• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/11/2023

Clumber Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)

I am grateful to the Clumber Spaniel Club for inviting me to judge at the breed club championship show which is, of course, a highlight for any judge.

The weather held fine and I was able to judge outside which made assessing movement so much easier.

A few points that need to be considered. A number of exhibits had very light eyes and I know that sometimes puppies need time for them to darken, so I do hope this is the case. Mouths were - on the whole - good, apart from four. Tail carriage is still a problem with too many flying their tails. Front movement was not too good overall, with some pinning in front with one or both legs. I also noted some being presented with dirty eyes which is not a good look - do clean eyes regularly and especially before going into the ring. The perfect Clumber has yet to be born and although each one inevitably has a fault or two, those closest to the breed standard thoroughly deserved their placings today.

Minor Puppy Dog (6 entries 1 abs) 1st Gardner and Carter Hunt’s Vanitonia Something Extra. A cracking puppy and beautifully presented. Handsome head, clean eyes, well boned, body long and low, ribs going well back, tight feet, correct tail carriage and moved really well for such a baby. 2nd Fenwick, Thompson and Langridge’s Badgersmoon the One and Only Well boned youngster, tight feet, well-turned stifles, short hocks. Would prefer better tail carriage and cleaner eyes. 3rd Henderson’s Delsaux Walking on the Moon.

Puppy Dog (4 entries 1 abs) 1st and Best Puppy in Show Monaghan’s Kensesqui Nice at Tweedsmuir. One I have admired from the ringside over this summer and he certainly did not disappoint when going over him. A mature boy, balanced, not overdone, masculine head, clean eyes, deep chest, well sprung ribs going well back, level topline and correct tail carriage. Correct angulation fore and aft and moved out well with enthusiasm! Such were his qualities, I seriously considered him for the Res CC. 2nd Lovell’s Clumbraise Your Song (Imp Nor) This boy has certainly come on since I first saw him earlier this summer. Not as mature as 1 and not quite the amount of masculinity of the head, though this may improve when it breaks. Clean eyes, tight feet and he was of a good length and level topline. Moved okay. 3rd Husbands’ Bebecova Quicksilver.

Junior Dog (3 entries, 1 abs) – 1st Tiltson’s Stonielea Toast. Two very different types. Not a flashy dog, but sound and everything is in the right place. Correct scissor bite, level topline, ribs going well back so he is short over the loin. Enough turn of stifle, correct tail set and carriage. Still has a fair amount of maturing to do and would prefer a little more of him. 2nd Guy’s Suelynda Kith and Kin Among Jahanghir. Mature head, scissor bite, clean eyes and well boned with good rear angulation. Just needs to tighten in front and tends to carry his tail high, but moves with enthusiasm.

Novice Dog (2 entries, 0 abs) - 1st Monaghan’s Kensequi Nice at Tweedsmuir. 2nd Steele’s Stonielea Celebration. Finer type, but handsome head, correct angulation front and rear, tight feet, deep chest and level topline. Exhibited in hard condition, but needs more weight on him to finish the picture.

Graduate Dog (1 entry, 0 abs) - 1st Monaghan’s Kensequi Nice at Tweedsmuir.

Post Graduate Dog (1 entries, 0 abs) - 1st Fenwick, Thompson and Langridge’s Badgersmoon Mr Branston Masculine head, scissor bite, eyes could have done with a clean. Well boned with a good depth of chest, sufficient turn of stifle and tight feet. A little proud of his tail today.

Limit Dog (2 entries, 0 abs) – 1st and Res CC Nicolson’s Clumbus Jolly Jumper of Taranstigh (Imp DNK) Masculine head, clean eyes and ears, scissor bite and decent reach of neck. Deep chest and ribs going well back, short over the loin with well bent stifles. He is without excess and in glorious coat. He moved out well. I would prefer him a little tighter in front. 2nd Gascoigne’s Nivalis Augustus. Longer cast than 1, clean eyes and ears, masculine head, well boned with tight feet. Shall we say he was a little over enthusiastic on the move.

Open Dog (2 entries, 0 abs) – 1st DCC and BIS Cox’s Ch Vanitonia Soloist. I have certainly been looking forward to getting my hands on this dog and he certainly did not disappoint. Presented in perfect condition, he is balanced with a masculine head, but in no way OTT. He has lovely clean eyes, a scissor bite, correct ear shape and strength to neck. There is good depth of chest, length of body and his rear angulation is good. His movement is excellent and he flows round the ring. 2nd Thorogood’s Annbrook Don’t Stop Me Now at Harrifield. What I would term an old fashioned type. Balanced but stronger all over. He has clean eyes and ears, scissor bite, a good topline. Angulation fore and aft is good, with correct tail carriage held on the move.

