• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mike Lewin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/08/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Welsh Springer Spaniels – East of England – 7 July 2023

I would like to thank the committee of the society for their kind invitation to judge the breed at this, their last show. The Rutland Showground is an ideal venue with level rings and excellent grass quality. My stewards Preston and Lauren kept the ring running smoothly throughout judging for which I am very grateful. Thanks also to the exhibitors for entering their dogs and for their good sportsmanship in accepting my decisions through the day.

MPD 1 Williams’ Nyliram The Alibi for Trebettyn, 7 mths old and well made with pleasing head and expression. Good length of neck, balanced and well muscled for his age. Moved OK.

PD 1 Nyliram The Alibi for Trebettyn; 2 Reynolds & McIlwaine’s Benoveor The Show Must Go On, 9 mths old and lacking the confidence of 1 today. Lovely head and good length of neck into adequate front construction. He has good length of body and pleasing rear angles with quality bone. His movement was erratic but this will change as his confidence grows.

JD 1 Thirlwell’s Ferndel Water Mark (ai), 14 months old and well grown. Handsome head with good depth of muzzle and dark eyes. Good length of neck into well made front. Balanced with strong loin and quality bone. Beautifully presented and handled; 2 Hepworth’s Kamunting’s Mad Hatter, 13 months old with lovely head and soft expression. Good length of neck into strong front. Nice depth of body and rear angles. Very well presented and close up to 1 but not quite able to match his movement today; 3 Short’s Toftwood Ziggy Starman.

YD 1 Stone’s Kidenoan Mark Time for Merrem JW, 20 mth old medium sized workman like dog. Pleasing head and good reach of neck into well made front. Balanced body with well muscled rear. His bone is consistent with his size and he moved well on tight feet. Sympathetically handled.

GD 1 Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway, 26 months old and coming into his own, well presented and in full coat. He has a masculine head with a kind eye. Good length of neck into soundly made front. He is balanced with a strong loin and quality bone. Moved with drive.

PGD 1 Hankins’ Julita Rainmaker with Woodelrond, nice sized dog with appealing head, kind expression and dark eye. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, has fore chest but would prefer more upper arm. Good depth of body and rear angles. He was a bit apprehensive in this class.

LD 1 Gaylor & Robertson’s Heniveruce King of Brewers, very typical and unexaggerated boy with masculine head (without any coarseness) and good depth of muzzle. Good reach of neck into well constructed front. Balanced with a strong loin and pleasing rear angles. Quality bone and tight feet he moved with drive; 2 Chandler’s Chanangel Jo Sugden JW, beautifully presented rich red and pearly white dog. Lovely head and expression. Pleasing angles fore and aft, his body is balanced with a strong loin, quality bone and he moved with drive on tight feet; 3 Smith’s Isfryn Peeping Tom JW.

OD 1 Millard’s Sh Ch Ferndel High Comand at Rubylea, dog of an ideal size and type. He has a correctly proportioned head with fairly square muzzle, dark eyes and kind expression. Strong neck into well made front with prominent fore chest. Balanced in body and wearing his best rich red and pearly white jacket. Pleasing rear angles with lovely turn of stifle and tight feet. Confident mover with an ever wagging tail. Delighted to award him CC & BOB; 2 Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Revolution JW, different type to 1 but a worthy Sh Ch. Handsome head and expression with strong neck into well constructed front. Good depth of body and length of back with muscular loin. In fine fettle, he moved well a really happy showman. RCC; 3 Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo.

VD 1 Jenkins & Williams’ Cwmbeili Morgan, an honest dog with nothing overdone. Typical in head with kind eye, good length of neck. Nice depth of body, well presented and handled. Sound on the move; 2 Caldwell & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave for Cerysan, a very typey dog who excels in head. He has a good strong neck and is well constructed holding his topline standing and on the move. Didn’t match the movement of 1 today.

SBD 1 J Rainmaker with Woodelrond, subsequent entry following PG and had regained his confidence in this class. BSB.

