• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nicola Spencer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/01/2024

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Stakes Classes - Terry Thorn Memorial Open Stakes & Windsor Special Beginners

Windsor Championship Show

June 29th - July 2nd 2023

Thank you to the Windsor Committee past and present, not least the late Secretary Mrs Irene Terry, for affording me this opportunity to judge my very first all Groups Championship Show Stakes Classes, which were thankfully rescheduled after Covid cancellations. I was blessed with some absolutely outstanding dogs to assess across all four days which made this special occasion even more memorable and in the larger classes many excellent exhibits went cardless.  

Windsor Special Beginners Stakes Terrier/Toy (28/13) 


Smart Welsh Terrier who stood out for shape and excellent presentation to her harsh jacket and furnishings.  Well balanced and compact in build.  Pleasing head of good length with lovely dark eye and well set ear.  Strong neck. Sturdily built through body and limbs with good angulation in fore and hindquarters. Stands true front and back. Moved out soundly.

2 Johnson’s Moretonia Royal Wren, ETT

Very close decision with the winner.  A little beauty of an ETT that is so well balanced and with the requisite elegance.  Super head and eye with typical, well placed candle shaped ear.  Compact in body with the correct curve shape through the backline. Presented in first class condition. Sound, easy mover.

3 Murphy’s Ruxleywyre Goddess Brigit, Wire Fox Terrier

Windsor Special Beginners Stakes Working/Pastoral (11/6)

1 Roper’s Cardigan Bay, Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Pleasing head and dark eye with intelligent expression. Stands and moves true coming and going with balanced angulation. Ample fill in forechest with good breadth. Well coated with jacket of correct texture. Sturdily built with level topline. Excellent feet with hocks well let down. Very sound on the move.

2 Challinor’s Shanlimore Marvin, Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Masculine enough in head with well set ears. Expressive eye with dark pigmentation. Presents a pleasing overall picture with deep chest and correct proportions to body. Strong through the neck and well made in front. Good bone with plenty strength all through. Firm topline into well set tail. Well coated with good furnishings. Moved out well.

3 Harris-Magri’s Jasmine Pink Bezy Bezy (Imp Pol), Briard

Windsor Special Beginners Stakes Gundog (27/13)

1 Black’s Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain, Golden Retriever

Beautiful head and eye with the softest expression and good pigmentation in this paler coated boy. Excellent bone and good feet with strong front pasterns. Stands true with excellent angulation front and back. Strong neck of ample length. Excellent topline and tailset with ribs extending well back. Plenty width through first and second thigh in well muscled hindquarters. Beautifully presented in excellent coat. Accurate, purposeful mover.

2 Kibby’s Trimere Taylor Maid at Pin-hays JW, ESS

Super type, well made all through with balanced proportions. Compact and strong but with plenty femininity. Excellent head with good shaping through the skull. Correctly shaped eye of soft expression. Well set ears of good shape and length. Stands true in front, well boned with well rounded feet. Clean through the neckline with plenty depth to chest and well sprung ribs. Super mover with excellent reach in front.

3 Howe’s Layways Annie Mac, Hungarian Vizsla

Windsor Special Beginners Stakes Hound/Utility (46/22)

1 Miller’s Alkira Rooibos Valentine, Beagle

Feminine tri-colour, compact in build. Balanced in head with appealing dark eye and good ears. Strong neck of proportionate length. Excellent front assembly, well angulated with strong muscling and nice, tight elbows. Excellent through rib and loin with a firm topline. Good bone through to the feet. Well angulated rear with good turn of stifle and strong, low to ground hocks. Well set tail held well on the move.  


Impressed for overall shape and type. Correctly proportioned head with good balance between foreface and skull. Good mouth. Lovely dark eye with sweet expression. Constructed well all through with good angulation and nicely balanced length to height. Level topline with well set, well furnished tail. First class coat presentation. Strides out with freely with good carriage and typical, jaunty action.

3 Longhurst’s Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW, Whippet

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Bred By Exhibitor Terrier/Toy (28/15) 

1 CAWTHERA-PURDY’s Ch Lireva's Wildest Dreams, Pomeranian

Exquisite! The loveliest of heads with typical foxy outlook framed by correctly set and well sized ears. Short necked and compact through the body. Correct high tail set. Very well made through fore and hindquarters. Stands absolutely true and moves with typical jaunt. Excellent coat, superbly presented in fabulous condition.

