• Show Date: 08/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maxine Munday Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/02/2024

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Italian Spinone


ITALIAN SPINONE so pleased that mouths have improved, no serious mouth faults today!

V Dog 0 entries. MPD 0 entries, PD 1,1abs, JD 2,1. 1st Knowles,Knowles & Glen - Bessalone Shameless this 17mnth lad is full of energy moving freely with plenty of reach & holding the characteristic topline. Scored in harsh coat texture , correct shaped skull & eye colour for age along with ear set & a good length of muzzle which is lacking in the breed. He is adequately boned & has round compact front feet, his shoulder is muscular with a deep chest reaching to elbow, showing muscle tone to rear thigh, would like a tad more rear angulation & slightly more slope to croup to just bring that tail carriage down a bit. YD 3,2 1st Duncan Diggmere Tiger Swallowtail Jw strongly built, well presented & deep all through, another with harsh jacket & thick skinned, unexaggerated topline with a thick based tail. Love his roman nose & rooflike skull. Moved true. ND 0. PGD 1 1st Smith Jaylynne Luther. Super rear angles on this dog with short hocks & he has muscle covering which so many lack! His eyes are tight fitting giving kind expression, skull a little broad although correct square muzzle & I would like his ears slightly longer, his shortish neck merges well into shoulders which are set well apart, lovely rounded rump. Good driving action. LD 3,1st Robinson Gradevole Strufolli Squarish B/r, this boys eye colour compliments his head coat colour, he has a melting expression. Quality head needing a little more hair off to show this to advantage. He has crisp texture of coat even on his legs & thick close fitting skin. He is moderate in angulation but really comes into his own moving which is free,easy with accurate footfall RCC. 2nd Collett Stagerun Matteo this lad has really matured since I last judged him, like his size, harsh textured jacket & well sprung ribs. Not quite the head planes of 1st & hes a little proud of his tail but moved true.3rd Smith Sosteli Saxon. OD 2 1st Knowles,Knowles & Glen SH CH Bessalone Peaky Blinders pleased to see this lad now mature, when I judged him last I wanted more spring of rib, well he’s got it now. I am drawn to his big spongy nose & I’d like more hair off his head especially the fan so I can see his lovely expressive eyes. His rooflike skull & his long low set ears compliment his equally proportioned head. With unexaggerated dewlap & a crest of neck, his lines flow, he has great depth, balanced angles, strong bone & a decent muscle tone, his coarse coat completes the picture. Powerful true mover with correct tail set & carriage CC. 2nd Collett Stagerun Kestrel rustic B/r with dark pigment & eye (knew they would !). Preferred the head qualities of 1. Moderate sized boy & balanced, positive mover retaining strong topline. SBD 0. VB 2 1st Boyes-Weston - Inostricani Crown Jewels Super balance & substance to this 7yr old, good shaped skull with all breed specific qualities pleasing to see the pronounced occiput. She carries great body condition & moves out positively. BV 2nd Fry- Goldfly Flower Gold Fantasy at Stagerun, lovely shade B/R certainly no tuckup with this girl, like her dark eye & open nostrils, shes free from exaggerated dewlap & has decent sternum & length of upperarm. I liked her tight round front feet & she has a lovely low tail carriage, moving well & enjoying her outing. MPB 1 1st Davies - Montecani Twist By Rivana, this 6 month correct shade B/R has the most beautiful head, her jacket is already coarse & her movement is parallel when viewed from behind, with long reaching side gait (when she settled), she is raw but she shows great promise & with growing confidence she should do well.BP. PB 0, JB 3,1 1st Sandy - Inostricani Sky’s The Limit at Millisimo, super size for 14mnths. Lots to like about this girl, so good to see a strong breastbone & another with a melting expression, shortish crested neck leading to well angulated shoulders, she has decent bone & moves out well really covering the ground. 2nd Davies - Montecani Riva’s Memories Am Cartrefyspin, Rangier taller girl that will take longer, she has equal muzzle /skull ratios & also has the required marked crest of neck, good muscle tone with correct fall & rise of topline which she maintained moving out true, good bend of stifle & correct sloping croup giving low tail set & carriage. YB 1 1st Challands - Annilann Miss Big Girl Spanx Jw. Super headed with a kind eye, plenty of body depth all through, ok for bone & matching front & rear angles, holds a great side profile with correct horizontal tail carriage, strong in topline with broad back, true mover in front. NB 3,1 1st Thompson & Bevan - Stowledge Miriam another beautiful headed, equal proportions, eye is of good colour for age, super arched neck. Strong straight limbs with round front feet & decent width in front. Super rump. Plenty of reach on the move. 2nd Munro Talpalupo Lafayette great shoulders & chest on this lady & well angulated rear to match, little longer in loin than 1st. Large round eyes good depth of colour & a large spongy nose. Lovely slight fall & rise in topline leading to a broad slightly sloping croup with correct tail set, very pleasing side gait, preferred coarser jacket of 1. PGB 4 1st Rossiter Inostricani Viola correct shade Brown, coarse textured coat & on her legs too which isn’t common. She is smaller size still within standard & a strong package, plenty of bone, width & substance. Lovely feminine head with all breed qualities. Well angled both ends & good width of thigh, visible tendons & moved with ease. 2nd Anderson & Mayne - Annilann Temptress with Michiamo Jw superb almost square outline to this young lady. I was spoilt with so many females having great heads & this girl is another. Super depth of body & strong short hocks. Stylish mover preferred coat texture & lower tail carriage of 1. 3rd Cruse- Delacruse Cadence 4th Wakeling Fioralba Angelina. LB 4. Great Class 1st Kruglow – Amberellie Rosanna, Smart girl, extremely well presented & balanced in both head & body. Strong well boned on good sized feet for her frame, broad muscular thighs plenty of drive behind. Love her expression- a real honest bitch. 2nd Boyes-Weston I have always liked this girl so was pleased to go over her – she didn’t disappoint really splitting hairs between these 2, she is a gorgeous colour b/r with such a pretty head, she has great lay of shoulder, is broad backed with decent ribbing, she gives great extension moving & is accurate she just lacked that omph for top spot. 3rd Fry – Stagerun Skylark. 4th Davies – Valeska Vd Turfhoeve Am Cartrefyspin (imp Nld). OB 6.Quality class all with correct tail carriage. 1st Longstaff Kevardhu Life of Rylea, this young lady has all the right curves she just flows in outline, she commands the ring moving with vigour, I have no doubt she could work all day. Her head planes are spot on, equal skull/ muzzle proportions & the look from those eyes! Her neck is strong, ample chest. Solid frame & short strong hocks & pastern. She stands four square, her skin is close fitting & thick with the best of textured coat. Pleased to award her CC & seemed unfazed with the heat to take BOB. Thrilled to see her shortlisted in a quality group. 2nd Allum - Macarica Fair & Square & she is- Pleasing outline robust yet feminine. Lovely oval head with gentle sloping sides, I love her long pendulous ears set on corner of eye. Strong in body with minimal tuckup. Well off for bone & she has well arched toes. Would love some more coat out in places to give more definition & its not quite as coarse as 1. This girl can really move - foot perfect animation. RCC . 3rd Cove-Print - Colourbox Fanny By Gaslight. 4th Light - Swiss Sh Ch Inostricani Amore Aw23. VHC Anderson & Mayne - Sosteli Songbird Del Michiamo. SBB,1,1.

Judge- Maxine Munday.