• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: Bracco Italiano

Many thanks to the exhibitors for a great entry of quality dogs which I thoroughly enjoyed going over. The ringside atmosphere was jovial as were the exhibitors (even with the drenching that Mother Nature served up – and a word of thanks to the exhibitors who helped Tony who is recovering from ankle surgery when the heavens opened).

When I am judging, I do retain the images of many of the dogs I saw whilst at the SABI 50th anniversary show in Italy many years ago. The Bracco Italiano is a dog with the strength to work and the classic breed attributes, it also needs sufficient bone and I found some that did not have enough bone being quite spindly. I was pleased with my main winners and without doubt, the youngsters coming through bode well for the breed as they were of good quality. Movement was generally good, as was temperament, though a couple were a little shy. Now to the bad news, I started my critique in 2013 at SKC with “what on earth has happened to tail set, tail carriage and feet?” It seems that some things have not improved - in fact tail carriage is much worse. Tails flying in the air totally ruin the vision of the Bracco powering round the ring with that reach, drive and wonderful outline that we hope to see. Head shape was in many cases excellent, but there were a number of plain heads that did not resemble the typical Bracco head lacking divergent planes and elegant chiselling. I also found one incorrect mouth and a number with flat hare feet. I was pleased to find that nearly all were well muscled and understand that a number of exhibits are worked.

Puppy Dog (3 entries) – 1st Pearson’s Braccorions You Can Conquer. Striking and mature young man, skull proportions give him a masculine, yet elegant head, with clean oval eyes and ears set correctly. Front and rear angulation was pleasing with enough fore chest, which enabled him to move correctly, with drive and enthusiasm. Tight feet, oval bone, deep chest - overall a balanced youngster who is well muscled. 2nd Warburton’s Owlspoint Loads of Trouble. A younger puppy, so not as mature and a little fine. Pleasing head, deep chest, good width of thigh. He is well muscled and moved out well. A little proud of his tail today. 3rd Fazenfield and Smith’s Owlspoint Askin for Trouble.

Junior Dog (5 Entries 0 Absent) 1st Jackson’s Gunsyn Hottoddy. Taller boy, head okay, oval bone, deep chest and when on the move he demonstrated good shape, sound topline and moved with drive and reach. Would prefer a little more weight on him. 2nd Beecham’s Gunsyn Hotrod at Rydonmist. Litter brother to 1, not quite the head yet, good ear shape and set, depth of chest, better feet than his brother, but a bit too proud of his tail on the move. 3rd Beecham’s Della Casa Di Lombardo at Rydonmist (Imp Fra).

Special Beginners Dog (2 Entries) 1st Fazenfield and Smith’s Owlspoint Askin for Trouble. This boy was 3rd in puppy, still very much a baby, who was full of himself. Head needs to mature yet, but pleasing expression, well-off for bone and correct feet, enough fore chest and depth of chest, moved well if rather proud of his tail. 2nd Kestin’sTalyfan Affogato. Scissor bite and expressive eyes, tight feet, well boned and well-turned stifles, moved well.

Novice Dog (4 Entries 0 Absent) 1st Beecham’s Gunsyn Hotrod at Rydonmist. 2nd Beecham’s Titano Della Casa Di Lombardo at Rydonmist (Imp Fra) Splitting hairs with these 2 dogs, pleasing head and strong neck, deep chest, not quite the forechest of 1, oval bone good turn of stifle, moved out well. 3rd Kestin’s Talyfan Affogato

Post Grad Dog (3 Entries 1 Absent) – 1st Steel’s Sazmallin Beijing Boy to Juhua. Preferred his head to 2. Masculine but not overdone, strong neck, enough depth of chest and front angulation, would prefer better feet. In good hard condition and moved out with drive. 2nd Bell and Madox’s Whitgun Renegade Master at Owlspoint Taller boy, with pleasing expression, scissor bite, front angulation correct and tight oval feet, moved well but not quite the drive of 1.

Limit Dog (3 Entries) 1st Forbes and Sladden’s Canemamans Primo Al Fine JW. A mature, masculine and balanced boy, his head ticked all the boxes for me, enough bone, deep chest and enough fore chest, in super hard condition which meant he could really move. 2nd Rose’s Braccorions Xclusively for Piccorino. Not quite the head of 1, deep chest, good feet and depth of chest, wide second thigh and moved out well. 3rd Beecham’s Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram at Rydonmist

Open Dog (9 entries 1 Absent) – a fabulous class full of quality. 1st and DCC Sadden’s Valcor the Confessor at Canemamans JW. A well put together balanced dog, with a long lean masculine head of correct shape and proportions, with ears set on well and folded. Correct height to length ratio, deep chest, strong oval bone along with well bent stifles. I found him to be in hard, muscular condition. Reasonable tail set and carriage, he powered round the ring effortlessly. 2nd and Res DCC Longman’s Braccorion Quick Look of Callaiscroft. Masculine boy, balanced throughout, in good hard condition and he moved with drive. He has a pleasing head, with correct ear set and folds to ear, scissor bite and strong neck. He has the correct angulation both front and rear, with well-turned stifles. 3rd Bell’s Bowley’s Gunsyn Ginspiration.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (1 Entry) Sandersons Sh Ch Owlspoint Trouble at Mill ShCM ShCEx. Soon to be a veteran, a heavier set boy, good height to length ratio, deep chest, well sprung ribs, tight feet, oval bone and enough fore chest. He moved out well with drive and enthusiasm.