2 Curtis’ Brakemill Midsummer Dream JW (Skye Terrier)

Appealed for her super outline. She is feminine yet retains ample strength to her build. Pleasing head with well placed ears of good size. Strong teeth. Well balanced between good length of rib and proportionately shorter couplings lending to an excellent topline. Correct tailset and carriage. Super coat texture. Moved out accurately maintaining a level topline. Beautifully presented.

3 Smith’s Alncroft Foxtrot (Parson Russell Terrier)

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Not Bred By Exhibitor Terrier/Toy (17/10)  

1 Smith’s Ch Heythrop Task Master for Alncroft, Parson Russell Terrier

This dog is the absolute embodiment of breed type, quality of construction and optimum muscular condition. The perfect dog hasn’t been born but he’s pushing the bar in this measure for sure. Correct wedge shaped, masculine head with minimal stop. Strength in muzzle with large teeth. Super ears for size and placement. Keen, dark eyes of correct size and shape. Strongly built through neck and body. Excellent feet. Well made through rib and over loin with excellent tailset. Easily spans. Well made in hindquarters which he uses to advantage on the move. Harsh coat texture with good skin. An absolute pleasure to go over this treasure of a Parson and be able to reward him accordingly.


What a showman! Head of correct proportions with slightly rounded skull. Dark eye, correctly shaped with deep pigmentation to enhance his lovely expression. Good length of neck. Squarely built with firm, level topline and tail well set on raised above the back. Well developed in chest with good spring of rib. Generally so well put together with tip-top presentation of coat and condition.

3 Norton’s Divadell's Charging Bear, Scottish Terrier

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Bred By Exhibitor Working/Pastoral (12/6) 

1 Simm’s Arcticskies the Chosen One, Siberian Husky

Dark red and white male. Super sound all through and presents a harmonious picture of strength and balance on the move. Balanced head with pleasing markings and nicely shaped eye. Straight across the muzzle with lovely curve extending from moderate stop to mould his skull in profile to create an appealing headpiece. Ears well shaped, well set and of good size. Absolutely true in front with good return in upper arm and well laid shoulder. Strong neck. Developing well in depth of chest and ribbed well back. Excellent width to the first and second thigh with plenty turn of stifle. Hocks low to ground. Still a Junior yet strode out so assuredly with excellent tail carriage to his brush. Another exciting youngster full of promise.

2 Thomas & Cullen’s Philoma Socorro, Giant Schnauzer

Super outline with a feminine frame built on strength. Beautiful head, of good length with dark eye and keen expression. Good reach to the neck clean set into the shoulders. Well made in front and rear. Good depth to chest. Well sprung ribs with firm, straight topline. Beautifully presented with excellent texture to her coat. Not much over two years and typically still developing but already brimming with quality and with such ring presence. Another one to watch.

3 Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Ch Belleville Anjo De Noite, Portuguese Water Dog

Have to give special mention to this brown beauty; approaching her twelfth year, naturally her dentition is diminishing which cost her a higher placing but couldn’t deny her outstanding quality and breed type. Presented in superb coat and muscular condition, she flew round the ring like a two year old; what an absolute credit to her breeder-owner!

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Not Bred By Exhibitor Working/Pastoral (15/8)


The most beautiful of heads, correctly proportioned to his overall size with the desired ratios and shaping front on and in profile. Beautiful expression with well placed ears. He has the right degree of strength all through without losing elegance in his masculinity. Relatively short, strong neck dressed with lovely mane and so well made in front. He stands on excellent feet with strong bone and characteristic double dewclaws at the rear. Stands with good breadth across his front and well angulated in his rear and front assembly. Ribs extend well back with plenty depth and maintains a level topline. Powerful hindquarters with plenty width to the first and second thigh. He motored around the ring with ease. Presented in super condition and at not yet three, surely an exciting future to follow as he continues to mature.

2 Lynnyk’s Holodnaya Zhara Vivat! Poltava, Russian Black Terrier

Typical in outline, body set almost square in her large imposing frame. Head of good shape, strength and balance with the correct medium dark eye. Stands straight front and back. Strong level back with characteristic high withers and thick, high set tail. Typical large feet and low set hocks. Excellent coat and furnishings. Carried herself well on the move. At just over two years old, musculature is developing nicely. All credit to her smart, young handler for superb presentation and handling.

