• Show Date: 23/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/02/2024

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Whippet


MPD (4,0) What an exciting start with a very close decision to make as presented with two super puppies that will have many a battle I’m sure. 1st Starceylon Dancing Master (Mr C & Mrs L & Miss A Tyson). Just 7 months but makes such a balanced overall picture. Striking short black coat with white trim; his coat glistened like wet coal. Classic head with such a gentle expression in those eyes. Front and rear angulation matching perfectly to give very accurate foot fall in side gait. Holds his top line very well for such a young chap. 2nd Bowdonia Feet of Flames (J L & A Dargue & Halliday). Only 6 months and already self-assured and so sound. Absolutely true going away and back with real freedom of movement in side gait. Eye-catching head with the darkest of eye and fabulous pigmentation blue fawn brindle. Makes a balanced picture stacked and on the move with a super top line and low set tail. Chest just needs to drop to fill his frame.

PD (2,0) 1st Ballenbreich Harris (Mr K Burton). Looked very raw against his peers in the Minor Puppy class and was a little overwhelmed by proceedings. I liked his head and expression and he has an elegant neck and correct top line with low set tail. Moved parallel away and back. 2nd Gorbain Written in Gold (Miss S E & Mr R L Thompson & Woodward). Golden fawn with white trim in lovely condition. Neat ears; eyes round and paler in colour. Would prefer more length of loin to create more typical top line. Moved away closer behind and not the freedom of movement in side gait of the winner.

JD (5,2)

 1st Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle JW (Imp Esp) (Miss N & Ms M Searle & Rawlinson)

 Quite the complete package and has ‘green card’ credentials. An ideal size and overall shape with a lovely head and expression. Dark pigmentation just enhanced the look. Good forechest and well laid shoulders. Bend of stifle to match. Tight feet and neat mails. Super depth to his chest already. Moves with accurate foot fall showing drive and reach in front. Sound away and back. 2nd Springfern Wild Thing at Crosscop (Mrs L, Mr G, Miss F & Miss S Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell). Another beautiful head and expression and he has one of the best coats in the entry. In gleaming condition with the shortest, moleskin like coat. Just the right overall shape. Perfect in top line. Chest still needs to drop so he looks a little taller on the leg and hock than the winner.

YD (2,0) 1st Gwendariff Breaking News (Messrs D R & G A Alcorn & Ingram). Is an ideal size. Loved his head and expression and an orange brindle with ultra white trim is always very eye-catching. Straight front coming towards; just a fraction close going away. Moves with drive from low hocks and has good extension in front. I would prefer a fraction more length in his loin to finish the top line. 2nd Boxing Helena's Victor Ena (Imp Bel) (Miss A Brew). A larger strikingly marked black brindle with white trim. Had very accurate foot fall in side gait and showed drive from his hocks with good reach in front. Came towards a little wider than ideal. Needs more length to his loin as he falls off over the croup. For balance with his length of rib.

ND (6,0) 1st Edenwhip Love at First Sight for Neviwesh (Miss F & Miss C Smith & Goddard-Smith). Still has lots of maturing to do and presents a balanced overall picture stood and on the move. In super condition with good muscle tone and neat feet and nails. Lovely head and gentle expression. Impressive on the move with very accurate footfall and freedom in side gait. Sound away and back. 2nd Bowdonia Feet of Flames (J L & A Dargue & Halliday). 2nd in Minor Puppy.

GD (1,0) 1st Khabaray Aaron C'reskew (Mrs E & Mr D Lorimer). Handsome pale fawn with black cleopatra eyes and wonderful pigmentation- loved his head and expression. He was in mint condition with muscle tone and a fantastic short, fine coat. His tight feet and short nails so how well this lad is cared for. He has low set hocks and really drives; well laid shoulders allow reach in front. Totally sound in all directions. To be ultra critical he could have another centimetre in his loin but other than that he is very hard to fault and is more than worthy of a green card.

PGD (3,0) 1st Whipsperrin Firecracker Ir Jun Ch Cjw22 (Mr C & Mrs S Sharkey). My notes start with ‘best mover….best topline’ and he has a super forechest, depth to his brisket and a length to his rib. He has a beautiful head and expression with tight neat rose ears and dark eyes. Short immaculate coat and conditioned all over. Moves parallel away and back and shows great freedom of movement in profile. 2nd Willowash Mysterious (Mr R & Mrs J Wilson)

LD (10,1) 1st Collooney Coming Around (Mrs J O’mahony). Won this class on his freedom of movement in side gait and the accuracy of his footfall. Loved his head and expression. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Typical in top line with just the right amount of rise over the loin and low set tail. Lovely deep chest and ribs well back. Just stands a touch higher on the hock than ideal. 2nd Mossbawnhill Bit of A Dandy with Chaseover (Mrs R Hambling). Thought would be my winner as he entered the ring. Lovely size and makes as very well-balanced overall shape stood and on the move. He is sound away and back with reach and drive in side gait. Super coat and good muscle tone but clearly well cared for and loves his food. Today he was overweight so lacked definition in his loin which cost him first place.

