• Show Date: 19/02/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nicola Garbutt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Standard)


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at there show and also for there lovely hospitality and to my 2 stewards who kept things running smoothly .Also to the exhibitors for my lovely entry I had some really nice dogs to judge a few did seem to struggle with the floor at times.

MPD.(5,1)1. Kendall Magin the Great Escape just 6mths but showing lots of promise will definitely be one to watch in the future just loved his shape and balance lovely dark expressive eyes head still developing tight lips good bite nice chin good length of neck into good body straight front stands on neat tight feet good tail set and carriage good rear angulation sympathetically handled to get the best out of him his movement was very steady and balanced.2. Lawton Sarnia Love me Tender with Abbeydale very similar in type to the winner but just not as balanced and together as the winner but that will come with time and maturity head balanced for size with lovely dark eye of good shape and good stop straight front on tight feet compact body good depth of chest good angles front and rear movement was ok just tending to through his front a bit on the move but I’m sure he will do well in the future.3.Theobald Chicavallo Flash Light.4.Barneveld/Wasowska Viadula Monstro the Maneater. PD(5,2)1.Stevenson Alisiane Eyes on the Prize 10 mths well put together youngster a little heavier in the head than 2nd but his head is balanced for his size and will develop with maturity lovely eye of good shape and colour long neck into lovely straight front good topline and rear angulation he was enjoying himself today.2.Graveney Villanders Luxury Lover smaller type with a lovely refined head good chin tight neck he has a good front but needs to tighten up on the move moderate neck deep chest good tail set lovely coat for age.3. Harlow Volvo Corona Regni at Izzandi (IMP POL).PDAOC.1. Patterson -Rogerson Kamarri the Show must Go On just loved this boy for a brown his has the most stunning head as he is refined but you can still tell he is a male he has a lovely dark eye and shape very good pigment tight lips and neck good ear set lovely tight feet long neck good layback of shoulder level topline good rear angulation good body for his age he is brown so will take longer to develop but he has to be one for the future lovely well presented coat when it came to top honours could not deny him the RES CC I’m sure as he matures he will take top honours also BPD BPIB RBPIS .2.Harlow Volvo Corona Regni at Izzandi (IMP POL) this young man was enjoying himself today taller boy again with a lovely head for a colour very expressive eyes with a cheeky glint not as settled and collected on the move as the winner but when he did settle had good rear and front extension solid body with good rib muscular rear. JD.(2)Brook Scullbrook Raising the Odds JW upstanding 15 mth with balanced head dark expressive eyes and good stop good chin chiselling starting to come good front tight feet he has the most fantastic coat for a youngster that was very well presented shown in good hard condition he really covers the ground on the move kept him in to my final 4 in the challenge im sure his time will come 2. McLoughlin Jester the Chester De Isla De Kann Zanteswtch (IMP ESP) unlucky to meet the winner in this class tall boy masculine foreface good pigment dark eyes of good shape good reach of neck well placed shoulders with nice topline shown in continental nicely presented just not quite the angulation as the winner loved his attitude .YD.(4,1)1.Brook Sculbrook The Beat Lives On litter brother to my junior winner brown with a profuse well tailored coat heavier type but head balanced good eye shape and colour good pigment lovely front when stood but on the move today he became the brown clown so was tending to through his front on the move he has good rear angulation which is well muscled and when he did settle has good rear extension. 2 Goman Afterglow Divine Comedy JW upstanding boy with lovely head dark eye good expression nice feet shown in good condition straight front well angulated rear just needs to settle on the move and not as mature in body and coat as the winner but that should come with maturity.3.McLoughlin Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zanteswtch.PG(5)This was a difficult class to judge as some handlers and dogs seemed to be very enthusiastic so im sure that some of these placings could change in the future.1. Coates Jaspalie Ghost upstanding white boy who has the most pleasing outline when stood masculine head but not coarse good eye shape colour and pigment tight lips and neck mature body level top line well muscled hind quarters lovely presentation he was quite exuberant on the move making his handler really work but we did get there eventually lovely boy.2.Griffith/Hutchins Parcheeni Con Fuoco heavier type than winner shown in a shorter trim which really suited him shown in hard condition lovely knuckled feet beautiful dark eyes very good chin good spring of rib he was one of the best movers in this class. 3.Irving/Fountain Kertellas Whats my Line at Poppymaque .4. McLoughlin Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zanteswtch. LD.(5,2)1.Coates Jaspalie Ghost.2. McLoughlin Chester the Jester De Isla De Kann Zanteswtch.3.Bedwell Vicmars Smart Fella.0D.(3)1.Langdon Ch Huffish Rewrite the Stars with Atastar (IMP SWE) upstanding black dog with a wealth of well presented coat he is a real stallion of a dog he presents the most pleasing outline when he is stood when you put your hands on him he has a well developed body underneath his coat good bone tight feet lovely long neck level top line broad muscular loin good tailset and angulation on the move today he was faultless I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC BOB and later on in the day watched him go BIS he is a showman so pleased to have been able to judge him today.2.Hoblin Kertellas the Legacy this is another lovely boy who is maturing nicely lovely refined balanced head lovely eyes good pigment long neck running into well laid shoulders good body and tailset would love to see him with a more tailored coat as when he is stood it tends to spoil his outline brought him back in to challenge for the Res CC but he wasn’t happy with the floor today I’m sure his time will come.3.McLoughlin Jester the Chester De Isla De Kann Zanteswtch (IMP ESP).SPODAOC.(3)1.Brook Scullbrook The Beat Lives on.2.Eburne Carristina Silver Starlight from Shirgasei silver with excellent pigment and eye colour good front deep chest strong well ribbed body short well muscled loin lovely and balanced on the move.3.Mcloughin Jester the Chester De Isla De Kann Zanteswtch (IMP ESP).VD(0).

