• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nigel Egginton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Spanish Water Dog

 Crufts 2023

Spanish Water Dogs.

I would like to thank the Crufts committee for my invitation to Judge my breed at Crufts. I am very honoured and lucky to have been given this amazing opportunity. I am very lucky to have been asked to judge twice now at Crufts having judged Lagotto Romagnolo in 2020.

It was a day that I will never forget, and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter under me especially in these financially difficult times. I was astonished to see people and dogs travel from as far away as Belgium, Lithuania, Holland, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Thailand to show their dogs under me, making it a truly international Spanish Water Dog Day. It was also great to receive moral support from members of the Andalusian Kennel Club and the AEPAE. Having been absent from the show ring for a while it was exciting to see many dogs for the first time.

It was great to see everyone enjoying the atmosphere. Generally, the quality of the dogs was very good, but I do have a few concerns that I hope breeders will take on board in a positive constructive way. Character and temperament are so important and on the day a few dogs were a little apprehensive, two dogs had been aesthetically trimmed and this pushed them down the line. Our breed is rustic and should be presented this way. The most concerning points for me was that we are losing typical breed type with rounded croups, excessive rear angulation resulting in sickle hock and an exaggerated tuck up which for me completely spoils the outline of the breed. As we know the breed is typically close at the rear, but it was a shame to now see faults creeping into the front movement. A few exhibits also had rear dew claws present and a few with hair loss on thier noses.

Veteran Dog.

1. Principe De Castro De La Cuersa Flora Del Valentisimo (IMP BEL). Mrs N Spencer. A very striking typical SWD, very well balanced, beautiful head, correct mouth, great pigmentation, Nice straight front, good bone and moved out well holding his level top line. Lovely tail set. In good coat and well-muscled. Presented perfectly. Delighted to award him Best Veteran In Breed.

2. Josalyn Manolito in Seasmoke. Mrs L Napier. A 10-year-old that has really kept his colour. Smaller all through than 1, A lovely expression, nice proportions, A very happy chappy enjoying his day out on the green carpet

Puppy Dog

1. Zorrazo Kind Regards At Lendever. Mrs R and Mr A Lendever. A super 11-month-old white and brown puppy handled so well by his young handler. He has great type, excellent head, excellent pigmentation, good mouth, straight front, good proportions moved out well. Just a little bum high now but this will correct. I’m sure this duo has a promising future ahead of them. Best Puppy In Breed

Junior Dog

1. Delamore Vuokko. Miss W Hadrian. A very happy white and brown young man and well presented. I liked his head and his engaging expression, Good pigmentation, good mouth, lovely straight front with enough bone. Balanced, moderate angulation. Move true fore and aft driving well from the rear and maintaining a level top line. In harmony with his handler.

2. Zorrazo Veni Vidi Vici. Ms A Zsuzsa. Smaller all through than 1 but lots to like. Nice head and ear set of correct proportions, Nice balanced angulation with straight rear hocks. Held his topline on the move but just a tad loose in the front and would prefer a slightly higher tail set.

3. Nuke El Guerrero De Casseria El llano. Mrs K Geryl. I liked him for his type, size and bone and he has a lovely dark brown colour. Nice head and pigmentation. Nice ear set. Was a little apprehensive on the day and did not do himself justice on the move. Would have preferred a higher tail set.

Post Graduate Dog

1. Call Me Valentino Okeanija. Mr S Jermolajevas. A very typical smaller happy male. Well-proportioned head, correct mouth, nice pigmentation, nice moderately angled front assembly with straight legs, nice width of loin, moderate rear angles and width of thigh with straight hocks. Moved with purpose and drive.

2. Chanderhill Eager Eye. Mrs J Wood. A very striking masculine dog. Very nice head, good mouth, good pigmentation, strong neck into well placed shoulders and correct front assembly, lovely body proportions and good width of thigh and moderate rear angles, would just prefer less tuck up. Moved well holding his top line.

3. Adormidera Dark Necessity. Mrs E Bartlett. A finer male with excellent pigmentation, correct mouth , nice rear angulation with well let down hocks, slightly low tail set and I would prefer just a little more weight.

Limit Dog.

1. Nester Vom Hause Kristo (imp Fra) H & G Wiseman. This dog took my eye and is of excellent type. A lovely head with good pigmentation, good mouth, nice eye. Well placed shoulder and straight front. Lovely body proportions with strong shorter loin, correct tail set, good moderate rear angles and width of thigh with well let down hocks. Superbly presented and well-muscled and moved with drive. In complete harmony with his talented young handler. Delighted to award Reserve Best Dog.