OD (8,0) 1st Ch Ranveli Diki Diki (Mr R Wheeler). What a beautiful dog; pale cream brindle with white trim in wonderful condition. He has the most appealing head with the darkest eye and small, neat ears. His expression will win hearts let alone his other virtues. Elegant neck with slight arch and well-laid shoulders. Neat, conditioned feet and short nails. Deep in briskest with well-developed forechest. Classic top line with level back and rise over the loin. Low tail set finished the picture especially on the move where he presents such a balanced picture. Parallel ging away and coming towards. Very good extension in front with real drive from his ow hacks. DOG CC. In the challenge for BOB he was very alert for his bait and just lost his top line. 2nd Aarminias Change The Game at Drumburn (J Bell). I was surprised to learn afterwards this lad didn’t have a champion title; I would certainly be more than happy to give him a CC. Very handsome with dark eye and gentle expression. Like the winner he too has such a classic whippet silhouette. Well balanced angulation with lay of shoulder and upper arm matching bend of stifle. As such he has very accurate footfall in side-gait and moves with a real flow and holds his top line at all times. Sound away and back as well. RDCC

VD (1,0) 1st Ch Danluke Lord of The Dance JW (Mrs H Johnston) My RCC winner when I judged whippet dogs at Blackpool 3 years ago and still more than capable of winning CC’s even in his Veteran years. He is such a credit to his owners/breeds and is a picture of health and condition at nearly 10 years. Faultless on the move. BVIB & VETERAN GROUP 4

SBD (3,1) 1st Rushden Hello Look at Me (Mrs S Brooks). Classic head and dark eye on this red brindle with white trim. Hard to believe he has reached his Veteran years. In fabulous fit condition with short sleek coat and well-toned body; loved his with tight feet and short nails. He is super sound and moves efficiently. I would like another inch in his loin as just tends to fall off over the croup. Bdest Special Beginner. 2nd Prince of The Shire (Miss L C Corr). Like the winner he too has excellent pigmentation. Shorter in muzzle than the winner so had lacked some refinement. Lovely deep chest and good length of rib. He wasn’t very settled today and this showed in his movement.

MPB (3,0) Three beautiful minor puppy bitches who will all have very bright futures I’m sure. 1st Starceylon Regina Di Quadri (Mr C & Mrs L & Miss A Tyson). Such a pretty girl and oozes breed type. She is so elegant and already makes such a typical silhouette. Pale fan brindle with white trim with such a short coat and well-conditioned body. Loved her long neck. Well laid shoulders and already good depth to her brisket. Moved with such freedom and parallel away and back. BPIB. 2nd Starceylon Queen of Dorne and Zenobia (Mrs F M Finch). Such a close decision as my notes simply say “Very sound, very elegant and very pretty”. She is litter sister to the Best Puppy Dog and is so similar. What a fabulous litter and will make an eye-catching brace. I am sure she will win lots of first prizes which will be well deserved.

PB (2,1) 1st Ranveli Royal Touch (Mr R & Mrs K Wheeler & Rutter). Another very pretty bitch with a stunning head and expression. Pale cream fawn with white trim. Makes a very typical shape stood and on the move. Well developed forechest and good depth to her brisket. Makes a really well balanced picture stood and on the move where she covers lots of ground with ease. Just needs to strengthen a little in pastern which cost her BPB today.

JB ( 5,1) 1st Danluke Don't I Know It JW (Mrs H, Mr L & Mr J Johnston & Wilson).Blue brindle with white trim with super pigmentation including dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Loved her overall shape and balance. Chest developed well for age with good depth and length of rib with defined rise over loin. In tip top condition. Sound away and back and good foot fall in side gait. 2nd Carrakil Escape Plan (Mr R Winter).Just out of puppy and looked a little immature against the winner but a top quality bitch nonetheless. Golden fawn with white trim with a gleaming coat and lovely muscle tone. She has a beautiful head. She is very elegant and is super sound. She just needs her chest to drop and ribs to spring.

YB (1,0) 1st Bohosoul Storming Thru (Miss L Uggeri). Appealed immediately for her overall shape and elegance. Perfectly balanced pale golden fawn with white trim. Very pretty with dark eyes and that whippet expression that could melt icebergs. Well developed forechest and plenty of heart room. Moves with great freedom, sound away and back and such accurate footfall. She was carrying a fraction too much weight today and in such a quality entry I had to split hairs. I would gladly award her a CC.

