• Show Date: 09/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/03/2024

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Italian Greyhound

I thoroughly enjoyed assessing the Italian Greyhounds again. I thank the Committee for the kind invitation and of course the exhibitors for seeking my opinion and entering your dogs. From studying the catalogue afterwards it was quite a family affair. Litter brother and sister taking the Dog & Bitch CC (with a 3rd sibling winning 2nd in a fantastic ‘Champion quality’ Open Bitch class). The winner of the Dog RCC and BPIB shares the same sire and the winner of the Good Citizens bitch (who would have been my 3rd best bitch) shared the same dam as the two principle winners.

PD (3,0) 1st WILLCOCK, Mr David Newill Haymaker. Very impressive 6 month old puppy. He has a beautiful long narrow chiselled head and super dark eye. Long, elegant neck into super sloping shoulders. Presents a very balanced picture both stood and on the move. Good length of rib and chest showing good depth for his age. Very eye catching on the move; sound away and back and has drive in profile with just the right lift in front. In the challenge for the RCC he was foot perfect and despite his age I thought he was a worthy winner. He will gain his title with ease. RCC & BPIB. 2nd THORNE, Miss Chloe Boccalupo Lucky Luciano. This young red and white pied has a gorgeous head; flat and narrow with a fine muzzle and black nose. Such dark eyes giving a typical expression. Straight front legs. Very well bent stifles and low hocks. A little extreme in top line; would like another inch in his loin. Over-reaching in side gait but showing correct lift in front.

PGD (1,0) 1st BRUNDTLAND, Ms Ingun MIWELL ALEX MCQUEEN. A larger back sable dog with a very typical head; flat narrow skull with long fine muzzle and shows strength to his underjaw. Small neat ears. Dark, round eyes. He makes a very typical shape stood with long rib and strong loin with correct slight arch to low set to tail. Just turns from feet out slightly and wide coming towards. Straighter in stifle so lacks drive in side gait.

LD (3,0) 1st LOWE, Mr Robert & GUIDOTTI, Miss Emma Littlebriton Moon Warrier. This black dog headed this class by virtue of his super movement. So parallel away and back, driving from his low hocks and with extension and correct lift. A larger hound in fabulous muscular condition with such a short, soft coat and supple skin. Long narrow chiselled head with excellent pigmentation. 2nd THOMPSON, Miss Jennifer Sarah Blue Lagoon of Bytheiad. Another very typical outline both stood and on the move. Loved his head and expression. Fine, neat rose ears. Long elegant neck and well laid shoulders. Good depth and length of brisket. Sound away and back but just lacked a little drive compared to the winner.

OD (2,0) Two very worthy champions who I am sure have changed places many times; I was splitting hairs today. 1st LEE, Mrs S & Mr P & AMSELL, Mrs J B Ch Artmeis Jokers Wild. Hard to find fault with this young dog; makes a balanced picture stood and on the move. He has such a beautiful head with large black eyes full of expression. Long elegant neck. Good lay of shoulder with straight front and super neat hair feet. Correct top line with gentle curve over the loin, well angled croup and low set tail. Good bend of stifle and strength to his short hocks. Immaculate short fine coat and supple skin. A picture of health. Sound away and back and moves swiftly round the ring showing drive and correct lift in front. Dog CC. 2nd CHAU, Miss Christine & STEELE JR, Mr James R Ch & US Gr Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute At Sfizimio. A very elegant black dog in peak condition. Flat skull; long and narrow with fine muzzle. Such dark eyes full of expression. Small neat rose ears. Fabulous pigmentation. Long neck into well laid shoulders. Length to his rib cage and depth to his brisket. Moved parallel away and back and correct lift in front in side gait. Just a fraction longer in the loin than the winner.

VD/B (1,0) 1st: 678 LISTER, Miss H M Ch Revillo Amorosso. Belies her Veteran years and still very CC worthy. In the peak of health and a real beauty. Bright, dark eyes with a real sparkle. Long narrow head with fine muzzle and jet black shiny nose. Small neat rose ears. So typical in silhouette. Straight front legs, good bend of stifle and low hocks. Moved away soundly with drive allowing her real freedom in side gait. BVIB.

PB (7,0) 1st FRYETT, Mrs Tracy Kensensqui Jive to Silhouettig. Headed a large class and is sure to have a bright future. Very eye catching pied being mostly white with fawn limited to her head. Her head is gorgeous. Long and narrow with fine muzzle. Really good pigmentation which contrasts with her colour and markings. Large black sparkling eyes with kind expression. Elegant neck. Very typical in overall shape. Straight front legs, neat nails and hare feet. Correct shapely top line. Good bend of stifle. Moved confidently. Parallel away and back. Moved swiftly in side gait with correct lift in front. 2nd WILLCOCK, Mr David Newill Swift Wind. Litter sister to the puppy dog winner who won the RCC an so very pretty but lacking his maturity. Her head is long and narrow with large dark eyes. Ears need to settle but soft and fine. Elegant neck and well laid shoulders. Makes a perfect shape stood with gentle curve over her loin, well angled croup and low set tail. Just turns her front feet out slightly stood but sound away and back and shows correct front lift in side gait.

