• Show Date: 14/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michelle Meredith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)

I gave my 1st set of CC' s at this very show in 1994, several times after and most "recently" some 9 years ago, so all the dogs were completely new to me.  Despite significantly lower number of dogs competing these days, I was pleasantly surprized to find more than enough clumbers that were of a very high standard. 

MInor Puppy Dog(5)1.Cox’s VANITONIA SOMETHING EXTRA, aptly named, a top quality youngster, oozes breed type, has much quality but without exaggeration, masculine head without being overdone and will develop, clean expressive eyes, sufficient neck, has length and depth of body & ribs, well angulated hindquarters with correct bend of stifle, in  firm condition allowing him to maintain his topline standing and moving, sound & confident on the move topped with as expected immaculate presentation, RCC, BP & won Puppy Group.2. Langridge, Thompson & Fenwick’s BADGERSMOON IT HAS TO BE YOU, more mature in head properties but not the tight condition or length of body compared to 1, has good length of neck and tight elbows, liked his angulation & bend of stifle, of very good breed type, just needs to settle on the move; Langridge's BADGERSMOON NEMISIS.

Puppy(1)1.Langridge's BADGERSMOON NEXT EDITION, another one of really good type, I must mention his fabulous eyes (as were all on this exhibitor's Clumbers) which are so important to the well-being of the dog and also give a pleasing Clumber expression when set correctly, he has a good length of neck, well laid-back shoulders, tight elbows, has correct depth and spring of rib, well bent stifles and let down of hock, again a bit lively on the move, has width and drive behind but needs to tighten on the forehand, an asset to the breed.

Junior(3)1.Langridge's BADGERSMOON ATTICUS, again notably good eyes, I really liked his overall outline and breed type, has a square muzzle, super neck and shoulders, tight elbows but ribs and depth need to develop a bit, correct bend of stifle; 2.Tilston's STONIELEA TOAST, not the scope of 1 in neck and shoulders giving a squarer appearance, sufficient bone, good ribs and depth of chest, strong topline.

Post Graduate(1)1. Langridge, Thompson & Fenwick's BADGERSMOON MR.BRANSON, bigger stamp of old-fashioned type, good overall outline, sound in front, has well-sprung ribs and correct depth but not quite the layback of shoulder, good tail-set and well presented. 

Limit(2)1.Langridge's CARMEL APPLE WHITE ROLL AT BADGERSMOON (Imp)liked the head on this one, square muzzle, correct width and shape of skull with defined clean occupit, good eyes, excellent length of neck, well furnished feathering;2.Langridge, Thompson & Fenwick's SUELYNDA SECOND EDITION WITH BADGERSMOON, not the front of 1 and carrying a touch too much weight, has a very good spring of rib and body depth, firm topline, well let down at the hock, correct turn of stifle, a bit exuberant on the move.  

Open(2)1.Cox's SH.CH.VANITONIA SOLOIST, the finished article, super overall outline, has excellent eyes correctly set giving very pleasing breed typical expression, masculine but not overdone, his head is just beautiful with well defined occupit giving a superior shape, sufficient bone, pleasing legs and feet, in immaculate condition, sound and animated, has breed type and personality, the ideal combination, CC, BOB, Group 2; 2.Thorogood's ANBROOK DON'T STOP ME NOW AT HARRIFIED, a throw-back to a by-gone era, what a lovely type, it was just his head wasn't for me compared to 1, he has an excellent reach of neck, tight elbows set well under, super bone, has width and strength to his rear quarters, close to RCC.

Minor Puppy(2)1. Cox's VANITONIA SERENA GRANDI, very feminine but with substance, has quality to her head and skull shape, good length of neck and clean over the shoulder, already has depth and spring of rib, great width and strength to the hindquarters for a puppy, sound and confident on the move, immaculately presented, an asset to the breed;2. Harvey's MALBECMOGS DASH OF PIMS, as yet head needs to break, so looked very immature to 1, eyes good, well ribbed and has depth to chest, just needs to relax but it was a very noisy venue and hard for a young puppy.


Post Graduate (2)1.Taylor's MAURSETT MASIKEAN, feminine with good eyes, liked her length of neck with correct shoulders and tight elbows, has a firm topline and was sound on the move; 2.Harvey's GRACEDIEU FINEST JEWELS, more solid type but not the head qualities of 1, has well sprung ribs and depth of forechest, very good drive and soundness on the move.   

Limit(2).Langridge's BADGERSMOON SHE'S GUINIVERE, not settled on the move but the glimpses I saw made her sound, solid maybe up to size but of excellent  type, head square but remains feminine, excellent length of neck, good depth and length, well ribbed and liked her correctly shaped strong feet; 2. Dawson's BIG BOOMS VIKING LIV BESKERBY, slightly squarer outline and not the neck of 1, but she moved better and has ample bone and substance.

Open(2)1.Crocker, Frost & Cahill's SH.CH.VANITONIA SECRET EPISODE, this one is sensational!  I don't need to describe her in detail, she fits the standard in every detail with quality and type to spare, coupled with the hard condition of a proper gundog and perfect presentation and handling, she is ultra-sound moving fore and aft and has the confidence and fitness to really catch the eye, very close decision for BOB, just feel her head could develop just a little to finish, but at such a young age to be expected and not a criticism, her best is yet to come, CC; 2. Taylor's SH.CH.MAURSETT MARNIE, very good breed type coupled with a feminine overall look but with substance, has correct legs and feet, super topline and well ribbed, she is the finished article, just not the confidence and drive of 1, RCC.  

Michelle Meredith