MPB 1 Harrison’s Glenbrows Wish, a well grown 8 month old pretty bitch puppy with lovely head and expression. Dark eyes strong neck into correctly constructed front with good fore chest. She is nicely coupled with quality bone and moved well for her age on tight feet. BP; 2 Graham’s Nyliram The Suspect, 7 month old finer bitch with some growing still to do. I would prefer a more depth of muzzle but she has adequate angles fore and aft. Really needs some more time.

PB 1 G Wish; 2 N The Suspect.

JB 1 Frost’s Bodlon Whole Lotta Rosie for Bushwacker, this bitch is very typical and so well put together with a lovely head and kind dark eye. She has good length of neck, strong front and loin. Quality bone all through and moved well. She was sympathetically handled to advantage certainly one to watch; 2 Millard’s Ferndel Water Lily at Rubylea (ai), a very elegant feminine young lady with beautiful dark red and clean white coat, she was unlucky to meet 1. Well put together all through with sufficient bone and very sound moving. Still has some maturing to do; 3 Short’s Toftwood Jean Genie.

YB 1 Tew’s Pamicks Dream With Me, a well made bitch with prominent fore chest. She has a correctly proportioned head with dark eyes and strong neck into a body with good depth. Moved OK, not in her party clothes today; 2 Buckwell’s Killena One Moment in Time, 12 month old bitch who is nicely put together, she has a very typical head with dark eye and kind expression. She needs to tighten in front but has a good turn of stifle and a nicely rounded rear end. Time is on her side.

GB 1 P Dream With Me; 2 Walton, Coffin & Paterson’s Hillpark Carys Gold, a very typy bitch who presents a lovely outline standing. Pleasing head and strong neck into well laid shoulders, I would prefer more length of upper arm and darker pigmentation. Nicely proportioned body with lovely round body and sympathetically handled.

PGB 1 Graham’s Nyliram The Moth Catcher JW, a beautifully presented and well handled bitch who has a feminine head with good depth of muzzle and dark eyes. Strong neck and front construction, in full coat with a nice rounded rear she really moved out well; 2 Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon, abitch of beautiful type with a pretty head and good length of neck. Well put together all through and immaculately presented her movement was not as positive as 1; 3 H Carys Gold.

LB Places in this class were very hotly contested which resulted in some quality exhibits being unplaced. 1 Williams’ Crimicar Stand By Me for Bodlon, a bitch of lovely type and of an ideal size with feminine head kind eye and expression. Correctly constructed with strong front and prominent sternum she is unexaggerated all through with quality bone. Sadly her movement was not as positive when it came to the challenge as it had been in the class; 2 Reynolds & McIlwaine’s Benoveor Can't Buy Me Love, a bitch in full coat and lovely condition she has a pretty feminine head with freckling, good reach of neck and a well made front. Pleasing depth of body, strong loin and lovely round rear moving with drive her tail didn’t stop wagging; 3 Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW.

OB 1 Graham’s Sh Ch Nyliram Telling Tales JW, bitch of a nice size, in her best clothes and lovely condition. Pleasing head with dark eyes and kind expression. Strong front construction and matching rear. Moved with drive. RCC; 2 Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade, a very well put together bitch who is beginning to look her age. Very typical head with strong neck into a balanced body. She has quality bone and was well handled. Her movement didn’t match that of 1 today; 3 Woodward’s Hinxwood Fire And Ice.

VB 1 Thirlwell’s Ferndel Islay Mist at Rubylea, a very typy bitch with a look of quality. She has a beautiful, correctly proportioned head so typical of this breeding. Lovely strong neck into correctly made front. Balanced body with good depth and pleasing rear angles. In fine fettle with sufficient bone and neat feet she was expertly handled and powered round the ring with drive. BCC; 2 Woodward’s Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwoodm unlucky to met 1 today. Bitch of an ideal size who is well put together all through with good depth of body and pleasing head. In good coat and condition I preferred the rear angles and movement of the winner; 3 Dyer’s Benton Small Talk among Tylwyth (Imp Fin).