JB (4,2) 1st: 673 HAGUE, Ms L J Bartondax valentine. I liked this grey blue bitch’s overall shape but felt she lacked a little elegance. Her head is long and narrow with fine muzzle. Dark rounder eye shape. Small neat rose ears. Very well constructed forequarters with well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Moved parallel away and back. 2nd RISICA, Ms Tanya & MACK, Mrs Heidi Minotopo Mila. A very fine and elegant young lady who still looks very much a baby. Bright blue with bright white trim and super short sot coat. Very pretty head with beautiful dark eyes and gentle expression with small neat rose ears. Long neck. Makes a very typical shape stood. She has a straight front stood and coming towards. Moved away wide behind so lacked drive.

PGB (5,1) 1st GUYTON, MRS A J & GUYTON, Miss D Ansanda Winter Bird. Instantly catches your eye for her size, overall shape and balance. You notice how sound she is from the moment she enters the ring with such accurate footfall and walks naturally into a stand. My first note say’s “Beautiful !!!!” Her head is divine with the darkest pigmentation which is so attractive on a red. Her coat was short and gleaming with condition and muscle tone. Her hair feet were neat, well exercised and well cared for. Absolutely sound, moves swiftly with drive, extension and correct lift in front. Won’t be eligible for Post-Graduate for very long. Well deserving of a champion title. Won the RCC against top quality competition today; showing just how much I appreciated her. 2nd VAN ZYL, Ms Katie Rockiggy Ruby Tuesday for BrightHound. A little over-shadowed by the winner but plenty of virtues . A very sound hound who makes a typical shape stood and on the move. Straight front legs, firm pasterns and tidy hare feet. Low on the hock with good bend of stifle. Parallel away and back. Not quite the head of the winner. Her eyes are very large and round giving her a slightly startled expression.

 LB (5,0) 1st GUYTON, MRS A J & GUYTON, Miss D Ansanda Winter Bird. Winner of Post Graduate. A clear winner on movement alone. 2nd CENTELLA RODRIGUEZ, Mr. Jose Luis PIZPIRETA DE TALONKAN. I loved the head and expression of this elegant blue girl; those large dark eyes are beautiful. Fine neat rose ears. Fine muzzle with strength to her underjaw. Very well balanced in overall shape. Correct top line with gentle curve over the loin. Well angled croup which combined with her bend stifle and low hocks gives her really powerful hind quarters; and boy can she move. Just needs to be slowed down a little as she drives so hard she over reaches.

OB (4,0) What a joy of a class. All four are worthy of the highest honours. I would be honoured to reward Campanella’s type and soundness with a CC. I can’t believe I had to place Winter Is Here 4th as I would be very happy with this white beauty sat on my sofa and she is so CC worthy too. So the battle for the two top spaces in this class went to litters sisters who are hard to separate. 1st AMSEL, Mrs J B & RISHWORTH, Ms Helen Ch Artmeis Raise The Stakes. On the day I wrote “Just stunning; one of the best I have ever judged”. She is breathtakingly beautiful, so refined and elegant, and I knew she would be my winner today from the moment she walked in. She has that extra star quality and ring presence that ensures she will never get over-looked. Her head and expression are text book. She is the perfect shape stood and on the move. Her silhouette is like a blue-print for the breed. She moves with such a naturally effortless flowing side gait with just the right lift in front. Pinpoint precision in foot fall. Well-conditioned in body tone, feet and coat/skin. Bitch CC & BOB. 2nd AMSEL, Mrs J B & RISHWORTH, Ms Helen Artmeis Three Card Trick. It is easy to write ‘similar to her litter sister and same comments apply’ but the reality is they are like twins. She has such a perfect top line and moves so soundly with drive and reach in front with required lift. I just preferred the expression on her sister but that is all; her head is still very typical indeed. 3rd LISTER, Miss H M Ch Revillo Campanella. Res DOHERTY, Miss J E Ch Littlebriton Winter Is Here

GCB (2,0) 1st HAYDEN-SMITH, Mrs Mags Ch Artmeis Summer Breeze at Birchwind. Another CC worthy beauty. She can’t stand wrong and must be a joy to handle. Walks into her stand with all four feet in exactly the right place. As such, her top line is the right shape and she retains the shaoe at all times. She flies round the ring effortlessly and is sound away and back. A fit, healthy hound. Such a pretty head. Long, narrow and refined. Dark eyes and super expression. Loved her. 2nd VAN ZYL, Ms Katie Rockiggy Ruby Tuesday for BrightHound. 2nd in Post Graduate.

Judge - Nick Gourley