• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mea Kendall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)


Judge: Mrs M Kendall

JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Mrs C Parthington-Palmer & Miss C Davies - Witchstone Somethin Brewin. A very smart Sturdy young man. Excellent wedge head viewed from all angles. Correct dark almond eye. Well set ears used to advantage. Good arch of neck, well laid shoulders. Good body nice tuck up well angled behind. Moved out well

PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Karminy Lazarus Kai - Miss Lousia Hill - Smart and sound, a wonderful head, the correct wedge shape with such a strong muzzle, perfect ear shape, excellent body and quarters, so well muscled in body and quarters, in smashing coat.

2nd: Skin Deep's Mint Condition (Imp Nor) - Mrs C Snell -Nice size and in really top condition Excellent head neck and ears . A shade wide in front. Looked lovely standing and moved quite well

LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Ettology Big Bang JW - Mrs Z S Phillips Good head pattern with lovely masculine outlook, skull correct from all angles, really good neck leading to well ribbed frame, correct strong loin, good feet and bone, made a good outline and his coat was in very good order,

2nd: Pedara The World is Mine - Mrs Tina Warren and Mr JML Warren - Very fit and strong for his size, liked his head and erect ears, immaculate rear action, absolutely spot on, good size and proportions, nice rich tan and glossy black coat.

3rd: Pelugias Naughty Dreams - Miss Lucinda Allsop

Res: Twowayshouse Tudor King for Dalmonde- Mrs Natalie and Mr Simon Whitehouse

OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Ch Witchstone Mine's a Double at Lasagesse - Mr G and Mrs L Dixon, Masculine head, long skull, slight stop, good muzzle, ears nice size, set high and well back and carriage close. Good rib and loin, compact, good angulation, moved with drive, good feet, rich colour, defined markings. Coat in very good order. CC When this boy trotted into the ring for Best of Breed she just totally stole the show with the best reach of the day demanding BOB

2nd: Ettology Bounteous Barney JW - Mr Kirk Dennison - This young man is another beautiful example of the breed and pushed hard for the class, a very typy dog, well made, good colours, coat in very good order, well pencilled and good feet. Good length of head, well pigmented, nice eyes, moved freely. RDCC

3rd: Witchstone Follow The Dream With Tettoy - Mrs V A Love

Res: Ch Witchstone Crazy Horse at Boimans - Mr T & Mrs J Harman

VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Ch Witchstone Not Apache On Me For Peopleton - Mr & Miss JW & W Francis and Blatchford - I have met this gentleman before at on open show when I was in the group with one of my KCS he ended up Group 1 and I ended up Group 2 then I admired him and as he has matured, he has just got better. Such a stylish mature man. Helding a good topline and moved freely. Good length of head, ears high set at back of skull. Well fitting lips, pleasing expression

SBD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 1


PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Lasagesse Black Magic Woman - Mr G and Mrs L Dixon - Oh this young lady made her handler work for it. Small, compact and in proportion. Useful well placed ears. Good dentition, almond eye and head of size to complement her body. Correct topline and ample back drive. Super animation, when away from the other dogs and moved out very true so pleased to award her Best Puppy and RBCC

2nd: Nasabe Play The Game JW- Mrs Hazel Haffenden and Mr Jack Wood Another super young lady, well presented and outgoing. Good dentition, eye and ears used to satisfaction. Acceptable reach of neck. Straight movement, good back line and excellent back drive. Good thumbprints, dense black coat with tan

3rd: Nasabe It's On The Cards For Boimans - Mr T & Mrs J Harman & Mr J Wood

JB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Witchstone Trouble Brewing at Peopleton- Mr & Miss JW & W Francis and Blatchford and Mr A Leonard - What a delightful young lady. Good feminine head and expression, dark eyes, shapely ears well set on.good neck & head carriage. Compact overall, held a good topline, deep chest, good mover, fore & aft. Very promising youngster.

2nd: Witchstone Storm A Brewing At Nasabe - Mrs Hazel Haffenden and Mr Jack Wood

PGB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Tettoy A Whole New World Mrs V Love - Held a good topline and tail carriage on the move. Finely boned, deep in chest, well angulated, head developing with flat skull and is full under the eyes. Moved out holding outline and tail carriage

LB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Neerodan Thyme Bomb - Mrs D A Dicker - Pleasing overall type, held a good topline and tail carriage. Well made overall. Good length, feminine head, deep narrow chest, well ribbed, good angulation, coat in good order, dense black and rich tan markings. Reached out well in front with good rear drive

2nd: Moretonia Golden Girl at Neerodan JW - Mrs D A Dicker - Good feminine head and expression. Sound mover on good legs and feet, held a good curved outline and good tail carriage, well angulated.

3rd: Amalric Coco Chanel with Dalmonde JW - Mr S and Mrs N Whitehouse

OB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Ch Witchstone Minnehaha - Mrs Hazel Haffenden and Mr Jack Wood - Excellent overall type and conformation. I have admired this lady for a long time and I am pleased to be able to go over her, pleasing, feminine head and expression, dark eyes, ears set well back, high and close. Good topline, angulation and tail carriage. Good neck and head carriage, holds her outline well on the move and has good drive and forward reach. Coat in good order, colour and penciling. CC.

2nd: Ch Witchstone Unexpected Gift - Mr G and Mrs L Dixon - Another very typy bitch with a good head and expression, good neck and head carriage, well made overall, deep chest, good topline and tail carriage. Coat in good order and colour and markings. Moved out freely with drive and reach