• Show Date: 29/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Mays Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wales & West of England Pekingese Association

Breed: Pekingese

Wales & West of England Pekingese Association Championship Show – May 2023

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the officials and committee for granting me the privilege of serving as a judge for this show. Additionally, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the exhibitors for their entry, participation, and sportsmanship. I awarded my first set of Challenge Certificates over twenty years ago and this was my seventh time of judging at this level. It is six years since my last appointment and therefore all the dogs were new to me.

Unfortunately, a disappointing entry for a breed club championship and there were absentees too. Some classes only had one entry and others no entries. There has been a lot of discussion around the reasons why, however, as a judge you can only assess what is in front of you on the day. I am pleased to report although numerically the entry was low the quality was not. My main winners could have won a CC under me at any time over the last two decades.

I am delighted to declare that upon inspection all the exhibits were healthy, happy, and in excellent condition. Overall presentation was highly commendable. In general, I was highly impressed with the quality of both the dogs and bitches. When it came to the challenge for the CC's, I encountered a few dogs and bitches worthy of receiving the award, yet unfortunately, there were only two certificates I could award that day.

Dog CC & Best in Show - Morley & Hitchcock’s, CH Lizlanmor Mr Mercury

With his striking appearance this young red Champion commands attention. When observed from above he displays the correct shape. On the table, he not only looks impressive but also handles exceptionally well too. He has a strong and masculine head with a flat top skull, and upon closer examination, I noticed an appealing expression to his face. His features are nicely spaced, and he possesses ample width, giving him the desired head shape. His eyes are beautifully large and expressive, complemented by a jet-black nose with well-formed nostrils and a neatly finished mouth. He has a sensible wrinkle that does not obscure his eyes or nose. His ears are correctly set and framed by thick long fringes. Moving to his front, it is properly structured, displaying good bone, sturdy pasterns, and appropriately sized feet. Further assessment on the table, I found his chest to be broad and deep, his back short and flat, and his rib cage well-sprung and supported by those strong thick boned front legs. Moving further back my examination confirms his tail set is correct, and he possesses a moderately angulated, well-muscled rear. His weight is correctly distributed, and he is heavy when lifted. He was groomed to perfection and the quality and texture of his coat is fitting for a Champion of his stature. He shares a strong connection with his handler, evident in their synergy during movement. He carries himself gracefully, maintaining a level topline and showcasing the correct rolling gait. This Champion exudes presence in the ring, and his outstanding performance earned him the CC on that day. At only 2 years old, he has immense potential to win many more prestigious awards in the future. With the support of her loving dedicated partner and son, this young breeder handler has truly emerged from the shadow of her parents' renowned Pekingese kennel.

Bitch CC & Reserve Best in Show – Klerks Delucchi’s, Klerkshof Else

I was surprised to discover her in a limit class, as she embodies everything I desire in a Pekingese bitch. However, it turned out that she had taken a break to have a litter. There is very little I would want to alter about her, except for transferring ownership into my name! She unquestionably is the size and possesses the characteristics that I have always admired in a Pekingese bitch. Her head is large and perfectly shaped, she has beautiful eyes and a correctly proportioned nose. The wrinkle is just right, and she has excellent pigmentation. Her mouth has a nice finish, further enhancing the overall quality of her expression. When you have the privilege of handling her, you truly appreciate her exceptional qualities. Her front assembly is flawless, with well-proportioned sturdy bowed legs, strong pasterns, big feet, and tightly fitting elbows. She boasts a deep chest, generously sprung ribs, a short neck, a level back, firm hind legs, and a well-carried tail. Her coat displays the correct texture and length, accentuating her glorious shape. As anticipated, when in motion she demonstrates the correct and typical gait whilst maintaining a level topline. Undoubtedly, she ranks among the finest bitches I have had the privilege of judging throughout the years. Was pleased to award her the CC and her crown.

Reserve Dog CC – Leonard’s, Lizlanmor King of Diamonds

The last time I encountered this impressive young dog was as a puppy at Crufts in 2022. Now at the age of two, he has developed nicely and is ready to embark on the path to compete for top honours. He exudes masculinity without appearing coarse in any way. His head displays the desirable width and shallowness, complemented by expressive black eyes. A great nose leather and a subtle unobtrusive wrinkle add to his overall appeal. Upon examining him closely, I discovered a well-structured front, solid bone, big feet, excellent spring of rib, a neat waist, a level back, and a tail set high. When lifted he is heavy, and his weight is distributed correctly. He possesses thick black fringes that frame his head, a very good correctly fitting coat with the appropriate texture, and his presentation was of the highest standard. While he occasionally exhibited a slight hesitancy during movement, he still demonstrated enough to merit his award. Unfortunately, he had the misfortune of competing against the CC winner in exceptional form on the day. However, I have no doubt that his day will come.