3 Rivers’ Orora's French Silk at Merrimak JW, Bearded Collie

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Bred By Exhibitor Gundog (27/16)

1 STURROCKs’ Forfarian Soo Lush JW, Irish Setter

What a treat to watch her move and see everything that is requisite in an outstanding Irish Setter; regal head carriage, racy build, perfect topline to tail carriage and foot perfect stride with propulsion and drive resulting in such a breathtaking outline in motion. The most beautiful of heads set on well arched neck, so well balanced with captivating expression from her dark, almond shaped eyes. Correctly built in front and rear quarters with well made body in between through her well sprung ribs and correct gently sloping topline. Hard to fault, she is absolutely first rate in every department. 

2 Gordon’s Hawkfield Witch Doctor, Pointer

I can appreciate why his breeder-owner took the punt of bringing an eight months old puppy into an Open Stakes. He is masculine with excellent bone and well cushioned, well arched feet. Balanced head with plenty stop and shaping through the skull, muzzle and under eye where required. Clean though the neck and shoulders with excellent angulation in front. Good length and strength through his hindquarters with plenty width to the first and second thigh. His deportment belies his age and like the class winner, another who I could watch stride out all day over. What a truly exciting prospect, teeming with quality.

3 Merritt’s Sperant Chocolate Cosmos JW, GSP

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Not Bred By Exhibitor Gundog (27/18)

1 Loakes’ Sh Ch Rachdale Painted Lace At Goldbirch, English Setter

Blue Belton that presents such a classic image in head and outline with breed typical, super sound, graceful animation. Balanced head with well placed ears of correct, moderate length. Beautiful expression with added character from her eye patch. Elegant in build with good length to the neck, clean through the shoulders and well constructed all through the body into equally well made hindquarters. Excellent topline and tailset. She certainly doesn’t seem her eight years and is so well turned out in great condition. 

2 Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Sh Ch Gunalt Lustrous With Roydack, Weimaraner

Pushed the winner hard and clearly another very worthy Champion. Superb, clean and balanced outline. Feminine, balanced head framed by correctly shaped, well placed ears. She is so well constructed from start to finish. Good length of neck into clean well laid shoulders. Plenty length through the well angulated upper arm through to good fill in forechest. Excellent topline and tailset, well ribbed back with short, strong couplings. Well proportioned comparing length to height. Another who excels on the move with her powerful, accurate footfall.


The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Bred By Exhibitor Hound/Utility (21/12)

1 Boloria's Trick or Treat JW, Wirehaired Dachshund

Brindle with super head; balanced with nice shaping through the brows, strong muzzle and good nose. Eye of good shape and colour. Well set ears. Decent fill in forechest and well ribbed back with firm level topline and excellent tailset. Particularly liked her length to height proportions. Well angulated in rear with hocks low to ground. Dense, harsh coat. Sound mover who covered the ground with ease, superbly handled and presented.

2 Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Smokin Storm, Tibetan Terrier

Black and tan. Beautiful head with good shaping through the skull and lovely dark eyes set well apart with appealing expression . Good mouth with reverse scissor. Still only a yearling and lovely to go over; typical square outline, ribbed well back with plenty strength, depth and substance through the body. Well constructed front and back. Firm topline with tail of good set and carriage. Well off for bone with large feet. Excellent coat and furnishings, beautifully presented.

3 Phillips’ Fulang's Follow Me Stargazer, Chow Chow

The Terry Thorn Memorial Stakes Open Not Bred By Exhibitor Hound/Utility (25/9)

1 Carrington’s Ch Bushwacker Oceans Eleven, Basenji

Super, breed typical, outline. Head of correct proportions with slightly more length in skull compared to foreface. Correct small sized ears, carried forward with sufficient wrinkle to the head. Lovely arch to the neck into clean, well laid shoulders. Made so well in fore and hindquarters. Hocks firm and low to ground. Excellent topline and tailset with plenty fill behind the tail. Stands well up on the leg with characteristic long, swinging stride.  

2 Brennan’s Burwen Billie Jean at Kaytoni JW, Japanese Shiba Inu

Small and well balanced with correct proportions of slightly more length to height. Pleasing head with well developed cheeks and defined stop. Neat small ears carried well and framing the typical expression in her relatively small, well set eyes . Good topline and tailset. Stands true all through with balanced angulation. Well put together hindquarters with good length to he first thigh and short, strong second thigh. Excellent feet. Superbly presented with harsh outer jacket. Moved so very soundly.

3 Thornton’s Julemark Primrose At Maplelayne JW, Beagle.

Nicola Spencer - Judge