• Show Date: 17/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Octavian Galla Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/04/2024

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Bull Terrier

I would like to start by thanking the committee of the Darlington Dogs Show Society for giving me the opportunity to award my very first set of “tickets” in Bull Terriers, and I have to admit that this is a day that will never be forgotten. Also a big thank you goes to all the exhibiters that entered and exhibited their dogs under me. I have to mention that although the overall entry for wasn’t in particular large (which, unfortunately, is rather typical for a general championship shows these days), the quality of some of the exhibits was so remarkable that I could have easily awarded at least two or even three CCs for each sex given the option. Overall I very much enjoyed myself on a fabulous sunny day and going over some exceptional examples of our beloved breed. Thank you all.

Class 1506. VETERAN DOG

No Entries

Class 1507. PUPPY DOG

1st (4390) Starcinco A Milion Dreams - BOWNES, Mrs Julia & BOWNES, Mr David
Tall, 9 months old white puppy with brindle ears, beautifully trained and presented in good condition indeed. His head although has a good length, correct dentition and ears set would benefit of more arc and fill as well as keener eyes. He has parallel front, lovely neck, but would benefit of a shorter back. He has enough hock angulation and good tail set. He moved parallel coming and slightly close going. Certainly given his age he need some time to mature in body.

Class 1508. JUNIOR DOG

Only two dogs in this class but nevertheless both extremely shapely & top quality examples of the breed.

1st (4409) Aricon Eye Roller – STANLEY, Mr Eric
This brindle and white young fella came today to impress and he not only did just that…he excelled. Just 11 days out of puppy, this flamboyant young dog with a gleaming brindle & white jacket has a truly power packed head with excellent length, beautiful fill and width, a classy profile, small triangular eyes and correctly set ears giving that desired varminty expression. His mouth is correct. He has a textbook neck which flows effortlessly into his correct shoulders, giving an excellent fore chest. He has well spring of rib and a fabulous ultra-short back which finishes with a correct tail set. His fore-limbs are straight with tons of bone and lovely cat-like feet. Hind limbs are very well angulated with well-developed muscular thigh. A joy to watch him move in particular his exceptional drive. Although this is his first show, he was showing himself to perfection guided through by his ultra-experienced handler. He won the class on overall superior power, masculinity and indeed class. Later on, in the line-up, his mint condition, the array of virtues he possess and to top it up the textbook showmanship, pushed him right at the top today. A pleasure to award his first CC and I am absolutely certain there is much more to come as he matures. DCC

2nd (4413) Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore – Thompson, Miss S E & Woodward, Mr R
16 months old very attractive brindle and white lad which I previously admired from the ringside. He is a different type than winner of the class, nevertheless a quality exhibit that possess a strong, masculine head with unbroken profile, good length, width, fill and topped up by a correct mouth. He has small eyes and well placed ears, overall giving a keen expression. He is a very shapely dog throughout, with good bone for his type, straight front, short back, and correct tail set. He is an extremely well-schooled boy that moved parallel coming and slightly close going. He was shown in tip-top condition, never took an eye off his experienced handler. He is one to be watched as he matures.


1 entry – Absent

Class 1510. LIMIT DOG

1st (4414) Kenxtwen Let’s Go - TOWNEND, Miss Annmarie & BALL, Mr Adrian
2 years and 10 months old high quality eye-catcher, wearing a red & white jacket, in pristine condition. He is a top class boy having a good head which would benefit of a bit more power, nevertheless his profile carries a lovely arc, excellent small eyes and ears placement, finished off by an excellent expression and a correct mouth. His clean outline is a true picture which is not a surprise given his textbook make and shape. He has a good length of neck, correct shoulder placement, beautiful fore-chest, short back, correct tail set, enough bone and good angulation. Moving well coming and slightly close going. Although there were brief moments today when he lost focus and looked rather disinterested, pushing his handler to her limits, his overall quality, type and top class make & shape won him the class with ease. Certainly he is one I shall watch interest in the future as his quality demand attention.