Puppy Bitch (5 entries 1 Absent) 1st & BP Atherton’s Braccorions You Win Again at Brevathos. A beautiful elegant bitch, balanced, with feminine head of correct shape and proportion, strong neck, deep chest, correct angulation fore and aft means she moves with drive and bags of enthusiasm! I look forward to watching her show career progress. 2nd Roses Braccorions You Can Stay With Piccorino. Another cracking pup, litter sister to 1 and I would imagine she could change places with her over the year. A pretty bitch and most the points I have listed for 1 also apply to her. 3rd Hamlyn’s Bushwacker Pietra.

Junior Bitch (6 Entries 1 Absent) A good class of youngsters. 1st Towns Braccorions You Are My Candy. Litter sister to the Best Puppy and yet another beautiful young bitch. Loved her head, deep chest and a skirt which you do not often see, so very similar to her two sisters in many ways. Again, moved out well. 2nd Tichmarsh’s Valcor Don’t Stop Me Now. A slightly rangier youngster. Sweet head and expression, would prefer a darker eye but this may come with age. Correct feet and moved out well with enthusiasm. 3rd Longman’s Braccorions Xoxo at Callaiscroft

Special Beginners Bitch (2 Entries 1 Absent) 1st Williamson’s Withamfriary Solitaire Gal. Another rangier girl, finer in bone, good feet, scissor bite, moved with drive.

Novice Bitch (3 Entries 1 Absent) 1st Dubois Withamfriary Veni Vidi Vici. Feminine bitch, sweet head, deep chest, tight feet, in good condition, moved out well. 2nd Williamson’s Withamfriary Fairy Floss. A little shy, again a feminine girl, good depth of chest and tail set, moved well when settled.

Graduate Bitch ( 2 Entries) 1st Warburton’s Withamfriary Lush Blossom. Well-muscled bitch in hard condition, balanced and feminine. Oval bone and tight feet, would prefer better tail carriage. 2nd Williamson’s Withamfriary Fairy Floss

Post Grad Bitch (5 Entries 2 Absent) – 1st Towns’ Braccorions Xsquisite Another decent young bitch with a feminine head and, overall well-balanced. Excellent front and rear angulation, strong neck, deep chest, correct topline. She strides out well, moving with drive due to her good conformation. Seriously considered her for the Res CC. 2nd Bowley’s Sobers Cosmica with Gunsyn. Another good quality bitch, just preferred the head of 1, correct ear placement and fold, strong neck, tight feet, well turned stifles. Moved out with drive. 3rd Kestin’s Tyrbechgynn Hot Treacle.

Limit Bitch (6 Entries 0 Absent ) Excellent class of quality bitches. 1st and Res BCC. Dodd and Hayes Bushwacker Dolly Daydream. Balanced throughout, with a feminine head, scissor bite, strong neck, deep chest, excellent front and rear angulation and I found her to be in hard condition. This bitch strides out well and her conformation enables her to move with drive and energy. 2nd Coghlan’s Braccorions Va Va Voom. I was splitting hairs between 1 and 2, as both bitches share many qualities and attributes. 3rd Rose’s Braccorions Wishes Come True for Piccorino

Open Bitch (8 Entries 0 Absent) 1st BCC and BOB Critchley’s Sh Ch Braccorions Never Say Never JW. I see that I awarded her mother a CC some years ago - she was something special and so is this girl. Loved her head and expression which, for me, was true to the standard. She has the head planes we strive for in this breed and she is well chiselled below her dark eyes. She has a strong neck with enough dewlap and fore-chest, but not to excess, good turn of stifle – again, not to excess. Front and rear angulation is excellent meaning that her reach and drive was effortless, maintaining her topline as she moved round the ring enthusiastically, with her tail carried correctly. I found her to be well-muscled and in good condition. She is certainly a top quality and I was absolutely delighted to see this stunning bitch go on to be awarded Best in Show. 2nd Jackson’s Polcevera’s Bruma. A feminine head, scissor bite, correct ear set and folds, well boned and tight feet. A balanced bitch, with good angulation front and rear. Again, another exhibit in great condition, which showed through in her movement. 3rd Angus’s Braccorions Ruddy Gorgeous.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (1 Entry) 1st Moulin’s Gynsyn Ginontherock Dei Majikisles. Unplaced in the strong Open Bitch class, this girl nevertheless has a number of qualities, including scissor bite, deep chest and good spring of rib. She moved well.

Maureen Taylor (Maursett)