Veteran Dog (1 entry, 0 abs) – 1st and Best Veteran Charlesworth Ironside’s Tavirosh Stonewall. He is balanced and a great shape but a little fine for me. Scissor bite, deep chest and good spring of rib, well turned stifle and tight feet. Not showing his age at all.

Special Working Dog (0 Entries)

Minor Puppy Bitch (3 entry 0 abs) – 3 pretty girls who I am sure will change places over time. 1st & BPB Taylor and Hilton’s Delsaux Fly Me to The Moon. A feminine, eight months old bitch, with good eyes, scissor bite and tight feet. She has a level topline which she held as she went around the ring. She has a straight front and her ribs go well back, winning the class on her movement. 2nd Cox’s Vanitonia Serena Grandi Very pretty feminine head, scissor bite, tight feet, ribs going well back, well boned and good turn of stifle. Balanced throughout and beautifully presented. 3rd Mathews and Moon’s Vanitonia Song and Dance

Puppy Bitch (2 entries 0 abs) 1st Wilson’s Vanitonia Some Like it Hot at Winhampton Two litter sister in this class, 1 is just a bit more mature and more balanced at present and both need to tighten in front. Well boned with scissor bite, level topline, deep chest. Does tend to play her owner up somewhat! 2nd Mathews and Moon’s Vanitonia Song and Dance. Another pretty bitch from this litter, scissor bite, good rear angulation and moved out well.

Junior Bitch (2 entries, 0 abs) –. 1st Steele’s Stonielea Sweet Caroline. A pretty bitch. she has clean eyes, scissor bite, level topline, correct angulation fore and aft, deep chest and length to body, in rock hard condition and moved with drive. 2nd Tices’ Highsnoad Muaythai. Much finer bitch, scissor bite, deep chest, level topline and well-turned stifles. Another shown in rock hard condition and she moved out well.

Novice Bitch (2 entries 0 abs) – 1st. Burge’s Gracedieu Stars and Stripes. Close decision here as very different types. 2 was the better mover, but 1 the better breed type. Pretty bitch in glorious coat, level topline and balanced. 2nd Tices’ Highsnoad Muaythai.

Graduate Bitch (2 entries, 0 abs) – 1st Sainsbury’s Wooliebourne Nick of Time. A heavily marked bitch, but balanced. She has a pretty head and dark eyes, being shown in rock hard condition. Moved out well with drive. 2nd Lovell’s Abbyford Lady Merry of Ivale Finer type of bitch, pretty head, scissor bite and good front angulation. Moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch (2 entries, 0 abs) – 1st Nixon’s Stonielea Williams Charm. A smaller, finer bitch who has effortless movement. She has a sweet head, well turned stifles, level topline which she holds on the move. 2nd Burge’s Gracedieu Brooklyn Bridge Chunkier bitch who was a bit overweight for my liking. She has clean, dark eyes, is well boned, with a deep chest. Tight feet, but not the movement of 1.

Limit Bitch (4 entries, 0 abs) – 1st and Res BCC Steele’s Stonielea Williams Legacy. Not a flashy bitch, but when you go over her she has all the qualities I like. Clean eyes, good ear set, scissor bite, level topline, along with correct angulation front and rear. She is balanced and was presented in really hard condition which certainly showed as she flowed round the ring. 2nd Wilson’s Winhampton Pandoras Box. Oh dear, someone was having an off day today and this bitch did not move as I know she is capable of having watched her over the summer. Pretty bitch, sweetest of heads, good reach of neck, tight feet and level topline. 3rd Burge’s Gracedieu Brooklyn Bridge.

Open Bitch (2 entries, 1 abs) –. 1st, CC & Res BIS, Boden’s Sh Ch Suelynda Kreme Della Kreme. This bitch has such a pretty feminine head and expression, with clean, dark eyes, scissor bite, strong neck, good layback of shoulders and straight front. There is good depth to her chest with correct length of rib, good coupling and strong rear quarters. She has a good turn of stifle. Her movement reflected her construction as she powered her way round the ring.

Brace (2 entries, 0 abs) – 1st Burge’s brace. 2nd Lovell’s brace. I was so pleased to see that both owners managed to get round the ring with no accidents – a veritable feat with this breed!

Maureen Taylor