• Show Date: 08/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/03/2024

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Havanese

What an honour to be invited to award CC’s in Havanese for the first time at LKA 2023. Thank you to ‘the Ladies’ for your very kind invitation. It is probably 20 years since I first handled a Havanese (and Bolognese) for Jill & Tony Richards (Chazard). Their ‘Figgaro’ and ‘ Little Andy’ were beautiful Havanese and later with the stunning Ch Happyfriends What A Guy I was provided with a mental ‘blue print’ for the breed to this day. I can recall vividly attending the Breed Club’s first ever Seminar in 2004 and had the privilege of judging the Breed Club Open Show in 2008 way before the breed gained its CC status. I have a genuine love for this breed and hence this appointment was very special to me.

I found the breed in today’s entry in really exciting order. I could have awarded a handful of CC’s with pleasure. And great to see some very exciting youngsters which bodes well for the future. Just a point to note and for breeders to stay focussed on. Please remember the breed standard is very specific about this being a small, sturdy dog, just slightly longer than height at the withers and equal length from elbow to floor and elbow to withers. The length of body is measured from the point of shoulder to point of buttock. This is not a long-backed dog and the length of leg is just as important as the overall length of body.

PD (2,0) 1st CHESHIRE, Mrs Janet Be Cooper Novi From Hearmean. A positive start to the day with a lovely puppy for size and overall shape. His head is very typical with a broad skull and length of muzzle matching the length of his skull. Dark almond eyes which could be a fraction larger. Ears set on just right above eye level. Compact in body and very much the right shape. Moves soundly away and back and is a picture in side gait with a free, jaunty gait. Coat is silk and developing well for his age. 2nd CLEMENTS, Mrs S UN BAISER BRULANT DEL REY RAKASHI WITH ROXHOLM. Very typical head with correct skull/mizzle proportion, width to skull and ears set just above his dark almond shape eye. He is a little longer in body than ideal emphasised by also being a little shorter on leg. Moved away nicely but front legs closer together coming towards. Coat of silky texture and again developing well for his age.

JD (2,0) 1st MILES, Mrs Lesa & KOBE, Ms Danijela Velvet Story 'N Bada-Best Hurricane. Very attractive young chap not only for his overall unmistakeable Havanese silhouette but also his beautifully presented black and white silky coat. Compact in body and very sturdy to go over. Loved his head and expression with the darkest large almond eyes and ears set just above framing his face and creating a super expression. Leg length to height ratio just perfect. Tail set high. Moved with soundness in all directions. 2nd SMITH, Mrs S Elperrito buss lighting. Another attractively marked black and white but not quite as compact in body as the winner. Large almond eyes which are nice and dark. A little finer in muzzle than ideal. Ears set high. Moved away with drive; a little wide coming towards. Coat in good order for age and silky to touch.

PGD (6,1) 1st WALKER, Mrs S J Newtonwood Double Dare Of Follyglen TAF. Such a typically proportioned dog who oozes breed type. Beautifully presented golden and white long silky coat. His head and expression are super. His body height to length ratio is correct and he has the right length of leg too. Tail set high and carried nicely with very good feathering. Moved parallel and with freedom in side gait, proud head carriage and a great temperament. Worthy of a CC but juts pipped by his kennel mate. 2nd MUSCROFT, Mrs Cath Janabear a Taste of Highland Park. This is a cracking dog and in full coat would also be very CC worthy. He is small and sturdy and perfectly proportioned in head and body. My notes say there is “nothing I would change” but today he left his coat at home. Can’t wait to see him in full coat as I am sure he will be a force to be reckoned with.

 LD (7,2) 1st WALKER, Mrs S J Pandaprint Be Mine Toytails. Nearly six years old and I was surprised to learn afterwards he wasn’t yet a Champion as I found him more than CC worthy. His body proportions and leg length are spot on. He is compact in body with good length of rib and a strong loin with rise over. Head is the right length and wide in back skull. Ears set just above his large dark almond eyes. Such a typical breed expression. He has the added benefit of a beautifully presented pale cream silky coat with black overlay and fringes which is quite beautiful. So sound away and back; moved briskly around the ring with accurate footfall. RDCC. 2nd MILES, Mrs L ADORELE MASTER OF THE HOUSE. Another very well-presented dog with a fabulous silky coat. His head and expression are so typical for the breed. He is compact in body and nice and sturdy; just longer than tall but I would like him a little longer in leg and slightly longer in neck to complete the picture. Overall a very nice example of the breed.

OD (3,1) 1st Mrs S Roxholm One For The Road. What a beauty and another worthy of winning CC’s. Loved his expression with large dark almond eyes, ears set just above on his wide slightly rounded skull. He is so good to go over being fit as a flea, compact in body with good spring of rib. Height to length of body ratio just right and depth of chest and length of leg alike. Tail set high and carried just right. His coat was neatly presented, of good length and of silky texture. Moves with real verve and is parallel away and back. 2nd HARRIS, Mrs Annette Ruth Tiggafield Jack Flash at Mantafield. A correct size and nice and sturdy but was a fraction longer in body than the winner. Good head proportions. Coat in good order and silky texture. Tail could be set a little higher. Lacked drive from his hindquarters and not moving as freely as required.

