• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: norma inglis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Affenpinscher


SUNDAY 18th JUNE 2023


Border Union is a lovely show. This year we were lucky with the weather as it was dry, sunny and very warm…but for the first time I experienced judging a whole entry of black, shaggy coated dogs dealing with strong sunshine. The cheeky monkey expression is important to the breed but with many squinting and panting because of the glare and heat it added a degree of difficulty in gauging expressions. This was my first time judging Affenpinschers at Championship level and I appreciated the entry of quality dogs. Today there were 30 exhibited and I was a little surprised to find several with their tails sitting very close to the top line instead of wafting over the back. Maybe the heat contributed to their tail carriage…or maybe not. The Open Dog and Bit** classes were very satisfying and the competition for the top places was keen.

PD (2)

1. Mumby’s YORCRECHI HAS A DREAM WITH CARMICHAN At 11 months, coming to the end of his Puppy classes and is ready to make the move to Junior. Liked what I found on the table. Typical head with cheeky, animated expression. Decent length of neck, firm, sturdy body with moderate angles both front and rear. Bristly coat texture. He swept around the ring with style showing good elevation in front. Going away he impressed. Tail up and over. A dashing, well developed youngster.

2. Patmore’s SIMIACANES KHAL DRAGO Giving away a bit in maturity and self confidence. Only 8 months, so time is on his side. Nicely balanced head with good eye and nose placement. Excellent top line but periodically letting his tail drop. Lovely rear action. Not shy, just needs more exposure in a show environment.


YD (2) 1 ab

1. McEvoy’s ASHIBLACK PEARLY KING Super smart boy in shaggy coat almost two years old. Delicious masculine head and expression. Twinkly dark eyes making correct triangle with nose. Decent turn up. Good bone. On the go around he showed good lift. His outline impressed with adequate neck, medium angles and firm top line, finished off with pleasing tail. A real jack the lad who is very flirtatious. Alone in his class but stood up well to the competition in the Challenge. Showed so well and my eye kept going back to his compact, squarely built outline. A tad closer behind than CC winner but a deserved RCC.

GD (2) 1 Abs



 LD (3)

1. Boulcott & Stewart’s DATIRO HI-DETROIT AT INGERDORM I found lots to like about this 2 year old. Handsome head with expressive eyes. Good turn up and plenty of width to jaw. Well made body covered in harsh coat. Size appealed and he went up and down with ease putting to good use his moderate angulation front and rear. Tail set and carriage satisfied. Just wanted more from him in the challenge and feel that it would be beneficial if he picked up the pace slightly. Half brother to Bitch CC.

2. Shepherd’s AVANTGARDE QUANTUM MUTATA Another blessed with good looks. Super expression with face features all combining to give that cheeky monkey outlook. Neat body shape with good ribs. He was carrying a wealth of rough textured coat and this tended to make him appear heavier over the shoulders than he was. Happy enough but for some reason decided to drop his tail on occasion.



  OD (6) 1 ab Lovely class.

1. Shepherd’s CH AVANTGARDE ZONKED OUT ZAPPA A very handsome boy with brilliance in eyes that were round and dark. Well balanced in head with broad forehead, excellent chin width and sufficient turn up. Good size with front and rear angulations matching to give freedom of movement. Level top line with tail carried aloft and gentle curved. Carrying a quality shaggy coat. Reading my notes I have written “chunky monkey …happy chappy” My choice for the Dog CC

2. McEvoy & Pirrie’s CH GUEREZA MEET JOE BLACK Tasty two year old whose dam I admired when I last judged and I see he is also the sire of Dear Prudence…. safe to say ‘its in the genes’. Scored for size, conformation, and he strutted with decent lift. Good looking with lovely eye and nose positioning. Broad brow and small, high set ears. Mid brown eyes. Very self assured. On the day preferred tail positioning of winner.



PB (3) 1 abs

Two feminine pretty girls.