NB (3,0) 1st Aarminias French Fancy at Whittimere JW (Mrs A & Mr W S Halliday & Croxford).Two black bitches with white trim and both with lots to like; you’ll see from my Minor Puppy notes that I loved the Queen of Dorne so French Fancy had to pull out all the stops here. She has a fine elegant head with a super expression. Well balanced overall and with the extra maturity makes a perfect silhouette stood. Moves with reach and drive and sound away and back.2nd Queen of Dorne and Zenobia (Mrs F M Finch). 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch.

GB (5,1) 1st Khabaray Olive D'champers (Mrs H A Worrall). Pale blude brindle with a touch of white trim. Very pretty with a lovely gentle expression. Small, neat ears and a refined head. Elegant in neck and well laid shoulders. Very typical overall shape. Sound away and back and has very accurate footfall in profile. Impressive on the move.

2nd Falconcrag Made You Look (S & D Wilson). When first around the ring I thought this was my class winner as she is an absolute joy to watch in side gait. Loved her head and expression. Her head carriage and elegant neck into a typical top line and low set tail. Just coming towards a bit close and not standing as accurately in front as the winner.

PGB (1,0) 1st Barnesmore Dream The Blues Gorbain (Miss S E & Mr R L Thompson & Woodward). Eyectaching blue brindle with white trim. Appealed in head and expression. Makes a super shape stood. Her well-conditioned hindquarters are impressive with low hock and good bend of stifle. She really drives and is super sound going away. Front angulation not quite matching so she lacks the freedom and extension in front.

LB (12,2) What a super class. My notes say the first five are all CC worthy and as such not a surprise that one of today’s green card winner came from this class. 1st Crosscop A Dream Come True for Dalerafenn (Ms E C Salkeld). Golden fawn with white trim who just oozes quality. She cannot stand wrong and everything matches; no exaggeration and so well balanced. Lovely well developed forechest and matching angulation at the rear with super bend of stifle and low hock. Loved her expression which was emphasised when baited by her small, perfectly shaped ears. Such elegance with a beautiful in neck. Moves with drive, sound away and coming towards and in side gait has reach and accurate footfall. Deserves a champion title. RBCC. 2nd Aarminias She Is A Belter (Mrs M L & Mrs A L Place & Halliday). A really close decision with the tiniest point tipping the scales and not something that would ever stop me giving her a CC. Pale cream fawn with white trim with the bonus of excellent pigmentation. That head and expression must be a joy to live with every day and those eyes could charm the birds out of the trees. Her head is very special. Shows excellent balance overall stood and on the move. Drives from her low hocks and has reach to match. Very accurate foot fall in profile. Moved away just a fraction closer behind than winner (and I mean a fraction) and hence had to be 2nd.

OB (13,2) Another class teaming with quality. 1st Crosscop Bumble Bee by Arrodare (Mr R K & Miss J Green & Ratcliffe). Well today this Bumble Bee became the Queen Bee. I found nothing I would change in this bitch from her nose to the tip of her tail. Beautiful head with dark eyes and a gentle expression with small, neat ears. She has a refined head but retains strength of underjaw. Elegant neck with slight arch which flows naturally into beautiful well laid shoulders. Her fore chest is well developed and she has depth and length to her rib cage. Perfect top line with rise over loin and low set tail. So well-balanced both stood and on the move. Her coat was fine and gleamed with condition. Her walnut-like feet and neat nails are a master class in whippet pedicure. So stylish and natural on the move. I could watch her float round the ring all day and in spite of her beauty I have no doubt whatsoever she could do the job she was bred to do. Surprised to learn after this was her first CC but then advised she had only been shown three times so she had hardly been seen. Delighted to learn that at the Breed Club Ch Show the day after she won her 2nd CC. Bitch CC & BOB.2nd Ch Collooney Bendy Wendy (Mr R Winter). Was a worthy BOB winner (full agreement with my co-judge) when I last judge this bitch at Blackpool Ch Show. She impressed so much I followed her career with interest and she deserves all of the many accolades that she has accumulated. She is still looking fabulous and has an exquisite head. She stands with such poise and class and really cones into her own on the move where she is foot perfect and sound. A close decision in this class and for the RCC I just felt the Limit winner made a perfect pair to my CC winner.

VB (1,0) 1st Mossbawnhill You Got Th Look from Chaseover (Mrs R Hambling). What a beauty and belying her 8.5 years. Silver brindle and white parti-colour with a lovely head and expression with the darkest eye. Her teeth were a credit to the owner as was her overall condition. Very typical in top line with good length of rib and strength to her loin. Moved with drive and very balanced foot fall. Sound away and back.

SPB (1,0) 1st Crosscop Cotton Fields at Dalerafenn (Ms E & Mrs J Salkeld & Graham). Was 4th in Junior but no disgrace. She is a perfect size and overall shape. She is a picture of health with such a beautiful short soft coat and super overall condition. Very pretty wit refined head and gentle expression. Stand well with chest well developed and good bend of stifle. Showed good reach in front but lacking a little drive from behind. Moved a little wide going away.

Nick Gourley (Judge)