VD (3,1) 1st MCCALLUM, Ms D M Ch Dianaia Fabulous Forever. It is no secret within Havanese circles that this is one of my favourite Havanese; he has in fact been my BD and BOB on several occasions during his successful show career. He is now in his Veteran years but still has it all I love that jaunty gait and a real spring in his step. He is so sound away and back. For breed type he ticks all the boxes. His head is perfectly balanced with large dark almond eyes and his ears set just above and on his wide skull which then just frame his face. His back is short and he has a short loin with desired rise over; perfectly proportioned being just longer than height at the withers. Tail set and carried perfectly with good feathering. Dog CC & BVIB. 2nd WOOLCOCK, Mr Evan Howell Kenquince Big Guns Alphapups. Another very attractive looking Havanese with good overall breed type. Makes a typical silhouette being just longer than height in body and length of leg to balance. He has a lovely expression with large dark almond eyes. Bite sadly undershot. Excellent length to his pale cream silky coat. Moves with freedom in side gait and parallel away and back.

PB (3,1) Two beautiful puppy bitches both a credit to their owners/breeders 1st WALKER, Mrs S J Trufflemai Star Of Sonny At Newtonwood. This bitch puppy is very special. I wrote “stunning…I just love her. Exquisite.” She is well grown for her age and oozes personality. Such a happy confident girl. Loved her head proportions and expression. Such a typical silhouette stood and on the move. Her body is perfectly balanced to the standard. Sound on the move with that typical spring in her step. In the challenge her personality and showmanship made her stand out amongst stiff ‘CC worthy’ competitors to clinch the RBCC even at this young age & thyen later BPIB above the very promising dog puppy. 2nd WOOLCOCK, Mr Evan Howell Alphapups Bambino. Once this baby gains in confidence she will take some beating I am sure. Such a sweet nature and a beautifully balanced head with a typical expression and large, dark, almond eyes. She has fabulous pigmentation for such a pale cream coat making her even more attractive. Her body is compact and just the right length for her height. Her coat was well presented, it is developing well for her age and is of silky texture. Sound away and back. Very promising indeed.

JB (2,0) Two lovely black and white bitches. 1st HARPER-DEDIU, Mrs J & KOBE, Ms Danijela Velvet Stort n ba-da best Bura. Very eye catching and presented in immaculate order. 13 months old and body condition and coat length just right for her age. She has a stunning head and those eyes are just beautiful. Liked her neck into well laid shoulders. Short level back with rise over loin and high set tail. Body length to height ratio correct; to be critical I would have her a little taller on the leg. Moves with such freedom and style; sound away and back. Would gladly award her a CC. 2nd SMITH, Mrs S Elperrito Sheer Delight. Appeals for her overall shape and body proportions. In immaculate condition with the most beautiful coat quality; so clean, soft and silky. Her skull is wide with ears set just above the eye line. Dark, large, almond shaped eyes. Muzzle a little fine which detracts. Moved away showing strength in her hocks. A little untidy coming towards. Liked her overall outline in side gait and moved swiftly around the ring.

PGB (3,1) 1st MILES, Mrs L Adorele What A Legend. I loved the overall type of this young junior bitch and she is such a typical size and shape. Her head is correctly proportioned and she has the correct ear set and width to her back skull. Her eyes are large and dark in colour. Her black and white coat was in good condition; long and silky. She moved with freedom in profile but a little overawed by the occasion so shy on the table and dropped her tail on the move sadly.

 LB (5,2) 1st COOPER, Ms Catherine Anne Kateniara Only Time. Won this class on her balanced proportions in term of her head, her body height to length and her angulated quarters. She is just the right size and has a super silky golden and white coat of good length and well presented. She has a medium neck with a slight arch into well laid shoulders. Tail set high and carried perfectly. She loves with good reach and head carried proudly. A real jaunty, happy dog on the move. 2nd GUNN Mrs Lorraine Dianaia's Beautiful Day. Such a beautiful expression on this bitch; so typical with large dark almond eye and ears set high just above the eye line. She is the correct size overall and is nice and compact in body but would like a little taller on the leg and another inch in her neck to balance. Correct level back with rose over loin and well-set tail. Moved parallel away and back; would like more reach in front. Super coat; soft and silky.

 OB (4,2) 1st MUSCROFT, Mrs Cath Janabear One Alone. The star of the day and my notes say “stunning – type, size, coat and proportions”. She screams ‘Havanese’ in terms of her overall type. On the move she is a picture with her head carriage, top line, tail set and carriage and body shape creating the perfect silhouette. She has a real skip in her step and is so sound. Her long black silky coat was of good length and immaculate condition. Delighted to give this Bitch a CC & BOB. 2nd THACKERY, Mrs Margaret Anne Ch Tiggafield All That Jazz. A very worthy Champion with a beautiful head and a lovely expression. She has gorgeous eyes; large, dark and almond shaped. Her ears are set just above the eye-line and her back skull is wide. Her body is well proportioned and correct length to height. Just losing her top line a little today, Moved parallel away and back but not moving quite as swiftly as the winner.

VB (2,1) 1st MCCALLUM, Ms D M Ch Dianaia Absolutely Fabulous. Like her litter brother she too can be a force to be reckoned with even at 9 years of age. She is so typical in outline and overall shape with body just longer than height at withers and her legs are same length as the depth of her chest. Her head is balanced and she has dark eyes which whilst dark I would like more almond shaped. On the move she looks fabulous holding her head proudly in side gait and moves away with drive; not quite so accurate coming towards. Her coat is silky and of good length. Still a CC worthy bitch even at 9 years of age.

Judge – Nick Gourley