Reserve Bitch CC – Small’s - CH Khlerkshof Eve of Swaggerboot

A stunning two-year-old red bitch that led a group of three lovely Champions in the open bitch class. Once again, she embodies the type of Pekingese bitch I would be immensely proud to have bred, owned, and showed. She is a blend of two kennels that have consistently produced a standard of excellence over the decades. One of her distinguishing features is her beautifully proportioned head, which has a captivating expression. Her eyes are superb, accompanied by a well-positioned black nose and a clean sensible wrinkle. Beneath her coat she boasts an impressive front assembly, with sturdy slightly bowed legs, a broad and deep chest, large well sprung ribs, firm elbows, strong pasterns, and big feet. Her neck is relatively short, her back is straight, her waistline evident, and her hind legs are solid. A good proportion of her weight is front loaded, and this contributes to her overall balance. From above you can see she is the desired shape. Initially, on the move she exhibited a touch of stubbornness. However, she quickly composed herself and turned it to her advantage, showcasing the required rolling gait that stems from her impeccable structure. She is in her prime and truly deserves to carry her Champion title.

Best Puppy in Show – Klerks Delucchi’s, Khlerkshof We Will Rock You

At seven months old, he undeniably possesses the "WOW" factor. As it turns out, he is the offspring of the Dog CC and Bitch CC winners. Clearly, his parents have done an exceptional job. At such a tender age he exhibits an impressive array of qualities. A closer look reveals a well-proportioned enveloped-shaped head, complemented by excellent eyes, and correctly positioned facial features, resulting in a pleasingly open expression. Despite his youth his body is well-formed, and he has a first-class front assembly. His neck is relatively short, his back is level, and his rib cage is big. Furthermore, he boasts a deep and broad chest, a well-placed tail set, and firm rear legs. When lifted he possesses a weight proportional to his size and distributed correctly across his sturdy frame. Currently, he has an abundant puppy coat, however, it did not impede him on the move. On the day, he moved with style, maintaining a solid topline, and showcasing the correct rolling gait. It was a great start to the day, and I found myself tempted to bestow further accolades upon him. However, in the end he had to give way to maturity. Should he fulfil the early promise he demonstrates, he will undoubtedly become a contender worth keeping a close eye on.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Klerks Delucchi’s, Khlerkshof We Will Rock You

Puppy Dog

1st Thomas’s, Meritorous Welsh Whisper

An attractive quality eleven-month-old black masked red who has numerous admirable traits. There is lots to like about this young dog, most notably his captivating big black eyes that enchant you. For his size he has good bone, and he is a good weight. His resplendent red colour, accentuated by the deep jet-black pigmentation, forms a captivating portrait that catches the attention. Although he is just beginning to transition into his adult coat, this transformation does not diminish his overall appeal. Guided by his experienced handler, he showcased the correct movement.

Graduate Dog

1st - Thomas’s, Meritorous Forever Dreamer

I have admired several dogs and bitches over the years from this well-known kennel. Once again, this clever breeder has bred another two quality little dogs. Litter brother of the puppy dog winner, and many of the same characteristics can be attributed to him. He is slightly smaller, and I personally favour his facial expression. He is the same glorious colour and has good bone and body for his size and age. As a rule, smaller dogs require additional time to mature. Therefore, I am eager to observe him and his brother’s progress in the coming 12 months.

Mid Limit Dog

1st - Morley & Hitchcock’s, Lizlanmor King of Hearts

This two-year-old little red dog is an impressive addition to this flourishing kennel. The task of breeding a small dog with a large head is no easy feat, yet this has been achieved by these clever breeders. He has a delightful expression that has been created by his striking large black eyes, a well-positioned nose, cheeks that are sufficiently padded, and exceptional pigment. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that this dog possesses many outstanding qualities. His sturdy front legs, broad deep chest and ample ribs guarantee a substantial weight for his size when lifted. A level back and a well-set tail further enhance his overall structure. Although still in the process of regrowing his adult coat, he possesses just enough in the right places to reveal his beautifully proportioned body. When he circled the ring, he displayed the characteristic rolling gait that adds to his charm. To date he has not attained the same level of finish as his kennel mate or his sibling. However, he remains one to watch closely as his journey unfolds.

2nd – Oades, Brentoy Max Power

This is a four-year-old solidly built fawn male. His head is large, wide and showcases a quality expression. He possesses sturdy legs with ample bone, large feet, and firm pasterns. His chest is wide and deep, complemented by a well-proportioned, generously sprung rib cage that sits snugly between his front legs. Overall, he is very sound and has enough coat and fringes to finish the picture. He moved steadily around the ring and was presented in great condition.