2nd (4403) Ragnarok One Step Beyond – WILSON, Mr David
4 years and 7 months old lovely white boy with head marking, presented is excellent condition. He has a strong, masculine head with excellent arc, fill and good mouth. He would benefit of a keener eye and better ear placement. Lovely straight front, enough bone for his size, well sprung ribs, tidy feet. He would look better balanced being a bit short in back and would prefer a better rear angulation. He was moving better coming than going. Expertly shown.

3rd (4417) Villensia Sweeney Todd – VILLENSIA Miss L

Class 1511. OPEN DOG

As per usual norm this class was packed with quality exhibits and surely today it didn’t disappoint.

1st (4389) AUS CH UK Bulroarus Might N Power (IMP) AUS - BLAIR, Mrs Anna & BLAIR, Mr Peter & WISEMAN, Mr Tony
An absolute might N power of a dog! What more can I say that’s not been already said about this serial winner and worthy champion. This white fella with ear markings is indeed a hunk of a dog that possess maximum substance. His head is indeed the “pièce de résistance”; power packed masculine head with excellent length, arc and width. His eyes are small, triangular and well placed and together with correct set ears give a piercing expression. Correct scissor bite. He has a lovely neck and correct shoulder placement, a beautiful fore-chest, parallel front and tidy feet. Well sprung ribs, clean body lines and short enough back although not as short and cobby as the CC winner. His hindquarters are very well muscular with good angulation. He moved well once settled. His superior head, substance and power won him the class. Although his ultra-experienced handler tried every trick in the book to get his attention and fire him up, in the line-up he failed to match the showmanship and the charisma of the CC winner. RDCC.

2nd (4397) Blazinbullys Ace of Spade at Lydsyll – LEESLEY, Mr Scott
Tall, upstanding white lad with eye patches. Tremendous showman which has a good head, with good length, fill and width, good profile, and smart eye and ear placement, giving a keen expression. Correct scissor bite. Clean neck and well placed shoulders, parallel front with enough bone and tidy feet. He has a well sprung ribs, moderate length of back, muscular and well angulated hindquarters. Moved with purpose both ways holding his top-line on the move. He was presented in mint condition and shown to absolute perfection. Overall a quality dog but rather unlucky to meet the 1st today.

3rd (4400) Irazistabull Star of Vulcan – MCDONAGH, Mr David & MCLEISH, Miss Shirley


1st (4392) Kirkby Glistening Snow – DAVISON, Miss Lisa Marella
9 years old substantial and shapely white lass with black eye patch. She has a very pleasing head with good length, expression and a correct bite. She has clean body lines, deep chest, plenty of bone, straight front and cat-like feet. Moved very well and her eyes were glued on to her owner at all times; very much enjoying her day out. She was presented in super condition and was indeed expertly shown.

Class 1513. PUPPY BITCH

1st (4415) Bullorties Cherry Pie - TOWNEND, Miss Annmarie & BALL, Mr Adrian
Very feminine 7 months old fawn & white girl which is lovely marked but needs more time to mature. She has a good length of head but would benefit of more width, fill and turn. Ideally a smaller eyes will complete the picture. Her bite is correct. She has a parallel front, but better should placement would be ideally. Well angulated hindquarters and tidy feet. Very exuberant young bitch that needs plenty of time to mature and more training in order to settle down and perform at this level.

Class 1514. JUNIOR BITCH

1st (4408) Phoenixscar Mythical Magic – SMITHSON, Mr Richard & SMITHSON, Mrs Clare
15 months old attractive white girl with brindle ear markings which excels in all aspects related to her head. She has a feminine and completely packed head with excellent length, fill and width. Her well placed ears and those small triangular eyes give a piercing expression. Her bite is correct. Lovely neck and beautiful fore-chest, decent front but a shorter back would complete the picture. She has ideal amount of bone for her type, muscular hindquarters with good angulation and lovely tight cat-like feet. She moved better going than coming. On the day she was carrying a little too much weight but her jacket was in gleaming condition. Expertly shown nevertheless won the class on superior make and shape and overall quality.