2. Janamrio Northern Arlo. Mr A & Mr J Preece & Cooper. Again, a dog that is very pleasing on the eye. Well proportioned head, good pigmentation and correct mouth. Strong neck onto well placed shoulders. Good bone, longer cast than 1 and not quite as balanced, well let down hocks and good width of thigh but would prefer less tuck up and a higher tail set. Cross stepped on the move.

3. Josalyn Roldan El Mago. Mr L & Mrs L Ladlow. A nice well-proportioned head, with correct ear set, nice coat and strong colour. Falls away at the croup and does not hold his top line on the move which for me spoils the outline.

Open Dog.

1. Multi Ch Kilimanjaro Del Majaciete. Mr JC Menacho Ruiz. A beautiful example that just shouted Spanish Water Dog and immediately took my eye. A 3-year-old masculine male presented in a top hard condition with a stunning natural coat. A lovely masculine head of correct proportions, excellent ears, excellent pigmentation, correct mouth, strong neck onto well placed shoulders with nice straight front and good bone. Excellent proportions, Perfect top line, strong wide loin, lovely width of thigh and rear angles with well let down hock. Moved very well with drive and perfect foot fall. Handled to perfection by his handler. Absolutely delighted to award him BOB and see him get shortlisted into the last 7 of a very strong gundog group.

2. Multi Ch All About The Black Diamond Of Okeannija. Mrs U Juozelenaite. A very happy dog that was full of life today, Correct head, mouth and super black pigmentation. Level top line, nice proportions. Great set of tail and carriage. Would want no more rear angulation. Moved with power and drive but a little loose in the front. Another dog handled very well and in complete harmony with his handler.

3. Bombadee Pirelli. Mr T Kaczorek. A larger type than 2 with a nice masculine head, good pigmentation, nice proportions, correct mouth, would prefer a little more bone, just falls away at the croup and a little unsure on the move today. Again, handled very well indeed.

Working Gundog

1. SH Ch/HR Ch Zorrazo Hey There Yogi Bear. Mrs K & Mr M Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford. A very nice white and brown compact male. With a nice head and good pigmentation. Correct mouth. A little upright in shoulder. Short in the loin, Correct rear angulation and nice width of thigh. Excellent coat and presentation. Held his top line on the move but oversteps on the move. Congratulations on working your dog and I look forward to the future when we see more entries in the working classes.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme

1. Zulusky Chris Mears. Mrs JR Appleton. Presented in a nice correct coat. I really liked his head, proportions and type. He held a straight top line on the move. Had a tightly curled tail and moved close behind.

Veteran Bitch.

1. Prizelands Sweet Truffle. Mrs F & Mrs C&S Glayser. A 7-year-old bitch, feminine head of correct proportions, correct mouth, Nice straight front, slightly longer cast. Good width of rear thigh. Just getting a tad weak in top line. Correct rustic coat.

2. Josalyn Jaunanci. This 12-year-old bitch showed her socks off for her proud owner. Loved her head and expression, great pigmentation, lovely proportions, she was well muscled but due to her age did not hold her top line. Great to see her enjoying her day out.

Puppy Bitch.

1. Fielamigo Dream Come True. Miss J Trebert. A white puppy bitch with a very feminine head and kind expression. Good strong pigmentation, Correct shoulder placement, good front, straight top line, nice tail set good width of thigh and straight hocks. Should have a promising future.

2. Janamorio Northern Izzy. Mrs R & Mr A Kehoe. This youngster has a super head, very good front assembly, lovely proportions but just falls away at the croup and tad over angulated in the rear. Handled very well indeed.

3. Shelobi King’s Concubine. Mr L & Mrs L Ladlow. A brown bitch puppy with lovely eye. On the move she did not hold her top line, fell away at the croup and has little rear angulation. The overhaul picture will improve as she matures.

Junior Bitch

1. Rumba Wavelet. Miss V Kyselova. Another very typey bitch that immediately took the eye. Almost 12 months old presented in a beautiful natural rustic coat, very feminine head, lovely eye and correct ear set. Nice straight front with good bone, good top line, good width of loin falls away a tad too much on the croup but great width of thigh and rear angulation with good straight upright hocks. Moved very well with good drive and footfall. Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Chanderhill End Of An Era At Lendever. Mrs R & Mr A Capille. Another very typical SWD of very good type in great condition with a beautiful head, eye and neck, correct shoulder placement, excellent proportions, nice rear angles and good width of thigh, straight hock, moved with drive and covered the ground well but was close at the rear and a little loose on the front.

