gerhold’s Navilis Nouveau Venu. OD (7) 1 Dunbar’s Sh Ch Linirgor Tomich, caught my eye when he walked in the ring & I never changed my view of him, he is balanced & quality all through, beautiful head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, strong topline & correct ribcage & loin, well muscled hindquarters, when he moved it was seamless, just flowed round the ring with no effect at all, well boned legs & feet which covered the ground with ease & precision, again excellent presentation, a pleasure to judge. CC; 2 Archibald’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Abinvale Firestorm, again another that caught my eye & I knew that the battle would be between these two. This mature dog is beautifully presented of a good size & shape, so balanced & well made all through, excellent bone with correct feet, lovely forequarters & well muscled hindquarters, a masculine dog who again moved well & showed his socks off to win his place & the RCC; 3 Bardossy’s Shamrock Prince of The Seven Kingdoms. VD (3) 1 Stallard’s Maplerose All Tuckered Out, hard to believe that he is now 7 years old, this beautifully moving dog was balanced & in excellent coat & condition, masculine head & expression with a good neck & shoulders, masculine in outlook & covered the ground with verve & enjoying his day. BV; 2 Gerhold’s Sh Ch Jaymardy Indigo Pacific, what a naughty boy who forgot he was 8 years old and thought he was 8 months, he made me smile for he is very typy & certainly enjoying his day out, kept a good topline with a well set & carried tail, lovely hindquarters & he moved well when he decided to settle; 3 Burrows’ Dilworthey Williams Prince. BD (8,2) 1 L Walk The Line of G; 2 M All Tuckered Out; 3 G Time Traveller.

MPB (2) 1 Harper’s Tullochmohr Ray of Sunshine at Glynerva, what a yummy puppy, she is well coated for age & well schooled too, in lovely body just right for age, loved her type & balance, so very feminine with a pretty head which still has to finish, moved well & shows lots of promise. BPB; 2 Kelly’s Zenevieva Sweet Spot, absolute baby of quality, just needs time for her to finish but she has it all there, very feminine again with that pretty head & expression that I look for, moved ok for one so young on well boned legs & feet, put down in lovely coat & condition. PB (3) 1 T Ray of Sunshine at G; 2 Glynn’s Westlow Meet Me Halfway, lovely girl of 11 months who is very balanced, just needs to finish to complete the picture, today played up on the move & still needs to tighten up all through but she is worth the effort as she is quality & very typical; 3 Z Sweet Spot. JB (7,1) 1 Rodgers’ Ambersun Passione of Odarla, loved her type, she is so sound & balanced, she moved with ease & style, put down in good coat, which was beautifully presented, she is just right for age with that feminine head & expression which I look for in the breed, moved well on well boned legs & feet; 2 Kelly’s Fairwinds in Motion with Zenevieva, again that same lovely type that I look for, I was nit picking in this class as I liked both for their type & balance, she has an excellent topline & tailset & profile movement & head carriage were very good, put down in lovely coat & condition; 3 Glynn’s Westlow Meet Me Halfway. YB (4,1) 1 Harper’s Tullochmohr Shooting Star at Glynerva, same way bred as BPB & the same comments apply, a pretty bitch who today was the best mover in the class, lovely neck & shoulders, feminine in outlook with a beautiful head & expression, she is balanced & quality; 2 Broadhead’s Strathlon Spirit of Ecstasy, reserve in the last class but deserved her place here for she was more settled, very mature & showed & moved well, enough coat which was well presented, she is just right for age & showed well here; 3 Heffernan’s Lisartan Poker Face. NB (5,1) 1 A Passione of O; 2 T Ray of Sunshine at G; 3 Arnold’s Balibeau Keep ‘er Lit. GB (9,1) 1 Carlton’s Fhairmhor Moonlight Sonata at Thistlegate, this was a very close decision between 1 & 2, 1 is a balanced bitch with a beautiful head & expression, very feminine in outlook, balanced with a good neck & shoulders, strong topline held on the move, she is quality; 2 Hill & Smith’s Megarvey Deja Vu, again very close up, similar comments must apply, again matched 1 footstep for footstep, balanced with a lovely head & expression, again a good topline & tailset, bet these two change places on numerous occasions, for they are both typical, balanced Goldens; 3 Maddison’s Jaymardy Sweet Caroline. PGB (6,2) 1 Dunbar’s Linirgor Nine to Five, now I see the breeding, I can see why she kept drawing me back! She is beautiful & everything I would expect this is lovely breed, put down to the minute with a correct, excellent coat with excellent presentation, beautiful head & expression, strong neck & well placed shoulders, held a firm topline & well set tail which was carried well, she is balanced with well muscled hindquarters used to advantage on the move, covering the ground with ease & making an excellent picture beside the BCC. She is quality & pleased to give her her first RCC; 2 Hill & Smith’s Megarvey Clementine, she too is quality all through but just needs more finish to complete the picture, again that feminine head & expression I look for, excellent neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, good hindquarters, ribcage & loin, moved well on well boned legs & feet; 3 McCormack’s Flyngalee Wishing Well. LB (8,1) 1 Middlemiss’ Harmarjoy Freya, the more she moved the better she got, really settled & presented a good picture of a typical Golden, has so much to like from her feminine head & expression to her well set tail, she is not an overdone bitch just correct all through with a feminine outlook, she is balanced & put down in lovely coat & condition; 2 Byers’ Balibeau Thons A Terra Cpw 22 Jun Ch, a well made bitch with a feminine head & well placed eye & ear set which gives the expression I look for, a lovely type who won her place in this strong class on movement today, just needs coat to finish the picture for she has a good hindquarter & a good ribcage & loin; 3 McShane’s Rigerin Respect. OB (9,3) 1 Archibald’s Ir Sh Ch Abinvale Arrieta, caught my eye when she came in, she is quality & so typical of the breed, she is balanced with the most beautiful head & expression, her brother took the RCC too, so the owners are obviously producing quality Goldens that I would admire, she moved so sound on well boned legs & feet, in profile she kept the true head carriage, strong neck & topline & a well set & carried tail, well muscled hindquarters, her movement carried her through till the end of the day & I was thrilled to watch her in the group taking her place. CC & G3; 2 Rodgers’ Sh Ch Rojillair Evening Magic of Odarla, smaller bitch who wasn’t so happy today but when she woke up set up she looked the part & when she moved she showed me her potential, she moved soundly & is balanced with a good head carriage, very feminine in outlook & a good type, pretty head & expression; 3 Moran’s Clonbay Time to Return at Woodmore. VB (2) 1 Middlemiss’ Harmarjoy Winter Story, lovely 8 year old bitch who showed well, enough coat which was well presented & the correct texture, moved so well & enjoying her day. She is balanced with a feminine head & expression; 2 Burrows’ Dilworthey Princess Lottie, showed OK but sometimes needed to be reminded she was showing for she tended to lose her shape, she was obviousy enjoying her day out, in lovely coat & condition for her 8 years, moved OK when she settled, very feminine in outlook & a good type . BB (8) 1 H Freya. Best Beginner; 2 Baker’s Sandseers Piacenza at Cavallocane, such a sweet expression on this pretty bitch, she was well presented & shown, just needs more body to finish the picture for she is balanced with good body proportions, moved well on well boned legs & feet; 3 Buckles’ Berrymeade Brittas Bay for Brazenbeacon.