2nd (4401) Kenzduo Coal Tipple At Janineabullz – MCMASTER, Miss Janine
Yet another quality young white lass with ear markings, which possess an absolutely exquisite head, superbly filled and turned. She has a very attractive expression and a correct bite. She also has lovely neck and cat-like feet but she would be benefit of a longer upper arm which would give her a much better fore-chest, lay of shoulder and indeed much better overall balance. She moved parallel on the front and rather close at the rear. I would also prefer better top-line on the move. She was presented with excellent condition and shown to perfection.

3rd (4410) Aricon Eye Time – SWAINSTON, Miss Rebecca & SLEE, Mr Jody


1st (4388) Aricon Eye Eclipe Cum Abbaz – ARMITAGE, Mr Michael
This white young lady with ear markings has type written all over her. An absolute treat for the onlooker eye, her text-book make & shape generate a very attractive outline.She had beautiful feminine head with everything in just right proportion. Lovely neck flowing in correctly placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, parallel front, beautiful fore-chest and an ultra-short back finishing with a correct tail set. She has just enough bone for her type and lovely cat-like feet. Her hinds are muscular and well angulated. Once settled she moved parallel coming and going with fabulous drive. Shown in excellent condition but, just one word of wisdom, she would benefit or more ring training which would make all her attributes to shine.

Class 1516. LIMIT BITCH

Top quality class!

1st (4394) Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin (A.I.) – HIRST, Miss Andrea
Another super typy white beauty with a fabulous outline. She is a picture standing and in motion. Superb head that’s got everything in perfect proportion and with a piercing expression. She has a beautiful neck, correct shoulder placement, well spring big, fabulous fore-chest, short back, correct tail set. Her front is parallel with good bone, but to be critical she would benefit a better arched & tighter toes. She moved parallel boy way with fabulous drive. She is a “busy” natured lass that won the class (and the reserve ticket) in style but making the handling a real work-out for her rather experienced handler, stretching her to the limits. RBCC

2nd (4406) Razorsedge Are You Ready – PULLEN, Miss E.
Very attractive brindle and white beauty that has literally almost all the attributes of winner of the class with the exception of being slightly longer in back and perhaps not moving with the same drive and purpose as the 1st. She was presented literally in utter mint condition and shown to utmost perfection by her ultra-skilled handler. She is a beauty I always admired from the ring-side and goes without saying, she is an absolute credit to her breeder & owner.

3rd (4412) Barnesmore Ice Angel Gorbain – THOMPSON, Miss S E & WOODWARD, Mr R

Class 1517. OPEN BITCH

Another top quality class with fabulous exhibits!

1st (4407) CH. Grande Finale of Briden – SMALLEY, Mr Brian & SMALLEY, Mrs Denise
There she comes…glamour, style, and utmost class. She is the definition of prettiness and femininity. Gorgeous ultra-feminine head, that’s got everything you can wish for, length, width, fill, strength, the darkest of the eyes and here small ears are giving the ultimate piercing expression. Shapely body lines, lovely neck, parallel front, short back, correct tail set and maximum substance for her gorgeous type. Standing still she was a picture to be framed. When not teasing her handler she was moving with the desirable Bull Terrier jauntiness. Unfortunately I couldn’t take her home with me but I was more than pleased to award her the CC and the BOB. BCC 

2nd (4395) Bluepoint White for Garthybull – JOHN, Mr Gareth & JOHN, Mrs Emma
Yet another ultra-quality white lass straight from top drawer! She has an absolutely power packed head with superb arc, width and fill. Correct bite. She is indeed well balanced with extremely attractive body lines, although I feel, that on the day, she carried just a touch too much weight which, given the company she was in, was rather detrimental. Nevertheless she has a fabulous front, ideal amount of bone for her type, short back, and excellent muscular hinds with decent angulation. Her white jacket was in gleaming condition and she was shown to absolute perfection by her well-schooled handler. Without a shadow of a doubt she is another one I would’ve liked to take home with me. In the line-up she was indeed a serious contender for the RCC but sadly started playing up on the final move.

3rd (4418) Astasia Shiro Ojo – WALKER / JENNINGS, Mr Mrs Miss S & A & M