• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/02/2024

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Pug


Thank you to Belfast Dog Show Society for the invitation to judge Pugs. I was very grateful to the exhibitors who made the lengthy and costly journey from the mainland to bring your Pugs for my assessment. This may not have been the largest entry numerically but my task was equally as challenging thanks to the depth of quality in this entry. I would have gladly awarded CC’s to a majority of my class winners. It is easy to ‘find the faults’ but recognising a dog’s virtues and ranking them in order of ‘most virtues’ is what I tried to do today; hopefully that is reflected in my critiques.

PD (1,0)1St Judamie Eltons Sun (Ms J & Mr D Dawson-Payne & Mousley). Only 9 months old but what a cracker. He has the most wonderful head proportions with width all through and a cheeky, inquisitive expression. Perfect finish to his forehead and neat nose roll. Large dark eyes and ears set perfectly to finish. Cobby in body and nice and compact; just right on the leg to balance. Tight curl. Top quality coat; so short and soft. In fit condition with good muscle tone and neat well cared for feet. Absolutely sound away and creates a typical silhouette in side gait with such accurate foot fall. Dog CC, Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed. I see he is an Elton puppy who was my Dog CC winner last time I awarded CC’s. Congratulations to all connections.

JD (2,0) 1st Eivisah Sonnentanz JW (Mrs G & Mr S & Mrs A & Mrs L Pike & Pike & Hill & Mallinson). Another beauty who will certainly gain his crown. Only 14 months and pushed hard for green cards today. He cannot stand wrong. Beautiful head and expression. Just the right finish and clean, tidy nose roll. Width to underjaw which follows through. Compact in body with the neatest tight curl. Moves with freedom and purpose with typical slight roll in the rear. So sound away and back.

2nd Paradiz Ronado King's Speech Coolnashe (Miss A & Miss B Fisher). Loved his head and expression with large dark round eyes and small, neat ears. Plenty of width through. Short, plush coat with visible trace. Tight curl. Just a fraction longer in body than the winner. Accurate foot fall in side gait and moves with freedom. Sound in front but moving a little close behind today.

ND (1,0) 1st Judamie Eltons Sun (Ms J & Mr D Dawson-Payne & Mousley)

GD (1,0) 1st Eastonite Aramis Croftren JW (Miss H Reynolds). Super sound in all directions. Lovely head and expression with width all through. Large dark round eyes and small, neat ears. Neat defined finish on forehead. Nose roll ok but wouldn’t want any heavier. Large nose and open nostril. Compact in body. Would prefer tighter curl set a little higher.

LD (2,0) 1st Chandshar Me and Bobby Mcgee at Briddish JW (Mr R Fisher). Very typical in outline; short and compact, lovely and cobby. Loved bis head and expression with defined finish and neat nose roll. Lovely open nostril and large dark eye. Just a fraction heavy over his shoulders but super level topline. Really comes into his own on the move. Parallel away and back and accurate footfall in side gait showing good drive from is low hocks. 2nd Coolnashe Greatest Showman (Dr A & Miss C Roberts). A happy boy and showing his personality. Lovely expressive eyes and neat ears. Liked his nose with open nostrils. Heavier in finish on his forehead. Holds top line well but longer in body than ideal and curl could be tighter. Moved with drive. Would benefit from losing some weight.

OD (3,0) 1st Ch Rhodenash Dream Date with Tartanmops (I Ferguson). Such a close decision here as I loved him last time I judged him as a you ngster where again he won the RCC (sorry). An absolutely worthy Champion. He cannot stand wrong and is so compact and balanced. Ideal size. Fabulous head and expression. In super fit condition and moves with such enthusiasm with his proud head carriage and level top line. Lovely tight curl. Sound in all directions with characteristic slight roll behind. RCC (again). 2nd Judamie Just Jackson (Ms J & Mr D Dawson-Payne & Mousley). Another CC worthy dog with a super head and expression. Not quite as compact as the winner but still well balanced and everything in proportion. I would just like half an inch less in the loin but this doesn’t detract overall and his topline is superb including the neatest, tight curl. A real show-off and looked very stylish on the move. Can just turn his front feet out very slightly when he is stamping is feet for attention. 3rd Tsuselena Pixel Perfect (Mrs S Lee). Another very handsome dog. My notes say ‘stunning head’ and perfect size. Not quite as on point on the move today as the two other boys in this class but still a lovely example of the breed.