1. Clifton-Plaice’s COUTUREABULL SELLADORE Could not deny this neat 8 months little doll. She had great appeal and I found myself liking her more and more as the day progressed. Appealing spirited expression with dark eyes. Good chin and turn up. Correct coat. Nicely made with all components fitting well together enabling her to move freely . She had an affable personality and willingly showed herself off. Nice tail finished off a lovely outline. Has prospects. BEST PUPPY IN BREED


2. Pirrie’s RIOGAIOCH DEAR PRUDENCE You can see instantly she is precocious with fun loving attitude and her smart outline grabs your attention. On closer inspection has a cheeky comical expression coming from correct face features. Twinkling eyes, small well positioned ears. Nice placing of eyes and nose. Good ribs with firm top line and super rear. Rough coat. Winner came towards me cleaner in front but I foresee a bright future for both these girls.

JB (2) 1 abs

1. Pirrie & McEvoy’s AFTERGLOW CHEDDAR GORGEOUS GUEREZA A lovely Junior Miss full of cheek. Facial features appealed with rounded brow, bright eyes, wide jaw and turn up. Good harshness to coat. Tidy body shape with spirit level top line and enviable tail carriage. Only 12 months and her exuberance bubbled over and she needed more steadying going away. Bubblicious.

 YB (2) 1 abs

1. Pirrie’s RIOGAIOCH BETH LE HEM Pretty girl who was having fun. Sassy with lots of attitude. Typical head and an expression that dared me not to like her. Ideal size with square body shape and moderate front and rear angles that complimented. Shown in lovely coat. Went well coming and going and satisfied in side gait with pleasing tail positioning. Feel she could easily carry a title


 PGB (2)

1 Cairns’ AFTERGLOW GRETA GARBAGE AT GALICAR A sweet bitch with lots going for her. Gentle face full of animated expression. Very friendly attitude. Steady mover and in profile showed off her square, balanced outline. Better coat than 2. Would prefer more strength behind but her other virtues more than compensated. I see she is only a week out of puppy so has lots of time.

2 Clifton-Plaice’s COUTUREABULLS MY PRECIOUS Nice natured 2 year old who was biddable and did all that was asked. Attractive monkey face features with round eyes, neat ears. Liked her body proportions. Square and well bodied. Decent mover


LB (2)

1. Clifton-Plaice’s COUTUREABULLS ARYA STARK Lots of harsh coat gave this bitch a touch of glamour. Feminine with expressive face features. Well bodied with good ribs and carried her tail tidily over the back. On the move she was precise and accurate with a decent rear.

2. Wiggin’s SCAPAFIELD SCHWARZ RAVEN JW Sweet faced with that touch of mischief that makes this breed special. Lovely eyes, dark and round. Good size with ample substance. Top line ok. Not in such good coat as winner.

OB (4) 1 abs

1. Hick’s CH DALTIRO GIBBONTAKE. Ultra smart and very feminine in outlook with super head properties. All components add up to the correct monkey like expression with a touch of sauce. Short neck leading into moderately laid shoulders. Firm top line. Well ribbed. Looks very good standing and even better on the move when everything comes into play. Enjoying her ring time and her jaunty attitude with good lift and wafted tail was good to watch.. Super coat texture. Collecting my thoughts at the end of judging and going through all the points I was looking for …I found this girl fitted the bill. What’s not to like? When you have this much quality, you don't need anyone to confirm or validate it. But I was happy to oblige. BIT.. CC and BEST OF BREED and looked impressive in the Toy Group.

2. Shepherd’s AVANTGARDE LES FLEURS DU MAL NAF A bright spark with lots of self assurance. Her animated expression was feminine with a dash of devilment. Nicely put together and she felt good to go over and satisfied on the move with tail carried over back. Liked her size and she had substance. At 2 she was presented in good condition. Coat was coarse to the touch. Lovely girl full of quality who went home with the RCC.