MPB.(4)1.Kendall Magin a Work of Art just loved this little lady petite baby with a pretty refined head dark sparkly eyes good chin straight front good depth of chest long neck level top line moved easy and freely what a lovely litter this must have been some very promising puppies for the future.2 .Parker/Winwood Montego Milli Vanilli taller girl with a refined feminine head lovely dark eye and good pigment plenty of attitude reachy neck straight front and good shoulders lovely tail set and carriage once she put her mind to moved well just not as steady as winner but once she gets it together should do well in the future.3. Preston Volgarus be my Guest.4.Ansell Tazzeim Strike a Pose.PB(4,1)1.McLoughlin Villanders Lemona Women pretty black lovely refined head dark eye good chin tight lips lovely sweet expression long neck into good shoulders and front short in back good tail set well angulated lovely balanced out line just needs to mature in body but that will come with maturity BPB another that should have a promising future.2.Carter Friesian’s Rihanna at Somanic (IMP GER) slightly bigger girl but still has a lovely feminine head silver who’s colour is clearing nicely lovely dark eyes with melting expression tight feet short and coby in body profuse coat for a youngster just not as settled as winner on the move today really making her handler work once she gets it together she should do well. 3. Rogerson Magin Here to Eternity .PBAOC.(2,1)1.Carter Friesian’s Rihanna at Somanic (IMP ESP).JB(4,1)1.Wells Volgarus Consider the Lily very elegant feminine black who caught my eye as she entered the ring lovely dark eyes with that poodle twinkle refined head with good chin and tight neck crested neck into good shoulders good depth of chest level topline good rear angulation shown in continental and expertly trimmed to show off her shape she was in my final 4 for the cc just needs to mature in body then can see her taking top honours.2.Woodward Highla Loves to Party at Novatell this girl presents a lovely picture when stacked refined head with dark eyes and sweetest expression mature in body good spring of rib lovely steady balanced movement just needs to tighten in front.3.Laing Marcasite Heart’s Desire (AI).YB(3,1)1.Hoblin Kertellas Diamonds Darling JW beautiful black with refined feminine head with the darkest of eyes and lovely expression she has a wealth of coat but underneath it is a well constructed bitch lovely long neck good front and stands on tight feet well muscled rear angulation one of the best tail set and carriage of the day so very balanced on the move I would love to see her with more tailoring to really show off her shape RES CC and sure she will get her title.2.Willoughby/Williams Afterglow Willomenia at Foubly heavier type girl to my winner but head balanced with dark well shaped eyes good feet depth chest and rear angulation a happy girl who was really enjoying herself .PGB(7,3)This was a difficult class to judge as some of these girls didn’t want to show so im sure some of these places will change.1 Goman Alisiane I Will Survive black shown in a shorter trim that really suited her as it showed off her lovely long neck and shape dark eye with pretty head tight feet lovely happy personality and well handled very balanced on the move and that’s were she scored in this class as she settled into herself the more she moved.2.Davies Tafari Touch of Pink bigger type girl but still feminine head with good stop well set ears and strong neck deep chest rear angulation balanced on the move.3.Luty Sympkia’s Special Delivery.4.Eburne Shirgasei.LB(4)1.Patterson-Rogerson Kamarri Wonderlicious JW ultra feminine black with the darkest of eyes and wicked expression well set ears good chin and neck line lovely tight feet and forchest long neck good spring of rib muscular loin good tailset and carriage good rear angulation presents a lovey shape when stood I just loved this girl she so deserves her title on the move she is so balanced CC and hopefully no3 wont be far away.2.Parker/Winwood Montego Hear Say feminine pretty head lovely almond shaped eyes good pigment and eye colour long neck good feet good body condition good front and rear angles just not quite the drive of the winner on the move presents a lovey shape when stacked.3.Stokes Jaspalie Exceedingly Diva at Madsovtik.4.Hardy Highla Ever so Lovely .OB.(4)1.Dennison Labamba Made to Play very pretty feminine girl lovely head and expression good chin and neck good textured coat that could do with more tailoring to really enhance this girl as she has a lovely body and good angulation under her coat kept her in to my final 4 in the challenge as she is my type but seem to switch off a bit on the move but she deserved to win this class.2,Barney Graebarn Sweet Caroline this was another in this class whoe has so much coat that you have to put your hands on to appreciate her lovey head with the darkest of eyes very good chin good depth to chest long neck level top line balanced on the move.3.Stokes Jaspalie Exceedingly Diva at Madsovtik.4.Bleasdale Circe De Noor Y Albarral (IMP ES).

SPOBAOC.(3,1)1.Bleasdale Circe De Noor Y Albarral (IMP ESP) pretty silver who was fourth in open balanced head with good pigment and eye shape lovely tight feet straight front with good lay of shoulder good coat presentation and well handled lovely and balanced on the move.2. Laing Marcasite Heart’s Desire (AI) 3rd in junior not as mature in body as winner but that will come with age head of good shape and balanced for size straight front good top line would like to see her use her neck more to give a better overall picture. VB(1)1.Luty Sympika It’s All About Me 7yrs young cream young lady who was really enjoying her day lovely clean teeth good pigment very pretty head with a sweet expression good front tight feet long neck good depth to chest well muscled hind quarters BVIB on the move she could have given some of the younger ones a run for there money her handler struggled to keep up with her .