PB (1,0) 1st Judamie Thelma Jean (Ms J & Mr D Dawson-Payne & Mousley). Well this was a very special litter. Full sister to my Dog CC winner and will undoubtedly win CC’s herself; in fact nearly picked up the RCC today. She is beautiful. Such a pretty bitch with a head out of the top drawer – those eyes and that expression are divine. Slight arch to her neck and bang level top line with tight curl. Her coat is so short and soft; her condition was exemplary. Moved with the same drive and soundness as her brother. Quiet jealous of the fun you will have with this pair; enjoy.

JB (3,1) 1st Afterglow Esther La Vista Megipugi JW (Miss M I Cowie) Built on larger lines but everything in the right place and so much to admire. Lovely head with and expression neat nose roll and good finish to her forehead. Neat ears. Head with width all through. Cobby and compact with perfect level top line and tight curl. Moves soundly making a typical silhouette both stood and in side gait. 2nd Pulchra Mary Poppins (Mrs S Lee). Ideal size with good width through her head. Gorgeous eyes; large, dark and round; set just right for the desired expression. Small, neat ears. Nose roll a little prominent but liked her open nostril. She is nice and compact but loses her top line stood although holds it level on the move. Sound away and back.

NB 1st Judamie Thelma Jean (Ms J & Mr D Dawson-Payne & Mousley). Winner of puppy bitch.

GB (1,0) 1st Afterglow Able Mabel of Sunlea JW (Mr N Walker). Loved her head and expression; another very pretty bitch. Compact and cobby in body with a top quality coat; soft and short and in superb condition. Holds a level top line stood and on the move. Tight curl. Moves away very soundly driving from her short hocks. Just a little wide coming towards.

PGB (1,0) 1st Calaquendi Kerfuffle (Mrs A & Miss L C Hill). Such a sassy bitch who must be dream to show. Of an ideal size. Such a fabulous personality and a total show off. Can just lose her top line as a result of her enthusiasm. Beautiful head with a super wide underjaw and width all through. Large dark round expressive eyes. Cobby body and neat, tight curl. Parallel away and back although can just flick a front pastern coming towards.

LB (2,1) 1st Croftren Sky’s The Limit JW (Miss H Reynolds). A beautiful bitch who is just a picture stood making a perfect silhouette. Such a fabulous head and expression; nothing I would change and her jet black mask contrasts so well with her wonderful, pale quality coat. So lovely to go over with her well top angulated forequarters and straight front. Level top line and super hindquarters and strong hocks. Lovely tight curl. Moves soundly in all directions and carries her head so proudly. BCC

OB (6,0) 1st Tsuselena Terabelle (Mrs S Lee). I fell in love with her attitude; she didn’t give a monkeys whether I liked her or not and gave me many a look of distain. She certainly knows she is special. She is a lovely size and perfect shape. So cobby and compact and in fit condition. A very pretty head with beautiful eyes and width to her underjaw. When she decided to use her ears she has a fabulous expression. She is sound away and back and moves with real drive and purpose. Well deserving of her champion title. RCC.2nd Bobitch Midnight in Georgia JW (Miss M I Cowie). I immediately recognised this beautiful little lady. I have judged her at open shows since she was a puppy and she has won BOB in some quality entries. She is still so lovely to go over; a big dog in a small compact package. Lovely and cobby with a level top line stood finished with a tight curl. Her head has width through and her eyes are large, dark and round with the neatest little ears. Just enough finish to her forehead and neat nose roll. Starting to lose a little contrast between her mask and coat. So sound away and back with typical slight roll to hind quarters.

 Judge - Nick Gourley