3. Prizelands Fondant Fancy At Cooiska. Mrs K Thomson. Another very nice bitch, lovely head with correct proportions, nice eye, correct mouth, nice put together front assembly, nice proportions, slightly low tail set that was sadly carried low on the move, nice rear angles. Moved close at the rear. I would have liked to see more energy and drive on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch.

1. Pabiaga Billie Jean, Miss R & Mrs T Lister. A smaller stronger built bitch that I would not want any wider but boy was she in good condition and on top form today and worked in harmony with her handler. Very nice head of correct proportions, good mouth, great ear set, her front was straight but would prefer a bit more leg, she has a fabulous top line, lovely tail carriage, good width of thigh and nice upright hocks. She flew around the ring with drive.

2. Kurlibears September Truffle At Cooishka. Mrs K Thompson. This little bitch has lots to like about her too. Very feminine with very nice proportions, good straight top line, liked her width of thigh and rear angles falls away at the croup and has a low tail set. Moved well but a little loose on the front.

3. Zorrazo Equisite Croatian Pearl. Page & Robinson Miss r & Mr S. A finer bitch of nice proportions and has super colour, lovely pigmentation, again a rounded croup and moved close at the rear. Would also prefer a straighter front.

Limit Bitch

1. Dreams Come True with Okeanija, Mr S Jermolajevas. A smaller type but lots of quality. Lovely head and expression, correct mouth, lovely top line and tail set, nice moderate rear angles and width of thigh, good upright hocks moved with power and drive and finished off in a nice rustic coat.

2. Josalyn Ria Nessa Via Janamorio. MS J Peart. This little one had a very pleasing expression, nice eye and with lovely ear set. Would prefer a shorter neck, slightly longer cast but falls away at the croup, good width of thigh. Moved with drive but a tad close at the rear

3. Oh You Are MagicVom Hause Kristo Of Goldfly. Mrs S Grief. A smaller stronger built bitch, nice kind expression and showed in a shorter coat. Strong body with good rib, would have preferred more leg which would have not made her seem as long.

Open Bitch

1. BA CH Penelope Wavelet JWW Multi JCH. Miss V Kyselova. Another quality bitch from the top drawer who stole my eye immediately she entered the ring. Beautiful head of correct proportions, lovely kind eye and correct ear set. Correct shoulder placement and great front assembly. Straight front good strong pasterns and good bone. Lovely straight top line, nice wide loin, lovely tail set, excellent hind quarters with good width and straight hocks. All this came together on the move where she powered around the ring moving true fore and aft whilst maintaining a level top line. Delighted to award her Best Bitch and she pushed very hard for BOB

2. Conbrio Box Of Delights. Mrs N Spencer. Another bitch from the top drawer who just screams breed type. Beautiful head, eye and ear set, good neck. Well placed shoulders with super front assembly, straight legs with good bone, Super straight top line, strong in loin. Just loved her rear quarters, presented in good solid condition and a stunning rustic coat, sadly she was just a little scatty today which let her down against the other top quality class winner, these two top quality bitches could swop places on different days.

3. My Big Dream Upsakee. Mrs C Lambregts. Another very nice typey SWD, presented in a super rustic coat, lovely head, expression and pigmentation, nice ear set, nice straight front with good bone, slightly longer cast but just lacking strength in the rear.

Working Gundog.

1. SH Ch/HR Ch Zorrazo Cheek By Jowl with Chanderhill. This working bitch was in great condition with a pleasing head and expression. Good mouth, strong short neck, correct length to height ratio, good top line and nice rear angles. I would prefer a bit more width all through. Moved economically but close behind and was a little skittish today. It would be nice to see more swd’s working and entering the working cases.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme

1. Josalyn Palba Leonara. Mrs L Napier. A 7-year-old enjoying her day out. Lovely gentle expression, a little weak on the front pasterns, lovely proportions, liked her rear angles and straight hocks, in a lovely coat and well-muscled.

2. Josalyn UrizzilapDel Amorizzia. Mr J & Mrs A Lapworth. This little one brought a smile to my face as she was just so naughty for her owner, I love to see happy dogs, it is what its all about. She is just a little narrow all through but will obviously mature. Thanks for bringing her and making me smile.

Nigel B Egginton, Valentisimo Spanish Water Dogs