Limit Dog

1st Leonard’s, Lizlanmor King of Diamonds

2nd Klerks Delucchi’s, Khlerkshof Romeo Star

This quality young, black-masked light red has a large head that is wide and shallow. He has large expressive eyes, a good nose leather and good finish to his mouth. For his size he has ample bone, an impressive spring of rib, a well-defined waist, and sturdy hindquarters. His coat fits him well and is of a good texture. He moved soundly around the ring.

Open Dog

1st – Oades & Evans, Brentoy Zander

A very good four-year-old, black male dog. He possesses a striking appearance and a charming expression. His physique is impressive, with broad ribs, level back and sturdy front legs. His coat is a lustrous jet-black colour. He has excellent muscle tone in both the front and rear and he moved effortlessly around the ring. This dog was skilfully presented and handled by a highly experienced professional.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st – Rogers, Ralshams Lady Madonna

This adorable baby girl is just six months old. Her lovely expression is further accentuated by her stunning dark eyes. She possesses a good nose leather and a beautifully finished mouth. Despite her smaller frame, she has excellent bone and a commendable front assembly. Upon closer inspection, one can feel her well-rounded ribs and a level back. When lifted, she feels pleasantly heavy. Her coat is progressing beautifully and was meticulously groomed to perfection. It's evident that she adores her mummy and obediently fulfilled all expectations required of her when on the move.

2nd – Hydes, Sealaw Isadora

Another lovely baby just embarking on her show career. This time a red with a black mask. She is a lovely shape, and I would describe her as chunky. Initially, she displayed a hint of apprehension while moving, but she triumphed in the end. I must admit, I was being extremely nit-picky, but on this day, the class winner’s expression captivated me more. I would expect her to finish as a very usual dual-purpose bitch.

Junior Bitch

1st - Klerks Delucchi’s, Khlerkshof Starina

At eight months old, this is a captivating light red bitch that catches the eye. She possesses an expression of quality, devoid of any exaggeration. Initially, her large dark eyes immediately captured my attention. She boasts a well-proportioned head, ears perfectly positioned, a sensible wrinkle, and a lovely finish to her mouth. Upon handling her, I discovered an impressive front assembly, big flat feet, sturdy pasterns, and legs that are slightly bowed yet strong. Her chest is developing beautifully for her young age, displaying ample size and well-rounded ribs. Her neck is relatively short, her back is level and complemented by an ideal tail set. Her hind legs are lighter yet firm. Moreover, her immaculately groomed coat adds to her allure. She moved effortlessly on the move. At this age, there is nothing I would change about her.

2nd - Morley & Hitchcock’s, Lizlanmor Blonde Primrose

This fawn bitch with a black mask is now sixteen months old. What immediately catches the eye are her stunning eyes and deeply pigmented jet-black features. Despite her young age, she possesses a sizable head, a well-shaped body, and surprisingly carries a noticeable weight when lifted from the table. This is attributed to her solid bone structure, well-developed rib cage, and overall physique. While she is currently transitioning between coats, there is nothing to conceal or hide about her appearance. She was impeccably handled, and her handler skilfully guided her at an appropriate pace, effectively highlighting her exceptional qualities. Without a doubt, she is a commendable little bitch who is a great asset to this kennel.

Limit Bitch

1st - Klerks Delucchi’s, Klerkshof Else

2nd – Leonard’s, Mezrab Jodie

Slightly smaller than the winner, this stunning and substantial young bitch possesses a large, well-proportioned head with beautiful, dark eyes and a sensible black nose leather. Her front is very good, with heavy-boned legs that are slightly bowed and fit nicely at the elbows. She boasts a broad and deep chest, along with big, well-slung ribs slung between her front legs. Her back is flat, and her lighter hind legs are muscular. Her coat and fringes are coming in nicely and she carries her tail in the correct manner. Moving at the right pace, she showcases a dignified rolling gait. The presentation and handling of this bitch were excellent. She would be an asset to any kennel.

Open Bitch

1st - Small’s - CH Khlerkshof Eve of Swaggerboot

2nd - Morley & Hitchcock’s, CH Greyport Rosebud at Lizlanmor

Five-year-old feminine quality fawn bitch with beautiful big eyes. Her head is large, correctly shaped and her face is very well pigmented. Her front and rear are sound. Her neck is short, her back level and tail is set high. She has a good depth and breadth to her chest; her ribs are well sprung, and her distinct waist gives her the desired pear shape. Her fringes are long & thick, and she is in good coat. She picks up heavy and moved effortlessly around the ring with her handler. Being a smaller type, she has benefited from having a litter. She has amassed several of CC’s and it is easy to see why given her quality. However, my preference for a bigger bitch meant it was not to be her day.

3rd – Rogers, CH Klerkshof Sara at Ralshams

Champion Dog 0r Bitch

1st - Morley & Hitchcock’s, CH Lizlanmor Mr Mercury

Mike Mays

Stsanja Pekingese